Monday, April 4, 2011

What's in a name?

Hello Inaugural Blog-sters,
I am very excited to be starting a blog. It will deal with the glorious things in life - which in my opinion are...Running, Music, The Outdoors, Cuddling, and Baked Goods. Cuddling is not all that interesting so I'll talk about the rest.

First off: What's in a name? "the faster bunny"? !?!?!?!

Well, I was trying to be clever and find a play on words. My love for rabbits, trying to be faster, lack of patience, and so on makes this perfecto, I believe. Also, I am pretty sure most people can spell "faster" and "bunny" so when I rule the blogging world, even the worst spellers can read me!

Which brings me to one more point: This blog may teach me to actually spell! I feel like bad spelling is the first indication I can give that I need remedial human-hood.

Anyways I'll quickly review my run today - 4 miles down Adams to the Jetty - my traditional normal run. I think I'm getting sick too! In fact, I seem unable to not be sick whenever I do long runz. Anyone else out there (of my many readers) get sick at a certain level of mileage?

I find it somewhat hilarious when I run without timing myself for a week or more. I always develop a ridiculous sense of self where I imagine that I am having a running breakthrough. I imagine that the next time I time myself on the track, I'll be clipping off 5:50 repeat miles and then go eat blueberry muffins.
It's always a rude awakening to find that I am still margot, and running is the same as it always was :).

Alright - I am going to try to design this bad boy (blogspace)! It's going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!


  1. First comment, yay for me! No I never get sick with a certain amount of mileage- I think you need to fuel better! That means gels (or whatever energy item) plus WATER. Didn't I buy you a handheld bottle for your birthday once . . .

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! I want to read your posts, but alas my husband wants to go save his motorcycle! :)

  3. welcome, welcome to the fun of blogging!