Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smooth Criminal

I went on a bike ride today and it was amazing (will post my new awesome bike at later date!).

I've been gradually trying to become a "real" biker with real gear and finally acquired the most hardcore "biker babe" part of riding a bike possible:  biking gloves.

I'm not sure if I'm emulating Michael Jackson's style or a 15 year old shopping at Hot Topic, but either way, I like it!

(PS pls ignore ugly chipped blue nail polish!  The Rite Aid was all out of nail polish remover, I swear.  :) )


  1. Biker like bicycle riding or biker like motorcycle riding hahaha :p! Since when do you ride bikes?

  2. haha. A bicycle bike :). And since now ! I bought one a couple weeks back...

  3. LOL MJ or Hot Topic...

    Yay so happy to see you in blogland :) GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!!

  4. @ Sarah - I am way happy to be in blogland! I just felt too left out not having one :).
    Thanks for the good luck wishes - I am nervous as all get out (esp now that I know I have to post my results online!)