Friday, August 19, 2011

Who really ends up with Mr. Big anyways? (F Yeah Friday)

Another week, another dollar, friends.  I am getting really pumped to run Hood to Coast with my Nuun teammates next week!
But...I'll do a whole Hood to Coast post later.  I am a procrastinator, so no need for any blogging or preparation until the 11th hour!

 It's time for.....F Yeah Friday!  (A celebration of all things awesome during the week)

1) Cuban Food:  Holy crap, y'all.
I've always been a fan of Cuban food, but let me tell you about my two separate culinary-heaven experiences this week.  It started out on Saturday with Ropa Vieja at Versailles in Venice Beach.  What's Ropa Vieja?
Tender Shredded Beef in a Tomato-y delicious sauce.  My description doesn't do it credit though.  Run, don't walk to your closest Cuban establishment and try it.
Just kidding, smoking is BAD-4-U
THEN this morning, I met a friend for breakfast (who meets people for breakfast during the week...craziness) at Porto's in Downey.  There were a million tempting pastries but I got a rum soaked dough ball with cream on top.  I know this also doesn't sound THAT amazing, but let's just say that the moment Cuba opens the borders, I will be the first one brunching with a dough ball in one hand, and a cigar in the other.

2)  Jet Blue:  My flights to and from San Francisco were both delayed.  Annoying?  Yeah.  Worthy of compensation?  Probably not.  But they emailed me a $25 dollar gift certificate to apologize.  Nicely done, nicely done.

3)  Sex And The City Repeats:  Whenever I get home from work, I often kick back and catch up on some good old SATC.

Uhhhh...Sex and the City went off the air years ago.  
Whatever dude, it's still a great show.  I watched SATC at it's height in the early 2000s when I was in college.   I loved the idea of the disposable cute boys, $600 shoes, and brunches at hip places in NYC.   It's a fantasy world!  BUT while I am willing to accept all other ridiculous parts of their lives, I just can't come to terms with Carrie ending up with Mr. Big.  He was charming, but put her through so much and was totally a jackass!

I bet most of us had our Mr. Bigs in our lives:  An unattainable - emotionally unavailable - gives you just enough to hang on - totally does it for you -guy.  

In what parallel universe does anyone actually end up with that guy? Do you know anyone who did? 
I know its bad TV, but I want Carrie to meet some dude 100x better and nicer than Mr. Big and that's how the series ends.  Possibly with a choreographed dance routine to Beyonce's "Single Ladies".
If ya liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.  

Alright alright enough about Sex and the City...I'm not ready to make this blog a relationship blog...yet.

Weekly Workout Recap.  All-in-all a good week:
Saturday:  5 miles easy, 2 miles at 13:20 on the treadmill 1% incline.  Legs felt dead.
Sunday:  30 mile bike ride
Monday:  4 miles easy
Tuesday:  1.5 miles of easy, 5x1000 @ 6:00 min / mi pace 1.5% incline, 3 minute rest.
Wednesday:  Ridiculously slow 6 miles.  Stopped to cross streets 1 billion times.
Thursday:  1 mile warmup, treadmill tempo of 7 miles (at 1%) alternating 7:24, 7:13, 6:58 pace every 5 minutes to keep the boredom away.  Amazingly felt easy.
Friday:  5 miles easy.
Total Running Mileage:  34.5.  Biking Mileage:  30.

What was awesome about your week??


  1. YOU were awesome about my week :)

    Would you believe I never watched Sex in the City? But of course I had a Mr. Big.

    Time to try that workout I told you about ;-) Don't be afraid... it will change your life!

  2. I love watching SATC repeats. Can you imagine the life, my kids and husband don't like to watch it though so I really have to sneak it in! Ah yes Mr Big...

  3. Awesome week! I have a special place in my heart for those SATC girls. My husband hates it. He will put up with just about everything else but that, so when it's on repeat on E! and he is out--that's my day right there, haha!

  4. So I used to get irritated that Carrie ended up with Big, but then I realized that she's not exactly a prize herself so they're kind of perfect for each other.
    He did treat her like crap a lot, though, which was lame.

  5. Great week! I love Sex and the City, my sister and I are always watching the reruns!

  6. Really can't wait to meet everyone!!! Less than a week :) :) YAYAYAYA

  7. You had a great week!

    Eh, my week kinda stunk for working out- but things are looking up now :)

    I can't wait to hear about your HTC!

  8. I love SATC reruns too. Watched the second movie on a flight... guilty pleasure.

    A few years ago I found the uncensored tv series on a cable channel we had at the time. yikes!

    Found you from your comment on my blog. Glad you stopped by.

  9. Hi from LA!

    Tip from a fellow Cuban food lover - if you haven't, give Havana Mania (in Gardena) or Tropi-Cuba Cafe (Torrance) a try. So delicious!

  10. amazing workouts this week!!! ummm so i do not think i have ever tried cuban...but you have totally convinced me! also...apparently i need to start flying jet blue. i don't even think the airlines i fly would compensate me when it was absolutely necessary. haha.

    i am SO excited for you all to run HTC!!!! woo hoo! this week was awesome because i ate lots of yummy food, relaxed TONS with the pup and got that sweet new running tank :)

  11. I never watched Sex in the City either. My three years in the City (98-01) were more like "No Nice Guys in the City." I had to go back to Houston to meet my husband. But there were many other great things about NYC so it was absolutely worth living there.

    Awesome about my week? Yasso 800s, having the wading pool all to ourselves because the elementary school kids are all back in school, new book (The Story of Beautiful Girl), my nap yesterday and date night with the husband tonight!

    Looking forward to your HTC post.

  12. Those 1k repeats sound insane! Awesome job!

  13. Love SATC. I felt Big was kinda too good for Carrie though.
    I had a Big in my life too. :)

  14. Can't wait 2 hear about all the fun you ladies have at the relay! :)

    Awesome about my son received "bengal paws" (incentives for being good) every day last week in his kindergarten class! :) "winning..."

    Great workout week girl!!

  15. Nice speedy repeats! You are quite the fast one, miss faster bunny!

  16. how can I be so late to comment on this? Two of my all time fav things!!! SATC reruns and ropa vieja!!!! En serio, come visit me, and we will eat ropa vieja and watch SATC. Whenever I feel sad, I watch it (also bc it is always on like one of 5 channels) and I am like, yeah, I am a woman and I am awesome! And I do not like to watch it with dudes bc they ruin it bc they dont get it. And, everyone does have their Mr Big...sigh. Ok, hope you had a great weekend!

  17. Who exactly is this Mr. Big in your life? Inquiring minds want to know...