Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The difference between me and mah blog personality

Besides the fact that I'm a 45 year old dude in real life, there are some big differences between me and my blog.
 I think this is why I love blogging so much:  I can be a version of myself that doesn't smell after track workouts, and doesn't get all flustered if no one laughs at my jokes.

It's pretty sweet!

I've been told by more than one person that I'm a less awkward when I write than I am in person.  Which is uhhh...not flattering!  

This is probably why I'm scared as all get out before meeting any blogger in person.  But what's great is that they are all lovely.  And they are usually a more calmed down version of their blogs as well.  Except Skinny Runner who I think is even more of a hilarious girl in person.

So...here's the guide to where me and the Faster Bunny deviate.

1) I'm scared I'm gonna offend people    
Even though my friend Christina assures me I'm not writing inflammatory stuff, I am honestly really scared when I publish stronger opinions.
Even if I write something benign like "dude I hate Nike shoes they are so lame", I am secretly scared one of my blogging buddies is gonna defriend me for life because they love Nikes.  (But at the same time, no one will read this thing at all if I'm not me).

PS:  Nike...I do not hate your shoes in reality!  Send me some free ones, yo!

2) Emoticons & Slang
If you've ever received an email or even a comment from me, you will notice there are about 100 smiley faces or exclamation points in it.  This is because I want you to know that I like you.  And I want you to like me.  However, I'm pretty sure putting a smiley face after every sentence in this blog it would dilute the (super amazing) content.

3) Nerd-dom
I think stuff like this is funny:
Never watched Star Trek so you don't get it?

....Uhhh yeah...me neither....

4) Neuroticism
I think being a little nuts goes along with being a long distance runner.  But I try to hide it...and not just on the blog..in real life too.  I have gone to crazy lengths in the past to make sure I can workout every day.  I eat frozen mango, ice cream, and coffee yogurt every day unless traveling.  And if you're reading this, I've probably Athlink-ed your race times.   Hope ya don't mind...speedster...

How are you different from your blog personality?  

(On a totally different note, I'll announce the bachelorette giveaway winner soon.)


  1. ummm, are we the same person?!?! seriously, i relate to every sing word of this post! i'm hpyerconscious that i'm going to make a fool of myself, say the wrong thing, or just be so totally not-funny i make the person want to run away and never talk to me again. heck, even on the phone to u i was afraid i'd come off sounding like a lunatic! (partly becuz of wat i was saying too..lol.)
    anyways, i luv this post, and i'd love to start comparing 'weird lengths i've gone to get a workout in' with u...but prolly in an email...haha!!
    PS-still bummed about no meet-up, yet another reason to curse the skies above about my current residence :P

  2. Ha! you can't Athlink me cuz my times were in my maiden name! lol I was serious when I said I hadn't run in over 8 years :)

    I am an emoticon addict. It is borderline embarrassing. Thankfully, I don't have a real job where I might pepper a business letter with them :P

    I get to meet you... for real. This will be interesting. I am betting that you don't usually walk around holding red underwear over your face. So how will I recognize you?

  3. Actually Margs- knowing you very well in real life, I think a lot of your true personality comes out in your blog! And I've told you that it seems really real when you post- like as if we were having a conversation. Hoping on top of the golden bear- you would have done that anyways- not just a posed picture for a blog post. PS You don't smell after you run!

  4. You are a smokin' 45 year old man. Just saying. I think everyone is a little different that their blog personality. I hardly ever get negative on my blog--and I can be pretty depressing sometimes in real life!

  5. new follower here....coming over from Mel's blog!
    this is interesting...
    for me I would say no
    I am the same in real life
    you look pretty great for a 45 yrs old dude!!!

  6. ha you always crack me up! I am actually the exact same on my blog as I am in real life. An annoying, immature idiot who can't spell and talks like they're from a small town. :) No hiding the truth for me. he he!

  7. I can so relate to worrying about offending people (especially when I talk about running "fashion"), but in the end I usually can't stand it and it comes out.

    Sounds like we'd get along live as well as in blogs. I TOTALLY get the Cardassian joke....even though I, um, have never watched Star Trek either. Yeah....

    Hopefully someday we can meet! :^)

  8. I think better writing than speaking so I'd have to say my blog posts are more coherent and logical that I am in real life. But one of my main principles when blogging is to be authentic and not spin anything. People connect more when you're real. And I think your blog is hilarious!

  9. me and my blog personality are different too. i don't care as much on my blog as i do in real life, so i tend to be more open. then again, i also get to choose what goes on the blog, which i guess doesn't make it quite as open?

    you should continue to do what you're doing though, i love reading your blog!

  10. I like reading your blog bc I actually know you in real life! You are awesome on and off the web! I randomly (or regularly) read blogs clicking from one blog to another and I feel like I start getting to know those ppl, but I also feel sort of creepy bc I havent met them in person. Blogs are interesting, though, keep it up girls (and guys)!

  11. I like this post!

    I'm a pink fluffy unicorn who poops rainbows on my blog.

    In real life I've got a healthy mix of happy sad, self doubt, passion etc. I'm
    Trying to bring all of that to my blog now. :)

  12. YOU ARE HILARiOUS IN REAL LIFE AND YOUR BLOG!! Never stop the emoticons and exclamation points:) Do not be afraid to post your opinions because I LOVE them! I am pissed about that athlink thing because my PR is listed under someone else's name that got injured and I ran under her bib...boo!!

  13. As an individual who owned a DS9-era Star Trek encyclopedia, your little nerd joke doesn't pass me by. But I think this is an interesting post. It makes sense that your personality differs when you post for general publication. Blogs are only a slice of a person, and a polished one. It's like your best friend can know you really well, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't brush your teeth before you see her.

    I'd say a major difference between my blog and my life (at least now) is that I spend a LOT more time considering running than I let on on my running blog. Somewhere along the way, though, I decided that most people would find my constant obsession reallllly boring.

  14. I love this post. Good to know you are awkward in person! haha. I doubt it. My guess is that people who meet me in real life may think I am much less of a controversy-stirrer in real life than my sometimes harsh blog opinions can be. I'm pretty neutral in person. Not a big talker. But it really is interesting to ponder what percentage of blogs actually convey the personality of the blogger in a true way....versus those blogs that provide a sort of new character to play for the author. An alter ego.

  15. Love your honesty here. I'm the same way about controversial topics and blog friends. Maybe some day, but for now tame is all good. On another note, I love your blog and I'm sure you're wicked cool in person too :)