Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston Weekend! -Pre-Race Tour Edition

I know you guys want the goods (the RACE REPORT) but the pre-race was too fun not to give a short shout out to first.  

The flight into Boston was just fine and the amount of people who were running the marathon on the plane was HUGE.    On the flight, I was pretty tired so I took 2 Tylenol PMs (my airplane sleep attempt) and tried to sleep as best I could.  

I met the BF in Logan airport Saturday morning and as you can imagine, I was well rested, not grumpy at all, and smelled wonderful.  Luckily, BF did not break with me on the spot and we took a cab to our cute B&B. 
Mary Prentiss Inn in Cambridge

We met up with my high school friend Boriana and her ridiculously fast members of the Charlotte NC running club (seriously fast.  one was in the elite women division....whoaaaa) and went to the expo.  

I think my expectations for the race expo were a little high - it was a little crowded and unexceptional in my opinion.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but because my expectations for all things Boston were sky high, I'm pretty sure anything short of my running into Joan Samuelson, her shaking my hand, and then offering me a free Lemon Luna Bar would have disappointed.  

HOWEVER - here is my real thrill of the expo - race goodie bag in hand!!

The Boston race shirts are also pretty sweet - yellow long-sleeve tech tees.

After fighting the expo crowds we went on the Boston Duck Tour.  It was great, but I was so tired at this point, I was falling asleep on the bus.  The only thing that kept me up was knowing that I'd dropped $34 on my tour ticket.   That, and lovely hilarious BF doing Sesame Street impressions to make me laugh (I have a very refined sense of humor).

The next day we toured around Cambridge and pretended to be Harvard students.  I loved Cambridge.  It was adorable with tons of unique shops and restaurants.

We didn't get to see some of the sights I would have loved to have seen in Boston (the inside of each Baskin Robbins, for example) BUT it was charming, easy to get around in (by public transit), and full of history.   I'd definitely recommend a trip to Boston to anyone.

I've heard the one must-see that we missed is walking Freedom Trail.  Next time...next time... =)


  1. Yay a pic with the bf :D! Does anyone know why Boston is called Bean Town? I've always wondered but was not motivated enough to look it up myself :p.

  2. Next time you make it to Boston, you'll have to do the Freedom Trail running tour. I think it's a 5 miler to all the historic locations. And why is it called Beantown? Back in the day, Boston was a huge trading port and one of the items that came in was molassas. We added it to our beans and came up with Boston Baked Beans, hence the term "Beantown". There's my history lesson for the day!