Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Yasso 800s"

So this morning I decided I'd go to the good ol' track.
I have to be honest, I don't really know how much to push myself there. The only track workouts that feel real to me were the track workouts of death from high school. They were probably so hard because I generally did them with girls who had 5k times a good 2 mins faster than me.

That said, the ones listed in Runners World, etc seem too easy and not good enough for race prep. Hard to decide friends, hard to decide :).

Today I decided to attempt the Yasso 800 workout ! I did 90 sec rest bc I am inpatient and 3 minutes rest seems ridiculous. Here are the splits!

3:23, 3:23, 3:24, 3:24, 6:49 (Got bored and just did a mile....), 3:26, 3:24.

I was pleased with this workout. I'm not going to fool myself and say that this is an indication I'll be running anywhere in the 320s (I would die a happy woman), at Boston but it was good times!

I was also pleased that the extremely huge man that walks around the track every day was there still. One time I heard him say "you got it, good job!" over my ipod shuffle.
Then I realized that he talks to himself the whole time and he had no kind words for me! That said, mad props to him. Walking around a track at 400 lbs must be hell. I'd be yelling encouragement to myself too!

And because Christina said that if I don't post pics, no one will read my blog, here's a great one post workout (above bc I don't know the pic format yet). Modeling agencies please call one at a time....

I will post our biz plan for this blog and the "other one" tonight! Get readddyyyyy

I'm not a business man...I'm a Business....Man....


  1. Wow way to commit to ur 800's :p. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to rest- that's the point!
    Anyways I'm sure you'll still run fast in Boston, you always come through in a race!
    Thanks for the shout out :D.

  2. PS I thought you were going to do a post last night about the biz plan and the "other one"! Way to go giving me nothing to look at this morning :p. I guess it's still night time in LA hehe.

  3. Those are some super speedy 800s!!! Wish I could run that fast. Wow, your running Boston!!! That is really exciting. I wish you really good luck.

    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. It really helped.