Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interview: Ironman, Track Star (1:11 Half), Cool Dude Tells ALL

Oh Hai!  
Remember the tab in this blog that says "interviews" to introduce you to inspirational athletes that is totally empty?  Oh yeah...that one...

Well, I've finally got one for you!  Let me introduce you to Colin Wolfe.  

Generally he's awesome and here's why:  
He is HELLA FAST for one - we're talking a 54:29 10 mile and a 1:11 half marathon...but don't worry folks, he uses his powers for good.  He's active in volunteering with marathon kids, doesn't call me slow to my face, and most importantly, agreed to be my first interview.  True courage!  

First Victim

On Training
FB: From being a high school to college athlete, through demanding jobs and graduate school, you've managed to keep active and be highly competitive in races.  How to you make time to train?   

CW:  Besides drinking less beer than in college and going to bed before 9pm, two big aspects have changed as other priorities in life take precedence.
1.  Less in quantity but more quality races - during high school and college, I was racing once a week for most of the year.  It takes a toll physically and mentally.  By switching my focus to participating in 4 races a year with two peak races, it keeps me mentally fresh and allows me to spend time on other priorities without sacrificing too much in performance.
2. Focus on triathlons and cross-training - in college I was running 90-100 miles a week.  After 4 straight years of running that volume, it was time to find some balance to my training.  Getting into biking and swimming has even helped my running and provided me with a renewed outlet for my energy!

FB:  Complete the sentence.  I would never run long without my body glide applied (CW). 

On Racing

FB:  Describe your most vivid (good or bad) race memory: 

CW:  In elementary school, my Dad would put money under one of the flower pots on the front porch.  The first one around the 1.5 mile block would get the money.
I noticed after a couple times, my Dad stopped putting money on the porch and quit racing me.  I learned the importance of staying in school and running would not pay the bills.

FB:  What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their race times?   
CW:  Be flexible and open - experiment with new ideas and gear to find what works for you.  Everyone's body / mind is unique and what might work for Kara Goucher may / may not work for you...

FB: You completed an Ironman in France.  In five descriptive words or less, summarize the experience (bonus points if all words start with the same letter).   
CW:  Fantastic French Experience! (not an oxymoron...) 

On Nutrition....
FB:  Gels, Bars, Beans, Normal food?  What food fueling routine helps you perform the best?   

CW: The less processed and easier to digest, the better.  I have been experimenting with making energy drinks from coconut water and organic juices.  I have a lot more energy at the end of a hard workout, especially in the hot summers.

Why Running is Peaceful + Awesome

FB:  You have traveled a lot.  Where is your favorite place to train?  

CW:  I have run on mountain trails, ocean-side boardwalks, thick forests, vineyards and smog filled South American cities  I don't really have a favorite place to train but many great mental pictures / memories from my training experiences in these places. 
When I travel, I get up early the first morning in a new city and run through downtown before any cars are on the road.  It is actually very peaceful and surprising how different a city appears with no one on the streets.

Thanks Colin! 
I feel faster just talking to you...


  1. This is so awesome in so many ways, great interview Margs! Colin is such an inspiration because he has a serious career and still finds time to train and kick butt! I always forget how fast he is, and I'm pretty sure he laughs at how not fast we are in comparison behind our backs, j/k :P.

  2. Great interview, thanks! It's great to hear from someone so speedy!

  3. Just found your blog and think it's awesome!

    I love the interview. It's really inspiring hearing what the crazy fast athletes have to say.

    Charlyn @ pain is nothing