Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hood To Coast! These are my confessions...

This morning, I was in no mood to work out...yesterday was just one of THOSE days.

But XLMIC had crafted a "5k workout for the mentally weak" for me  (ok I made up that name, but essentially it's 2 miles at 10k pace, .4 miles at mile pace (I picked 5:52...ridiculous), and the remaining .7 somewhere between 5 and 10k pace...meant to push you when you usually give up.  This completes a full 5k.).
It was pretty freaking difficult, and at mile 2.4, I wasn't able to hold the pace, but it was a pretty cool workout!
AND some dude next to me on the treadmill called me "impressive".   Although he may have been referring to the impressive quantity of sweat flying off my body.

It's Finally Time For A Hood To Coast Post!!   Yay! 
I've been pretty quiet about HTC, although I am ridiculously excited / nervous about it.  I've also been pretty silent about our sponsor, Nuun.
There are a couple reasons behind this:

1) I'm pretty reticent to talk too much about any one product on my blog, even if they are giving me an awesome opportunity.  I don't like getting pushed products, so I try not to do it very often to you.

2) Confession Time:  I HAD NEVER TRIED NUUN BEFORE BEING ON THE TEAM!  I first heard about it when I heard about this contest on Blonde Ponytail's blog.  I'm not usually big on sports products (besides Luna Bars which are too delicious not to eat).
But now, I truly do like it.  I like that it's refreshing and low calorie.  I also like the environmentally conscious aspect of the packaging.
But I especially like the functionality. Ever since I've started working out with sports drinks (Gatorade, Nuun), I feel a lot better afterwards.  I used to get weird blurry vision lines post workout, and now I don't anymore.  So...two thumbs up!  Would drink again!  

Ok enough product pushing.  But please know that it's honest product pushing =).

What are you actually RUNNING at Hood To Coast?
Funny you ask.   I'm on legs 5, 17, and 29.  Apparently it's the death march legs.  Here are the predictions based on calculations that someone smarter than I am came up with!

Leg 5
Distance: 6.08
Rating: VeryHard
Predicted Time - 46:44
Predicted Finish Time:  4:23:46 PM
Pace - 7:41 pace.
Comments:  LOL you guys are FUNN-Y make this route straight up!  7:41 pace on these hills....negative, Ghost Rider.

Leg 17
Distance: 7.13
Rating: Medium
Predicted Time - 52:02
Predicted Finish Time:  2:15 AM
Pace - 7:17 pace.
Comments:  Looks like I'll be finishing this leg as everyone else is heading home from the bars on Friday night!

Leg 27
Distance: 6.11
Rating: Very Hard  (aw man, again?)
Predicted Time - 47:53
Predicted Finish Time:  11:39:06 AM
Pace: 7:50.
Comments:   I'll be done just in time for Saturday morning brunch!!

Hood To Coast Checklist:
Besides the normal stuff, I am bringing Diet Coke, and possibly Captain Morgan.   Unless anyone else has any preferences they'd like to email me.... =).

Any relay suggestions?  I've never done one before (besides a 4x800m) so I'd LOVE to get advice :). 


  1. Woo hoo! I am so excited to follow you. The pace will definitely slow down on the legs after yours. It will be a great weekend!!!

  2. Yay relays! You're going to have so much fun!

    My main advice is to make sure to bring comfy non-running clothes to wear when you're not running, especially flip flops or sandals.

    (Oh, and toilet paper. Do not under-estimate the importance of bringing extra toilet paper.) ;)

  3. I loved the one relay I did (in 2005). My legs were the the third hardest set of the 12 (supposedly). I didn't train for it at all--it happened in the middle of training for my last marathon. Two of my legs were at night. And I still loved it! I think you will too.

    My advice: take a nap if you can. One of the people in my van took us to her parents' condo (which happened to be pretty close to the route) when our van was in "off" mode and we all showered and napped between our second and third legs. It made a huge difference. Since you probably won't have a condo out there, have the comfy clothes mentioned above and something soft to cuddle under and try to sleep. You'll still have plenty of other time for partying and laughing and fun, I promise.

    Good luck! Can't wait for your race report.

  4. Yay! Have fun! You will do awesome! OMG--your last hill is an elevation change of 92.3 Neils! That is a lot! I will eat a cupcake in your honor this weekend. So proud of you!!!!!

  5. Advice: don't drink the Capt. until you've climbed that last hill. Unless you think a shot or two might calm your nerves and loosen you up.

    And you did a great job on the workout for the mentally weak…please do try it again! Or if the thought sickens you yet you want something similar, just let me know :)

  6. I approve of coke and capt M.

    With the workouts you're posting I think those predicted times will be close. Remember those graphs are not on the same scale: the elevation axis is on one scale and the miles are on another scale. Not that uphills are easy, but don't get psyched out. You are rising less than 600 feet in more than 3 miles (which is more than 15,000 feet).

    Knock it out.

  7. hey, great job on that treadmill workout, even tho u might be irked u had to slow it down a bit at the end that's a good sign that at least mentally u're not afraid to aim for a fast pace. trust me, keep working on the speed and u'll be able to come back and conquer that workout at the faster tempo! :)

    but looking to H2C....kick butt!!! you'll do awesome!!! looks like u got a pretty killer relay sked if any bunny can do it, u can. looking forward to hearing all about it...and cheers to the captain! ;)

  8. we definitely do not have hills like yours in Oklahoma! Also, I've never tried Nuun before. I do like Zico coconut water!

  9. So freaking exciting!!! I have done a bunch of relays and freaking love them. Seriously they are a blast! Um advice hmmm just have fun and make sure you find a headlamp you like. Practice running in it before hand because those things can drive you crazy.

  10. Have a GREAT TIME. Relays are amazing. You will be exhausted, but in those moments of "this $#@&ing sucks," remind yourself to do it for the team. And...bring toilet paper. And garbage bags. And towels to sit your sweaty asses on.

  11. So excited for you! You're going to chew up those Oregonian hills and have a freaking blast. Can't wait to hear about it. Recovery run on the ol' peninsula when you get back?? :)