Monday, August 1, 2011

California Girls, We're Unforgettable

The Bachelorette ended tonight.  It was amazing.  Also, sometimes you just know you have a kickass boyfriend (who hates all reality TV but puts up with me):  
500 boyfriend points to Gryffindor. 

This weekend I went to Sacramento and to the California State Fair.
The Faster Bunny and the Golden Bear send their regards!

It was awesome.  We saw baby and Momma goats:

                    And cows with GIANT udders...holy cow she must be uncomfortable!

And of course I wanted to play with the best animal in the world (the BUNNY of course)...

Even better than the fair, I got to have an awesome phone conversion with the talented Arty Runner Chick (we were gonna meet up, but we both were without wheels at the time!).  
I also got to meet up with a couple college friends, Kyle and Roma.  

Pretty sure Kyle is either a vampire or wearing one of those dog head cones:

...When with college friends....act like you're in college!  

Needless to say, there were no speed workouts done this weekend.  

How was YOUR weekend?  
Why weren't you par-taying with me?  =)

Any thoughts on the bachelorette finale?  (I am seriously in love with Ash and JP...although Ben seemed so sad.  I know part of it has to be staged but IT SEEMS SO REAL!!!)



  1. I would have par-tayed with you but I had neither underpants nor a cone-of-shame :P

    And look at you... you still have that big ol' bandage on your boo-boo knee :( And that cow... I can honestly say that I know how she feels.

    I didn't do any speed workouts either. But I did watch the SF Marathon and NOT see any of the people I went to see... cuz I am an idiot! Or blind.

  2. Hey Kyle and Roma!

    What were y'all drinking? In the picture of you acting like you are in college you look like your in a dorm room, where were you??

  3. Sorry I was not partying with you! I did not know it meant you got a blog-post :) Where is A? Does he like you kissing girls?

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Gotta love the state fair. :)

  5. THE FAIR = my all time favorite summer activity. haha. so fun! Bachelorette had a great ending...I think it seemed evident she would end up with JP (my fave from the beginning) but it was tough to see Ben so upset...and kinda awkward that she let him actually get down on 1 knee?? loved seeing ash and JP together last night though...too cute!

  6. Thanks for the Nuun! I couldn't party with you because I was in Cleveland. Don't you wish you were me?

  7. Golden bear, cute little goats and a bunny! So fun!

    If I ever make it out Left, you can show me all the best spots to par-Tay!

    I'm 3/4 done with watching the bachelorette as I write this (I already know the outcome) and I think jp and Ashley are so cute. Both guys seemed really great.

  8. Dog collar thing hahaha.

    Love the photo of you on the golden bear of course!

    I may just have to watch this last bach episode, even though I haven't seen a single other one from the rest of the sounds like it was good.