Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beantown Costume Showdown

I've run the last couple days, so here if my promise to the blogosphere that I will take tomorrow off!

 I think I feel more pressure to do well at Boston than at any race I've run post high school and here's why:

1- It's a dream come true for me to have this opportunity.  I've wanted to run Boston ever since I knew about marathons. 

 2- I've got MAD FAMILY coming (3 + BF) !  My mom (who only gets on planes for weddings and graduations) is closing our family restaurant in Virginia to come up and watch me!  
Hilariously my mom told me to call her when I arrive in Boston Saturday so she'll know for sure I'm running and can put up a "We'll Be Closed Monday" sign in our family restaurant's window.  So for example, if my leg breaks off between now and Saturday, she won't have to close unnecessarily.  

3) I want to perform well for YOU, my 3.5 readers!  I hope to make you proud :).  But if I can't be sure to make you proud, I can at least attempt to make you laugh, which leads me to what I did tonight.....

STEP 1 (acquire bunny ears from craft store) 

STEP 2 (get ears off super uncomfortable-to-wear headband)

GLORIOUS STEP 3  (sew ears onto running headband)


I can't lie, I'm nervous to pull off wearing this headband for 26.2.  

But I'm really hoping some little kid on the course yells "Look mom!  It's the Easter Bunny!".  I'll run over and high-five Junior, and that will make it all worth it!  

Ok - Have a great night!  And... if you get a chance, please go give HungryRunnerGirl a hug!  She is injured and needs hugs!  


  1. First of all, I'll assume I'm the 0.5 of your 3.5 readers since I'm so short?
    2- I LOVE the ears! You will DEFI get some shouts from the sidelines for having those!
    3- I know you are going to do awesome bc you always have awesome races!
    4- Your mom is super cute, and yay for family coming to watch!

  2. Please oh please wear the headband for Boston. Seriously, you will be in tons of photos, and imagine the comments you'll get that will motivate you and keep you running!
    All I can think of is the Energizer Bunny...you know those old ads that say "you keep going...and going...and going.." and that will be YOU on Monday!

  3. Love Love Love the headband, very cute! I'm sure you will definitely get some cheering for that!

  4. Awesome costume idea! I've loved reading all about the runners going to Boston this weekend (and felt slightly jealous, let's be real here). But good luck and best wishes for an awesome race!