Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Long Run (Mwahahaha...)

I feel like when "Last Long Run" is said in a sinister voice, you'd have that evil laughter in it too - which is the reason for the subject line.

But this is what I did today! After literally sitting on the couch for four hours contemplating a run today and watching tv and drinking coffee, I finally got up and did it! Seriously, who starts their long runs at 2 pm...this girl, that's who!

I realize it's semi risky to be running 160 mins nine days before a marathon, but my long runs have been falling short due to a ton of travel and procrastination is the name of the game in marathon training right? right? d'awwwww.

Ok here's the run story in pictures!

Drove to south OC to Crystal Cove Park and saw THIS!

Awww hell no!  I will park in the local shopping center and run over.  This will save me lots o $$.

I ignored :)  There wasn't much mud after all !

I must be honest - long runs are not really my thing.  I'd like to compare them to watching a long boring movie (example...any movie my bf likes..).  That said, check out the beach in the background!  Let's take a closer look....

As much as I think Orange County can be a tad ridiculous, this is amazing and wonderful.  It's hard to argue with true beauty.

Maybe one day I'll make friends with someone in these fancy pants houses and I can be their houseguest....permanently.....=)  (leave a message if you live here and we can be best friends).

I ran for about 2:40, which I am guessing was somewhere between 16 and 18 miles (I am not the speediest long runner in the world).    I ate two gels on this run too, but mainly bc I hadn't eaten much prior to the run.

Well now it's time to taper like mad!
Thanks for reading!  I think tomorrow I'll start recipes...stay tuned !
x and os

PS:  I am mad excited I am getting followers.  THANK YOU


  1. Watching the Paris marathon right now! Good thing about not being in the US- they show marathons on tv :D! They are going to show London and Boston too! Also they do a really good job of showing people running other than elites so I'm hoping to see you in Boston on tv woohoo!

    I want to say for your new readers that this post is so honest and so you! That's 110% exactly the way you describe to me your long runs hahaha. You should really start 5k and 10k training I think you like speed and you should do more of those races :p.

    PS I love that you ignored the sign, so Margie!
    PPS Like the pics!

  2. hahaha. hilarious Christina :). Yes a 5k must be done so I can get past this super annoying 21 min barrier.
    Thanks for the support :). I will send you cupcakes if I ever get cupcakes in the mail (goal of blog) !

    For Boston, I'm considering wearing bunny ears or something ridiculous. This will make for fantastic posting material! hugzz

  3. If you wear bunny ears you might just get on TV! Today they showed a woman wearing a foam Statue of Liberty crown thingy (technical term!) on her head!

  4. Love that you ignored the trails closed sign. That location is gorgeous. When you make friends with super rich people in those houses can you please invite all your blog followers over for a run please (followed by a house party, of course). Thanks!

  5. Hey there! Very scenic route! Sometimes I wished I lived in California, yall have fantastic weather!