Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Blog Posts. You (didn't) ask, I answered.

Along the way of my illustrious blogging career, I've been tagged by good friends like Cait, Terzah, Rachael, and other freaking awesome girls in their posts.

Usually, the posts included either a Q & A portion, or a "top blog posts" portion.  Because I bring "disorganized" to a whole new crappy standard when it comes to my blog, I never answered a dang one.


Most Controversial Post:  Probably either "My Two Cents On Blogging Popularity" and one random one where I was bagging on Lululemon.   It's weird because I'm not sure how I feel about either post now.  Sometimes I take a side when I post and roll with it.  It's the internet, no one can really hold me to these opinions, right? ;-)

Most Helpful Post:  Hah!  Helpful?  Ah jeez...you're readin' the wrong blog.  Let's say the Chile Rellano recipe post because it's freaking delicious.

Post that didn't get the attention it deserved:  ALL OF MY POSTS DON'T GET THE ATTENTION THEY DESERVE!!!!

uhh...sorry.  Ego got in the way.  
Maybe the one about William and Kate's Wedding.  It was kind of funny and I spent a long time on it.

Post I am most proud of:  Either the Boston Marathon one, or my 5k PR.  Just because they were good races, and good races always make for good posts :).

For the Q and A portion, I'm kind of going to copy Sarah and AR who made up questions because no one asked them stuff.  Because no one ever asks me anything either.  However, if you have real questions about me, I would be SUPER flattered to answer, just ask (it's cool if you don't).

n3000278_30909849_4156.jpg (604×453)What's with the blog name?  
Despite the fact that she lives with my mom now, I own a mini rex rabbit named Fiver.  When I was a kid, I always wanted a rabbit.  When I graduated college, I thought "no one can tell me what to do" and I drove to a farm in Livingston, Texas, and brought one back.  And now my poor mom takes care of her.
Bottom line, I like rabbits.  If your ears were 40% the length of your body, I'd find you adorable too.

What celebrity did you have a crush on in high school? 
Rob Thomas of Matchbox20.  And every other singer in a band.

What are your running goals?  
Since I'll never be a pro, I guess I just want to have fun.  And hopefully PR my face off.   I think goal one is more achievable.
In all seriousness, I'd like to continue to improve, but I'm having a hard time balancing training with my working and personal life.   I love running though, so it's hard to ignore it and not give it a lot of time and effort.

Pie or Cake?
Pie.  The kind with a crumb topping.  Peach, Apple, or Cherry preferred.

Which Backstreet Boy Was your Favorite?
Brian Littrell.  Without question.

Ain't nothin' but a hearrtttachhheee!  

Best Piece of Running Advice?  
Listen to your body, know your limits, and keep it simple, yo.

Anything you'd like to know about me?  
Have you been asked any weird/fun /random questions on your blog (or in real life) lately? 


  1. Pie vs cake, I assume you wrote that question bc of this?

  2. gosh... i love this.

    did you even know i tagged you with a q and a a million years ago? so glad you finally caved ;-)


  3. I love bunnies too but I'm allergic to them. A friend had one for the summer (his sister's classroom bunny, which her dog wanted to eat). Anyway, he let me hold the bunny until my eyes and throat swelled almost completely shut, but it was such a happy time for me! I still think about how awesome it was holding that furry little bunny!!

  4. @XLMIC

    Yes - now I do remember! This one is for you, XLMIC :).

    @ Christina - I actually didn't remember that when I posted that question, but I now remember it. My subconscious wants to be like hyperboleandahalf!

  5. I love bunnies too! My parents are moving from my childhood home and I had to let go of 20+ stuffed bunnies. It was so sad! I had a real one for a bit too but it was kinda wild and after it ate half the house and escaped from its cage on a daily basis my Mom made me get rid of it. :( Wow this comment was entirely pointless. ha ha sorry!

    Q: How did you get to know SR? Just through blogging and being awesome.

  6. Okay, you are hilarious! And I think I also have a blog post called "Just for you, XLMIC" -- she just has that influence on us.

    Your rabbit is adorable.


  7. bhahahaha. omg. love the blog name story!

  8. haha...thanks for the shout out at the top....orrr, that may be another cait. if so i'm embarrassed and apparently think the whole bloggy world revolves around me. jk.

    love it! but, just so u kno, coffee cake with a cream cheese middle and the crumbly topping trumps pie ANY day. ;)

  9. Aww, cute bunny!
    I had bunnies growing up. They are such great pets. :)

  10. @Rachelle Wardle

    Soooo...before I even had a blog, my friend Christina showed me SR's blog. I realized "omg this girl lives near me" and thought I would email her to go on a run. I met her and Once Upon A Lime on that run. At that time, I had no idea how big of a blogger she was!!!
    I was basically looking for friends to run with!
    Anyways, she's awesome (as is OUAL), I made a blog, and the rest is history!

  11. I got a greyhound in my early 20s and did great with her for two years until I had to move to NYC and take an 80-hour-a-week job. So I gave the dog to my mom--I missed her a lot, but she was happier in a place with a yard. I have a theory that pets purchased at that era of life often get given to parents.

    Glad you finally answered some questions!! And I think it's time (soon) for me to write my next "controversial" post (because no one asks me questions either--but why would they???).

  12. yeah, how do you know me, you stalker??

  13. I liked it when you bagged on Lululemon. Mostly because I feel that I can't afford to buy their crap. Though if I just registered for like two less races, then I probably could, but whatever. Priorities.

  14. I like this post. Now I can feel even more stalkerish and pretend we're best friends and tell everyone around here that I hang out with the coolest people... even though we've never actually met :)

    Answer my questions!! I need more info to make sure we can really be friends!

    Peanut butter or chocolate?
    Fave distance to run?
    Where's one place in the world you want to go that you never have before?

  15. @Monika @ Monika's Miles

    Hi Monika! I don't know if you'll ever see this (I hope so?)
    1) Oh man this is tough. I'm actually leaning towards peanut butter, but if I could pick citrus (for deserts) that would be my first choice. Weird...I know!
    2) Face distance to run: racing...probably the half marathon ? I've never done a 10 mile race but that sounds fun. Regular run, probably like 6 miles with some pickups :).
    3) Greece (for family), Victoria Falls, Tierra Del Fuego, Greenland (weird I know...just want to see it), and Japan during cherry blossom season!