Friday, July 29, 2011

Diet Coke Video is Up! Weekly Workout Recap

Thought y'all might get a kick out of the video Diet Coke made out of the refrigerator deliveries.  They are doing a twitter contest where you can win one for yourself!  (!/dietcokeus...although honestly I have no idea what Twitter even does )
If you were wondering, yes, I frequently meditate on top of a Refrigerator. 

Happy Friday!  I'm off to Sacramento tonight!  All flights and some play make Margot accumulate mad frequent flier miles.

Gonna rock the California state fair like there's no tomorrow.  Fried peaches, funnel cake, and scary clowns, here I come!

(Here's the weekly workout recap.  It was a great week, running wise. I felt fast.  And that feels great. )
Saturday:  2x2 mi @ 6:40.  2 Minute Rest.  1% Incline.  1 Mile Warmup, 1 Mile Cool Down
Sunday:  7 miles easy
Monday:  15 Mile Bike Ride (ends with glorious crash)
Tuesday:  4x800 @ 3:09, 4x400 @ 90 second.  2 minutes rest bt intervals.  1.5 miles warmup and cooldown
Wednesday:  4 miles easy
Thursday:  3x1 mile @ 6:25, 1 minute rest, 1% incline.  1 mile warmup, 1 mile cooldown
Friday:  4 miles easy

Running Mileage:  32
Biking Mileage:  15

Soo......What are you doing this weekend???  

Anyone going to fairs like me?  Anyone want to come eat crazy fried stuff in Sac with me and da better half??


  1. Um, you are famous and this is awesome. How cool!

  2. Arg no speakers! I'm on the work iPad so I'll have to watch when I get home.

    BTW, I'm melting in this humidity. Did I really spend 7 years in the capital of moist (Houston)? I'm such a wimp now.

  3. So funny!

    Watch out for the deep fried butter :P

  4. okay, somehow my computer is lame and the video is not showing up. not surprising since at the moment my computer has decided to rebel with a wicked amount of vengeance!!

    haha...good ol' state fair, my advice is to fill on the junk food but steer clear of the rides operated by the seedy looking fella with stringy hair and glassy eyes. jk.

    great job with the training this week! :)

    PS- the third part of my froyo fairy tale is up...holla, u got a pic in it girl! :)

  5. too funny

    now tell the truth do you *really* like diet coke? hard for me to imagine....

  6. I like that the labels on this post are diet coke and sacramento. Those are the sort of things I search for :)

  7. Nice workouts! Esp- that speed workout! Have fun in Sacramento!

  8. I wish I had been able to be in two places at the same time and hang w you in sac! I also like how you called it sac, haha.