Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter, Y'all!

From My Local Supermarket Display to Yours...

Hope it's Wonderful!  

(More posts tomorrow)


  1. Yay Happy Easter! You <3 Easter! I wanted to send you a recipe from the NYTimes to make homdemade Peeps but now that they charge you to view more than 20 articles/month and I wasn't going to make the Peeps I didn't want to go to the article and copy the link for you so you'll have to do it yourself :p. But you should!!!

    French Easter is super weird! Instead of an Easter bunny bringing eggs, a flying bell comes from Rome to France with eggs, how does that even work??

  2. @ Christina - Yeah what's up with the new NYT policy!
    Hahaha a flying bell? I didn't know bells could fly!

  3. Homemade Peeps?!?!
    I'm going to go look that up!

    (Remember, my obese cat is named Peeps, in celebration of my love for the candy...)