Friday, August 12, 2011

F yeah Friday!

A friend suggested that I start writing WTF Wednesday.  But I'm already probably grumpy enough on this blog, so instead we're putting a positive swing on it and starting "F Yeah Friday" to commemorate all things awesome within the week!   

1)  Blogger Posts
A. Terzah interviewed Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano.  I've been an AG fan for years. And Adam Goucher gave me training advice and congratulated me on my race.  I nearly died of happiness.
For you hipsters out there, this is like Thom Yorke of Radiohead commenting "nice tunes" on your You Tube guitar video (ok not exactly, but still).
B. Angry Runner's "Healthy Living Blogger" Comic.  If you're sensitive to Healthy Living Blogger Stereotypes or her blog, skip it.  But if you like funny funny stuff, read it.   It's all in good fun, IMO.

2) Ergonomic Chairs
I've had a lot of back pain lately.  And no I'm not 80 yet.  I blame my bike crash a couple weeks back, although I might just be turning into Quasimodo.  
Basically I got a new chair at work and 2 days later, I'm almost 100% better.  I never believed in ergonomic chairs and stuff like that but my life has improved 100 fold post purchase.
This is what I got, if you're curious:  Chair.  It'll change your life.

3)  Lightweight Trainers:  I've worn the Mizuno Inspire for about ten generations now.  And I love them.  A couple weeks back,  I decided to invest in some lightweight trainers (Mizuno Elixir) for speed workouts.
I feel like I'm "walkin' on sunshine".  They are light, but still supportive...and beautiful.  I wouldn't recommend changing to a lighter shoe if you're injury prone, but I'd recommend these to anyone else looking to get some speedwork in or to have a supportive racing shoe.

Here's the weekly workout recap:
Saturday:  40 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes trying to learn to swim
Sunday:  5k Race + 3.5 Miles in Warmup / Cooldown
Monday:  4 mile run, easy.
Tuesday:  Tempo: 1 mile easy, 6 @ 7:13 pace. 
Wednesday:  2 miles, 20 minutes of swimming
Thursday:  2 miles in Warmup / Cooldown.  3x1 mile with 90 seconds rest at 6:18, 6:15, 6:15.  This was hard for me!  
Friday:  15 mile bike ride, ended with flat tire!  But so happy to have my bike back :).  

Total:  24 running miles, 15 biking miles.  Super low mileage, but acceptable due to high intensity running!  I'll take it!  

What's was awesome about your week?


  1. Yeah... that whole flat tire thing....

    That's why I bike around the block over and over and over and over.... etc. I am never too far from home ;-)

    Glad The Chair is working out for you :) And killer workouts... I'm impressed.

  2. omg u are not grumpy on your blog :p!!! the angry runner post is awesome.

  3. Nice workouts!

    My training plan calls for super low mileage right now too! I think that's pretty awesome because I've had more time to do other things this week!

  4. Ooh, that tempo run. I've got one like that coming soon. I'm dreading it. Good job!

    I just subscribed to the Angry Runner's posts. She looks right up my alley.

  5. those shoes look SWEET!!!! looks like you got some awesome workouts in this week. i just bought a new computer and it has totally turned my week around! LOVING IT! haha!

  6. Love those shoes! I just got a pair of racing flats and have loved them. I think you will really really like them.

    Awesome workouts!

  7. I just put in an order at our running store for some racing flats. I ordered the New Balance 1400s and I'm actually going to do a trial run in them tomorrow night, then I should get my own pair in a couple weeks. It's weird to even pick them up, they're so light. Can't wait to try them out!