Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crazy about Pippa, What's Next, and REI

Anyone else watching "Crazy About Pippa" on TLC?  I can't decide whether I want to watch it again and again because it's so awesome or throw my TV out the window because it's so dumb.  

I like her though.  Because apparently she likes to have a good ol' time.  So Pips, consider this your invitation to come bar hop in good old Cali. 
It's Miller time.  

Enough about Pippa, let's talk running!  
Alrighty.  I've got Hood To Coast coming up, a 5k in September, some sort of Triathlon sometime in the Fall after I learn to swim, and a half marathon in October.  

But all I can think about is trying to re-5k PR.  Somewhat due to people way more talented than me like Sarah and Cait saying "buck up and run sub 20 now".  (I'm paraphrasing, but in my head, this is what was said, ok?).  So I typed paces in this calculator for 5k workouts and typed in 19:59 as goal pace.  Can I do it?  Eh, probably not, but I may as well kill myself trying (sort of like 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Trying"). 
This 5k PR impluse resulted in a 6 mile tempo treadmill run at 1% incline and 7:13 pace today.  It wasn't exactly easy, but more it was just boring.  If "Crazy About Pippa" had been on it woulda been a whole other story....

What about biking?  Shouldn't you do that more if you want to do a Tri?  

Bike is still in the shop (getting it tomorrow!! yay!) but I missed out on an awesome OC blogger date to go to a basic bike care class at REI tonight.  I learned a lot, but got hungry mid class and there aren't a lot of food selections at REI.   Who says you need to have a race to eat Honey Stingers.  God they are delicious. 

Even though the class was free, a trip into REI is most definitely not for me.  I am unable to walk outa that beautiful store without purchasing so much stuff.    Their "free class" plan worked ;). 

Check out my new REI schwag to be used for Hood To Coast!

Head lamp, nifty "runners wallet" to put on wrist (total impulse buy!), and reflective vest.  Nuun is supplying reflective vests for us, so buying was not a necessity.  However, back in high school winter track, we all ran in the dark and were required to wear them on runs.  No one ever washed them.  The smell of those vests still haunt me.  So while I am sure my HTC teammates smell nothing like the 15 year old boys on the TJHS track team, I am taking no chances.  

Pippa or Kate? 
What race food (like my honey stingers) do you want to eat as a snack it's so freaking good?
Do you think it's a good thing that I bought my own reflective vest just in case my HTC teammates smell ?  ;-)

PS:  Check out my guest (food related) post going up Weds at Tara's blog!  I swear the recipes are good!  


  1. Pippa for sure. And were we in the same van, I'd say "whew... good thing you got your own vest!" cuz I smell like cat pee when I sweat. Or like Nikes after you run in wet grass. But we are in different vans. Sadly. For me, anyway :)

  2. I bought a wrist thingy from REI once and I hated it. It just made me uncomfortable and overheated by covering up more of my skin. I highly suggest the spi belt it's amazing! You really don't feel that it's there.

    I could eat Clif Shots every single day I LOVE the way they taste.

  3. What exactly happens on this show about Pippa? I miss TLC and all their random/trashy/good to pass time shows!

    Also you forgot to mention the 10mi race we are planning to do together in Oct :p.

  4. I love the taste of Clif Shots! They're just like candy :)

    I would totally get my own vest too!

  5. I saw the add for the show about Pippa--I'm interested enough to watch it when working out, but not enough otherwise, haha!
    I love those honey stingers...I have to hide them from hubs because he eats then like gummy bears!

  6. I have a headlamp! Yay, something we have in common :). I saw the Pippa show on last night, but passed it up for Flipping Out. That show has about zero plot, though, I dont know why I watch it. The reflective vest is prob a good thing to have just in case you decide to go on any late night runs on your own, too. I almost hit this lady who was running in the middle of the road at midnight and wearing all black (????) a few weeks ago.

  7. Did you see in the new RW that Pippa just ran a half? Pretty cool, but boy she looks like a candidate for anorexia rehab.

    That key lime pie recipe looks tasty.

  8. REI!!!! love that place!! and i just discovered chocolate gu on my run last weekend...it may be my new favorite thing ever. like i want to eat it for dessert. haha. you got this 5k PR!!! totally got it!

  9. Those Honey Stingers are seriously like crack. So good!

    Great job on the treadmill tempo run! I think you can totally go sub-20! You are definitely capable, now you just have to believe in yourself. :)

  10. Hmmm... the smell factor. Good call. Perhaps I should buy my own vest. Gah.

  11. I'd go shopping with Kate, but I'd want to do a triathlon with Pippa. Then I'd probably feel bad because Kate would outfashion me and Pippa would beat be in the tri. Sigh. They are totally gorgeous.

    And I totally would eat Clif Shot Bloks for a snack if it weren't too weird.

  12. HAHA...u MUST post pix of u actually sporting that headlamp. and do two, the second one i want to just see ur bobbing yellow light in the pitch of darkness. lol.

    ummm, i'm glad that u were able to directly quote me on that one. haha...jk, i never said that, i'm suing! actually i totally held off even mentioning that you WILL CRUSH 20 min's in my congrats to ur PR only cuz i wanted u to at least fully relish one pr before hopping to the next. that said, enough relishing, and it's back to kicking butt in ur workouts. haha...maybe a better show to watch would be if they resurrected celeb death match?? :P

  13. I just tried those Honey Stingers. Yum like candy! I have to hide them from my kids. Shot Bloks are pretty yummy also!

  14. I'm too old - I've totally missed the deal about PIppa and Kate. I don't get it.

    And. Should I be getting a headlamp?????!!!!

    Aaaaa twooooo weeeeeeksssss