Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is this what it means to be an adult?

I'm back from my conference!  I learned a lot about marketing. 
(I work in marketing, this wasn't about marketing my little blog, that would be RIDICULOUS =) ).

I also learned about the food selections of San Francisco.  They are great, but I can never live San Fran because there are not enough places that sell ice cream.  

I had a great blogger meetup with Average A and Marjorie who are on my Nuun Hood To Coast Team!
Pics or it didn't happen?

Stolen from M's blog since I set my picture cable free in San Francisco
Dude it totally happened. 

Being at this conference also was stressful and tiring.  Is this what adulthood is?  Always being overextended?  
I'm thinking yes.  

Sometimes I feel like a 16 year old stuck in a 29 year old’s body.   Not maturity wise, but like Freaky Friday style (the version back when Lindsey Lohan was cute and sane) where I'm just waiting to be switched back. 

What is this “responsibility” you speak of? 
Billz?  Jobz?  Life?   
Responsibility sucks yo.  But it’s here to stay.   It’s not ALL bad though.   Remember all the stuff you WANTED to do as a kid but now you can?  Some of it's pretty awesome...

 -  No asking to eat junk food.  You just freaking do it.
-  You wanna go somewhere?  Sweet…just get in the car and drive.
-   Going on dates with boys is a-ok.  You can even kiss them! 
-  Coffee and booze.  'Nuff said. 
  Cereal for Dinner.  no harassment about bad nutrition. 
-  Being able to do a 200 mile 13 person relay in Oregon just because you want to!

Some stuff just doesn’t fly anymore, and that list is a lot longer than this first one.  

Anecdote:  I remember when I was about 8 and was wearing a barrette with a bunch of tulle coming out of it.  I asked my mom if she wanted to wear it and she said she was too old to wear a poofy hair clip.  It blew my mind that anyone could ever be too old to wear such a fashionable piece. 

But now I get it.  

It doesn't fly to: 
-      Dance through the aisles.  Back in the day, I’d practice my iceskating routines through the grocery store cereal aisle nearly knocking over the fruit loops and wearing nothing but tights and the tiny skating skirts.  I think they’d call security if I pulled that stunt these days.

-      Free sample binge.  Ok ok…I’m pretty sure you’re not even supposed to do this as a kid, but I remember the glorious days of grabbing about 10 samples at a time.  Now I can only do this when they’re not looking.

-      Sibling Torment:  Sneaking up on your siblings when they aren’t looking and trying to scare the living crap out of them. 

-      Pretending to be a shark in the pool.  This one we CAN do but it’s rare.   I never cease to be amused by a bunch of random people lying by a pool and no one is actually in it or interacting with each other.  How exactly is this different from setting up a chair on your sidewalk by yourself?

Candy Bar Themed Shoes = Awesome
Singing in the middle of a presentation if it gets boring:  I totally wanted to to this all week. 

-      Hide and Seek, Tag, and Capture the Flag.  Can we please play this at Hood To Coast?  It's "interval training". 

-      Eating 10 Candy Bars in one sitting:  When you do this as an adult, it’s a binge.  When you do it as a kid, it’s awesome.

-      Leggings and fluffy boots like Uggs.  Wait….nevermind.

What did you do when you were a kid but that doesn't fly now (without getting crazy looks)? 

Do you support my initiative to be able to make eating ridiculous amounts of candy socially acceptable again? 


  1. I NEVER comment, but this one was silly so I wanted to :) I grew up in rural VT and used to walk up and down my sparsely populated road, fishing dead leaves out of puddles with a stick and singing to myself. As a 30 year old grown up, I live in a real grown up neighborhood in northern NY where lots of people can see everything I do. I can't imagine they would impressed with this, or let their kids come by my house at Halloween. Annnddd...I think you're awesome and I really like reading your blog.

  2. 16 in a 48-year old body… well, maybe 18.

    You can still do those things…poofy hairclips, random singings, etc…i think by the time you hit 40 you really don't care about the crazy looks.

    Awesomr to meet you…isn't it funny how I look kind of photoshopped in? Lol. And dude…you spelled my name wrong ;-)

  3. ahhhh! @ Jennie - thanks so much for commenting! It's so cool to meet people who read this because it's such a crazy (fun) thing for me to broadcast my life and thoughts to a black hole. And that dead fish story sounds like something that I would have loved too.

    @ marJorie - holy crap - I can't believe I did that. Fun fact, sometimes I get 'g's and 'j's confused when I talk as well. Fixed!!!

  4. The leggings/boots things is totally lame. I can't wait for that to go back out of style, again. Let's bring tons of candy to Oregon. I know tons of "accidentally vegan" candy.

    P/S: The link to my blog doesn't work; forgivable, since I know you do that when you talk as well. :)

  5. The best thing about being 27, 28.....30, 31 is the feeling of that 10 year old youthful energy and enthusiasm of life balanced with 29 years of wisdom and hard knocks.

    Personally I think the number 28 is the perfect number, but as the calendar flips over for the 30th time in my life I ain't freakin' out too much.

    Have to thank Marjorie for directing me over to this here blog...

  6. What a fun post!

    Eating 10 Candy Bars in one sitting: When you do this as an adult, it’s a binge. When you do it as a kid, it’s awesome.

    This I disagree with. When you do this as an adult, it's still awesome.

  7. ha ha love this! I had the exact same conversation with my Mom about the fluffy bows when I was a kid. I remember being so confused about the fact that she would not want to wear one. ha ha this just totally made my day.

    I seriously ate like food was going extinct as a kid. I didn't even friggin care. Now a days I think about everything I eat. Dang it I miss that old metabolism.

  8. My bro and I still sneak up on each other and scare the crap out of each other. It still works! And is still hilarious.

    I cant eat candy like I used to. Too much sugar gives me a killer headache. However, I fully support your initiatve to eat 10 candy bars at once.

    Sadly, I feel the same about being an adult and being overextended. I just really want to sleep in on a Sat and wake up and watch trashy TV and eat ice cream all day. But I cant. Bc I have "stuff" to do. I heard that as you get older your body needs less sleep. Ummmmm, when does that kick in bc it would be really useful right about now. Keep it up, though, and enjoy your life! You can do it, Margot!

  9. I just think of the things my kids do that I can't/won't do....

    1) Change out of a bathing suit in the parking lot of the swimming pool.

    2) Eat gummy bears that are called "vitamins."

    3) Have someone put me down for a nap. Sigh.

    4) Look cute and creative in mismatched clothes.

    5) Wear shinguards just because my uncle bought them for me, even if it's to the grocery store, and even though I have no idea how to play soccer.

    There's a lot more.

    I fully support the candy initiative. Are you surprised?

  10. Wait, I can't wear my tulle barrette anymore?!!

    This is a great post!! So simple as a child!!!

  11. You are so right...sometimes being an adult sucks but other times it's great!

  12. umm, start circling the petition for making it more than a-ok to eat ungodly amounts of food in one sitting! u're too funny.

    i'm sort of scared though because i'm sure i'm emotionally stunted at about 16...what is this going to look like flashforward to when i'm 90?!

  13. Being an adult is harder than I ever imagined. I can fully admit that every adult that ever told me "one day you will wish you were a kid again" was RIGHT. For me anyway!

    I miss being able to jump from grey square to grey square in the grocery store to avoid the "sharks" on the white squares of the floor. I know people in the store get so annoyed when I let my kids do it but I dont care. I did it as a kid with my brother and sister and it was so fun, lol!

  14. Ha Ha Ha......oh how I can relate. I'm trying to rack my brain for things I did as a kid but I don't do now - worrying a tiny bit, many of the things I'm thinking of - I still do now. I.e., I recently wrote a note to my sister and folded it up in an origami crane. HA!!!

    This is my life....

  15. Cereal for dinner is the best & so great during summer, too freaking hot too turn an oven on.