Sunday, August 7, 2011

OC Fair 5k Recap! Runnin' with Clownz.

Orange County 5k Race Recap:  A dream come true for me.  Please forgive the melodrama of this recap!    This PR means a lot to me.  And gosh dangit, I'm fairly proud of myself.

Woke up at 6:20 and saw it was cloudy and cool.   I do terribly in the heat, so I was pumped to race. 

I met up with Pam, who was running the race as well and we stood in a ridiculously long line to get my bib.  I think the race was a ton bigger than last year's so they weren't prepared for the crowds.  

Pam and I hung out in the starting corrals which was awesome because I tend to get a little psycho nervous before races.  Having her there to talk to definitely helped me not having a nervous breakdown.  We agreed that no matter how many races we do, we still get butterflies at the start.  SO true.  I will never stop nearly peeing on myself out of nerves in the corral.  

The race was a bit delayed due to the crappy logistics, but it didn't really bother me.  More time to procrastinate actually racing!  

Finally...we were OFF!

Start:   For the first time in the history of the world I went out at the pace I wanted to.   Possibly due to getting "unwarmedup" from standing the corral so long, but I'll take it.   

Self Talk: "Strong but relaxed...strong but relaxed..."

First Mile: 6:38. 

The course started curving in and out of random exhibits.  It was pretty cool, actually.  I felt like I was in a video game and some crazy clowns would come out of the booths and start chasing me.  

I was keeping pace with a long haired dude running barefoot.  Normally I like hippies, but this guy kept on boxing me out every time there was a curve.  No idea if it was on purpose or not (probably not), but I got frustrated at some point and muttered "seriously dude?" after trying to pass for the 1000x time.  Then I felt bad and rude.  I doubt he was trying to be a jerk, but racing sometimes brings out a weird aggressive side of me.  

Self talk:  "Relaxed...keep pushing!  No slowing down from that first mile!"

Mile 1.5:  Water station.  I take water, throw it on myself and then throw the cup on the ground.  Then I see a trash can.  For the second time in a couple minutes, I felt rude.

Mile 2: 13:20  (6:42 second mile)

Self Talk:  "You're never going to PR...I can feel you slowing down...just admit you suck at running" 
Then:  "Stop doing this to yourself, just focus...".  

Mile 2.5:  
Self Talk:  "Only about 4 more minutes to go.  You can run for 4 minutes.  That's less than 1000 meters.  You CAN run 1000 meters, can't you?"

I ridiculously started quoting Pre in my head:  "To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift, to give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift..."

Mile 3:  20:03.  "Go Go GO!!"

How I felt. 
Final Time: 20:39, 4th woman.  
So happy!  
Pam also kicked some booty coming in just a hair after me and PRing as 5th woman.  We didn't run the race together, but it was awesome having her there!  She is ridiculously nice and supportive!    

Post race, I decided to see if I won any sort of age group prize.  
After asking a couple volunteers about prizes who gave me confused looks and asked "You got a race t-shirt, right?", I figured it was a lost cause.  :). 

Last Thoughts: I don't want to over dramatize this race, because I fully realize that running a mid-20s 5k, is not really that impressive.  I didn't set any records or save any lives.  At the same time, I've been running for 14 years and have never broken 21.  And it's always bugged me.  And I finally did it.  

So this race feels almost as good as a BQ to me.    

I celebrated by getting a mini donut from Starbucks and trying on everything in the store at the local Lululemon.   It was awesome.   


  1. "because I fully realize that running a mid-20s 5k, is not really that impressive." Fuck that noise. Oh, sorry... are we allowed to curse on your site?

    A mid-20's 5K is FAST. It just IS. You are not over-dramatizing. And 4th woman! Huge congrats to you! Cracking 21 is a big deal.

    Did you try on that stuff before or after you showered? I think I know the answer :P

  2. I agree with XLMIC. And imo it's annoying when people don't own their accomplishments. Don't say that cracking 21 isn't a big deal . . umm it is, and being overly humble is lame. You worked hard and you succeeded at something you've wanted for a long time so be happy and don't make excuses!

    PS CoNgRaTs :D

  3. Congratulations on a FABULOUS PR. No age group awards?? That's lame.

    For the record, you ran FAST. In most circles of runners, you are FAST. Pat yourself on the back and know that you are faster than most people you know. In fact, I am not sure I know anyone who can run a 5k faster than that.

  4. Congrats! That is a great time!! But I do understand where you're coming from. I wasn't a part of the generation being force fed the self esteem or "everyone is a winner" in schools. For me, I always want more. I'm never satisfied (ok maybe for a little while) after a pr. I begin calculating what I could have done better in the race and how I can continue to improve for the next race- and I'm not nearly as fast as you.

    A pr is a pr which is totally awesome! Congrats! :)

  5. Girl you did AWESOME!! You're not called "faster bunnny" for no reason! :)

    You were a blue blur in front of me! I need some shoes like yours! It WAS the shoes right?! were worked hard for that PR!! It was YOURS! GREAT RACE!! Now maybe it's time to set a new 10K PR!! :) You're an awesome runner! Now go buy yourself something from deserve it!! or use your OC fair ticket and buy a funnel cake!! yummmm...

    Have a great Monday!

  6. Great job on your PR! You were flyin girl!!!

  7. Mazal tov! Now, sub-20. You can get on that, yo.

  8. Yay, Yay, yay!!! I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU! Wait to stay strong and finish strong. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats! That is an awesome race!!!! :)

  10. Smokin Fast!!! Congratulations on your PR!! FREAKING AWESOME. WOWWEEEEE!!!!

  11. Dang go you!! That is SUPER fast!!

    You should be proud! Congrats!

  12. You beat 21 minutes, nice work!!!!

    Congrats on an awesome race-- I had no doubts.

  13. Great work, girl! I am proud of you--you set a goal and accomplished it and in style too. I hope you bought yourself something nice after trying on all those clothes. That's what I would have done.

  14. Good job on the PR! You are so fast!

  15. "because I fully realize that running a mid-20s 5k, is not really that impressive." says who????
    it is impressive...
    look I ran a 5k this weekend. I got a PR.
    this is the second time in my 17 mos running life that I break 30 minutes. To me it was a big deal and to me it was impressive.
    numbers are all relative.
    congrats on your PR.

  16. i am SO SO SO proud of u!!! u rocked that race and how sweet is it to kiss 21 goodbye?! great job and love the play-by-play...haha.

    about pre-race nerves, my mom always told me: "if u weren't nervous i'd be meant you didn't care."

    great job and enjoy that Starbucks!

  17. YOU ROCK!!!! very impressive!!!!!!

  18. Great race!!! That self talk most definitely helped, and probably some of that frustration from the shoeless hippy. Get it girl!

  19. great job! congrats on the PR! Eye roll about this: "I don't want to over dramatize this race, because I fully realize that running a mid-20s 5k, is not really that impressive. I didn't set any records or save any lives." Do any of us save lives by pushing for a goal in a race and achieving it? Hell no, but it sure feels good to do it! Don't negate your accomplishment! SUPER impressed!