Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I won't play, I love the Bay just like I love LA

I know these quick photos I took walking to my hotel don't do it justice, but San Francisco, you are one beautiful city.

I think I love every city I've ever been to.  Or every place.  But San Fran almost feels like a wonderful foreign country to this adopted So Cal girl. The buildings, the bridges, the weather, the really aggressive people soliciting you on the street....

Although I realized as I was riding the BART that I was being a bit snooty in the way only someone who lives in Orange County can be. 
While this extremely high quality photo on the right doesn't do it justice I'm was wearing a pink Lacoste polo with a leather jacket.  I almost called myself a D-bag.  

Why am I in San Fran?
I'm up here for a Search Engine Marketing conference so that I can learn how to better Stalk market to you online!  I am nervous about it!!  If these one thing that stresses me out, it's talking to strangers without safety net of The Faster Bunny blog.  And sadly, I don't think these people will be impressed that I'm on the Hood To Coast relay team.   Maybe if I offer them some Nuun.... 

But surely they will find me just as charming as you all do, righhhtttt?

Marjorie, Alyssa, and I are meeting for a blogger dinner tonight so if you're a Nor Cal. blogger, email me and COME!!! 

Travel workouts are always interesting.   I am looking forward to a nice outside exploratory run tomorrow, today I treadmill workouted it.   I am completing all of these really hard workouts (yay) but I still feel a bit out of my league.  But maybe one day, 19:59 5k you will be mine. 
5x1000, 400m rest, 1.5% incline, 6:00 Mi pace.  

I was sweating up a storm.  While the workout room was pretty full, surprisingly no one wanted to get next to this stampeding sweaty buffalo as I grimaced through my 1000s.  Hopefully no one from the conference was there and will recognize me today.  
"Heeyyyy!  You're that sweaty girl!!"

I will leave you with my favorite workout song, "No Hands".  Pop rap, I love you.  In my mind, Waka saying "I'ma make it thunderstorm" refers to the sweat beads flying off my body as kill myself on the 'mill.  It's wonderful. 

Waka Flocka Flame


  1. Have fun! haha, yes, really aggressive solicitors is a nice way to put it :). Eat some good food while you are there! Maybe run to ghiardelli and eat some ice cream? omg---sooooo good!

  2. haha! sounds fun! good luck! i am ALWAYS terrified to be recognized as "the sweaty girl" haha!

  3. Have so much fun! Nor Cal is my home and just seeing pics of the city makes me miss it.

    GL girl! You will do great!

  4. I know what you mean about SF. It's gotta be my favorite city...we used to live in Oakland...I really miss the Bay area.

  5. I love that the title of this is a fun Katy Perry song and I love No Hands!! Nice workout... I def wouldn't go anywhere near a sweaty person dominating the treadmill hahaha, no offense. Although I'm probably that person some days too. Great decisions all around in this post, love it.

  6. Haaaaaaa. The OC has gotten you.

  7. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities! I totally agree that it has its own culture of sorts. Sigh...I miss the west coast!

  8. so i'm gonna cut straight to the 1k's! WAY 2 FREAKIN GO!!! last time i think u said u averaged 6:11 pace?? correct me if i'm wrong but, u put that treadmill thru a beating and stopped that sucka' out!! :) keep it up and that improvement should be proof and further motivation that 19 mins is urs. have fun enjoying the rest of san fran...i luuuuv that city too! :)
    PS-did u get that comment reply i did awhile back on mine about the grade thing??

  9. LOVE San Fran! I visit once a year and just love the vibe of that city. I am running Napa Valley Ragnar down that way in a month and can't wait.

    Awesome jobs on the 1000s! You are just inspiring to me because I did 800s today and was STUGGLING! Sub 20 is in the bag girl!

  10. ack, I have lived in the city and now live 5 miles away. I hate it. research my blog for a lovely post about why.

    if I had read this sooner I would have jumped on the chance to meet you and the bloggers!

    And p.s.: locals never, ever use the term "san fran". It's kind of a pet peeve. shudder.