Friday, September 23, 2011

Straight Talk to Brad Pitt

Time for hard hitting news you're used to getting from me:
A few days back, Brad Pitt called his marriage to Jen Aniston "boring" in an interview for Parade Magazine!  This ticked me off, because I'm team Aniston, yo. 
Pitt said, “I spent the ’90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony. . . . I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself.”

 “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

1)  Brad, you're pretty (or at least used to be), but your mama taught you better! 
2) Angelina is exciting and all ....but...she also made out with her brother at an awards uh yeah...creeeeeeepy...
3)  Let's get Angelina, Brad, and Jen to run a 10k.   I'm betting on my girl Jen unless Angelina gets all tomb raider on Jen and takes her down. 

4) This marriage ended like a gazillion years ago.  Time to move on to the hot couples of today like Pippa and Harry!  

Happy Friday!!


  1. You know you love Jen because she is really Anistasakis ;)

    Agree. D-move from Brad.

  2. team Aniston all the way! I totally agree - they got divorced so long ago, these mags need to let it rest already!

  3. haha - I have always loved Jennifer Aniston, I don't know...she just seems a lot more relatable to me...maybe im boring? oh well, i have my own brad pitt and am pretty happy with him :)

    i agree, lets get some more about pippa and harry!

  4. I still don't like Brad because of the J. Aniston thing. I just love her. That hair, ha!

  5. Team Jen for sure. I don't think Angelina has enough body fat to provide the energy to get through a 10K. Jen has the perfect amount.

    And Brad is still pretty, but it's not as distracting once he opens his mouth.

  6. YOU MAKE ME LAUGH MARGOT!!!! Team Jen; she loves dogs just as much as I do!!!

    I plan to watch B.Pitt in "Moneyball" though.

  7. I am guessing that Jen will age better, too. But Angelina can shoot bullets that can travel in circles. Watch out.


    (ok, so I don't actually care, but I can't stand Aniston, simply because her hair is nauseatingly perfect.)

  9. XLMIC I totally agree that I think Jen is going to age much better than Angelina!

    I think Brad Pitt is going crazy like Sean Penn did. Did you see his Matt Lauer interview? Also I don't think they should have cast Brad in Moneyball I think they should have cast Coach Taylor :D

  10. I am team Aniston too. When Brad left her for Angelina he made the dumbest move EVER!

  11. I think Brad Pitt is overrated with a capital O. He is just a big dumb frat boy--Robert Redford is old and he's still better looking than Brad.