Monday, April 11, 2011

Less Is More? (Mini Sugar High)

I have to apologize that this week's posts will have relatively little about workouts since the evil Boston Marathon coming up on Monday is keeping me from having interesting runs that I can write about.  Instead we will discuss one love of my life...

So I was at the Starbucks again today (I do not spend my days loitering around Starbucks until they tell me to stop harassing the Baristas, I swear) and I noticed the new "Starbucks Petites".

Ok that's a lie - I noticed them the minute they came out at Starbucks and here's why:


They are small, and we all know that very small pastries, just like pieces of cookies or edges of brownies, do not contain empty calories.

Now I am no health nut, but Starbucks totally caught onto my general desert MO:  I'd pay almost as much for a tiny delicious pastry as I would for a giant bear claw.

And these, my friends, are pretty beautiful  (especially you little lemon bundles of joy in the back) :

So this brings me to my questions of the day:  

1) Are you ok spending more for a tiny fancy treat, or are you more of the bear claw kinda girl (guy)?  

2) What's up with the cake pop?  Were these just invented, because I now see them everywhere and they seem to be taking over the world, one bakery at a time!  

Have a great night, y'all!  (Thanks for readin').   


  1. I would want a big treat, like a big cupcake not some tiny little thing, or like 3 tiny things . . . or more honestly I would want a giant tub of icing, since for me the cakey bits are just a transportation device for icing deliciousness!

    I have never tried a cake pop, and while they look delicious it would have to be amazing to convince me that it was better than a cupcake, being so much smaller!

    I did see the cake pops at the Starbucks in Paris but in that moment I thought it was really too expensive for the little thing. Now I'm regretting having not just bought it hehe.

  2. I love starbucks! I haven't tried those pops yet but I have tried the mini cupcakes- they were pretty good!

  3. I just saw these mini treats at my Starbucks the other day, but I didn't try them although I was very intrigued. They look mighty tasty!
    As far as cake pops go, they seem to be a new fad in the dessert world. I noticed a cookbook at Target the other day that had only cake pop recipes in it!

  4. I find any kind of dessert in miniature size adorable! I would totally spend more to get a cute dessert. I haven't tried them yet but I've in Starbucks a few times since the cakepop phenomenon and I'm always so tempted!
    So....did you try one? Don't leave us hanging!

  5. Vanessa! Yes - cuteness is key in my book :).
    I have not had a Starbucks cake pop (I got the lemon bar - I love them).

    HOWEVER, my roommate made her own cake pops a couple weeks back, and I can report that if you are in the mood for some cute frosting-y indulgence, you will not be let down!