Friday, April 15, 2011

Throwaway Clothes? Target, I was had.

This morning as I frantically was trying to get to work (unfortunately my blog does not support my Starbucks habit yet), I remembered I needed some "throw away clothes" for Boston.

The forecast in Boston looks perfect for a marathon but I think starting in ice cube form is a bad idea.

So I went to the local Target.

Let me preface this story by tell you all that I am rather thrifty.  I'm talking negotiate at Wal-Mart, have half-functioning car radio, buy my own auto parts thrifty.

I went to the women's section and even on the clearance rack, these were the cheapest pants I could find!
Still pretty pricey!

So I did what any girl standing in a long line for a bathroom would do.  I went to the men's (clothing section).  

And there I saw my oasis in a desert:

So happily found myself some menswear!  (Now I don't feel like these were such a good deal because Blue Eyed Runner got her clothes for 2 dollars!  But at the time I was happy).  

These clothes will fit me perfectly, right?

  Happy I would not freeze in Bean Town, I made a beeline for the checkout...

Waaa ohhhh detour!

(Love Target swimwear).  

Lucky for my wallet, willpower won out and I only purchased the sweats:

Someone please give that lady in the background an awesome shopping spree!
::I hope that wasn't mean spirited?::

So I happily am now prepared for my trip!

Now blog-tooths, I have to apologize...I will probably not be writing this weekend :(.  BUT I promise lots of fun material next week...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend doing what you do.


  1. Nice thinking! I never limit myself to the women's section. Mens and girls sometimes have cheaper stuff that fits, especially for throw aways!
    Relax this weekend so you're fresh for Monday, look forward to hearing how it goes!

  2. I love Target and I definitely own a few items from the men's dept, you're right cheaper and baggier, the better lol
    Good luck in Boston!

  3. GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK! Kick some ass tomorrow - I'll be stalking and obvs not doing any work on Marathon Monday. It's practically a federal holiday.

  4. Well just think how happy the person who comes along and finds your high-price SoCal Target throw-away clothes will be! You are going to be awesome you always are HuGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have NO self control when I go into Target!

    I can get lost in that place for hours...

    Have a great run in the morning :)