Monday, August 29, 2011

Hood To Coast In Numbers

I'm back.  And it was CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!  And awesome.  I will do a full recap, but first let's do Hood To Coast in Numbers.

Because...I like numbers.  And so does The Count on Sesame Street.

400.  Number of total miles run by 2 teams of bloggers and Nuun employees from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon.

27:59. Total Finish Time of Nuun Platuun.

8:24.  Pace per mile of Nuun Platuun over entire race.

89.  Degrees Fahrenheit during our first legs Friday afternoon.   SWEATY SWEATY!

60.  Minutes spent "sleeping" Friday night on a tarp somewhere on a field outside Portland.    It was like a
scene from a Zombie movie.

2.  Hours rest of team spent searching for van keys in middle of dark field.   This awesome team member (moi) had no idea this was even occurring.

2:35.  Total time I spent running legs 5, 17, and 29.

1.  Times I sprinted out of the Van at 4:00 AM into the foggy Oregon countryside to do "you know what" because holding it was not a freaking option anymore.

6.  Hours Anthony spent in the car driving from Seattle to Seaside to hang out with me at the end.

6.  Cups of regular / chocolate milk consumed over 24 hour period for recovery. (delicious!)

5.  Tabs (10 servings) of Nuun consumed over 24 hour period.

24.  Hours after completing Hood To Coast that I ended up part of an Ultra Ragnar team with my awesome So Cal Blogger friends!

3.  Minutes I spent puking Saturday night in a random Garden Inn in Portland.  TMI?  Possibly.  Crazy what these things do to your body

9.  Place out of 40 of Nuun Platuun in the open women's division.

Infinity.  Amount we KICKED SOME BOOTY in Hood to Coast!!!


* pictures in post shamelessly stolen off Kerrie's facebook.  :)
** The key searching time is a total estimate.  I think it's about right though!


  1. Cute post! See you soon, I hope. :)

  2. Can't wait for the full recap. I'm positive this requires a trip to yogurtland.


  3. Soudns like a blast! Can't wait to read the rest :)

    PS- can you see the giveaway pics now?

  4. Congrats! I like your colorful outfit :) That is super sweet of Ant to drive 6 hrs!

  5. Oh my gosh, my friend was telling me about a team that was desperately looking for their lost keys at one of the exchange points - must have been you guys! Congrats on a great race! You guys rocked it!

  6. All these HTC recaps have me all pee-pants excited for Ragnar. Anthony's pretty awesome for driving all that way to see you :) How presh.

  7. Freaking awesome! Relays are seriously the best. You need to come visit me when I come out in 2 weeks for Napa Valley Ragnar I think!

  8. You guys freaking rocked! Can't wait to hear all about it :) And an 8:24 pace for the entire race is AWESOME! Pics please!

  9. That sounds amazing!!! Can't wait for an even more detailed recap ;)

  10. Ack! It wasn't our key, it was Van 1 of After-Nuun-Delight. It was only about 20 minutes, I think. But everything seems long at 3 a.m.

  11. So thankful to meet you Margs!!! You are so talented!!

  12. Sounds AMAZING! And I'm so jealous you're already signed up for another relay!

  13. Amazing! Can't wait to hear more. You girls were amazing!!!

  14. That's soo awesome!! Happy you all had such a memorable time!! :)

  15. Awesome job! Love reading your blog.

  16. Fantastic!! Glad you had a great time.

  17. Woo-hoo! Congrats on finishing! Sounds like it was an amazing weekend!

  18. You guys ran that fast - that field must be competitive. I don't think SoCal Ragnar is that competitive - in fact, the winning open women (I just looked it up) was 29:43. There were only two women ultras this year, and they were 32:14. We can win it next year! Ha! Ok, better start training ASAP so I can get just somewhat remotely close to as fast as you :)