Saturday, August 6, 2011

Triple Tangent uh....Saturday....(Bachelorette winner!)

The winner of the bachelorette contest is HauteRunningMama!  Four of you got the top 3 right, but I random number generated for the winner.  So email me, Momma and get yo schwag :).

Now For Triple Tangent Saturday Night!  

1) Guilty Pleasure Movies:   As sucky as it is to be in a long distance relationship, there are a couple of perks.  One is watching girl movies by yourself.  I am spending my Saturday night in watching The Notebook.  For the 500th time.   It's on Oxygen and it's glorious.

If you don't love this scene, I just don't have anything to say to you....

Indeed, it was not over, Noah.  

2) Old Lady Gardens:  I did some other old spinster stuff today, like starting a garden.  Which made me realize one more glorious thing about Southern California:  you can start a freaking garden in August.  Hell, I could probably start one in January if the plants were ok with being a little chilly now and then.

I've always been kind of into plants and here's why:  My family had a garden growing up.  And also, believe it or not, I spent most of my childhood without a TV (I learned the characters on Saved By The Bell as an adult to escape ridicule).  Whenever the Burpees Seed catalog came in the mail, while every other kid was watching Full House, I was memorizing all the hybrid strains of tomatoes and their disease resistances.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

My new plant assortment includes one tomato, one pepper, and oregano.  If only I could grow some mozzarella cheese, I'd be in for a tasty snack.  I've got a daddy plant from a few weeks back that I'm sure will take care of the little ones:  
Daddy Tomato and little plants

3) What the heck is up with this 5k course?  Like a good prepared runner, I took a look at the course of the 5k I'm running tomorrow.  It's on the OC fair grounds, and frankly the course looks a bit like a carnival itself.

Course in red.
A little different from the normal out and back

What's your guilty pleasure movie?
Do you grow stuff?
Will you please think fast thoughts of me tomorrow morning?  I really want to do my best like whoa


  1. Love Actually is the movie that gives me tremendous pleasure. I should grow stuff since that was my major in college, but sadly I just grow children at the moment. All my plants need more water and attention than I seem to remember to give them. And no 'whoa' for you tomorrow cuz 'whoa' is what you say to make a horse stop. So GO! FASTER! BUNNY! And I am looking for you to do your best like WOW! :)

    Long distance relationships are tough. Sounds like you have a good plan for survival :)

  2. "old spinster stuff today" LOVE IT.

    Have a wonderful race this morning, you are going to kill it, little McFastie!

  3. Good luck today! You're prepared and will kill that crazy course 5k!

    I used to grow stuff too. My mom had a garden while I was super young and I loved picking carrots and radishes. When in HS and post college i had my own garden- sunflowers of the gigantic variety, zucchini, tomatoes etc. I loved going out to pick fresh veggies. And I always loved getting the burpee catalog. I wanted to grow yellow watermelons and purple tomatoes but my mom wouldn't have any of it.

    Long distance relationships are hard. My boyfriend is gone 25-45% of the time for work. I'm used to it for the most part now. And enjoy working out more and watching Americas next top model, bachelorette, when he's gone. I love the notebook and big fish. My other guilty pleasure movie would be center stage..

  4. And yes. You need a mozzarella plant to accompany the basil, tomato, peppers. Burpee doesn't have some weird cheese tasting hybrid plant yet? Lol

  5. I love The Notebook. ANd I will admit I got teary just watching that freaking clip. For the 773rd time. SO GOOD. My hubby needs to leave me alone for a day so I can re-watch all my faves, haha!

  6. I am not a big chick flick fan, but oddly enough, the bf loves them. I may or may not have drove him to Blockbuster at 11:30pm a few weeks ago to rent Hitch bc he "needed" to see it right away. I actually saw the notebook on a plane for the first time and you could tell who was watching it bc they were all bawling. I am growing basil, mint, rosemary, lavendar (which I bought on accident--I have zero idea what to do what that), and a topsy turvy tomato plant! I can never eat the stuff as fast as it grows, but I am just just proud they are not dead yet! Good luck with your garden and race!!!

  7. I love Forrest Gump, Nottinghill, and Bridget Jones and The Notebook.
    Good luck with your garden. It is too late for me to plant anything now.

  8. I've never seen the Notebook. Can we still be friends?

    I've heard that mozz is not too hard to make. I've never tried it, though.

    Good luck today! Actually, you're probably already done, so, hope you kicked that dumb courses ass.

    And, FroYo Tuesday night? Say yes!

  9. OMG I love The Notebook. Soooo good. My guilty pleasure movie is Love Actually. I've seen it a zillion times and could watch it again right now! :)

  10. Oh I freaking love the notebook like 100 times over. I hope the 5k went well! I am excited to hear about it. And yeah that course looks crazy!

  11. Yikes! That race route looks like a labyrinth!

  12. Any of the Jane Austen films (the Pride and Prejudice mini-series w/ Colin Firth being my favorite) are what I watch when the husband is out and the kids are in bed. I also like Sliding Doors.

    I'm in the camp of "used to grow plants, now grow kids." All I have right now are two wan African violets clinging to life by a thread and two equally sad heart-leaf philodendrons.

    Can't wait to hear about the 5K!

  13. the notebook never gets old!!! i've had a crush on ryan gosling ever since, as well as a girl crush on rachel mcadams!

  14. @giraffy
    what???? you've never seen notebook. you must fix this!

  15. Ok I love love that video, I love The Notebook, what an amazing movie!

  16. I HEARD YOU ABSOLUTELY KILLED THE 5K!!!!! I can't wait to read all about it!

  17. Holy toledo I won?! REALLY?!? Yippeee! I will email you :)

    I love the Notebook. No matter how many times I watch it, it's like the first time. Sappy, I know.