Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The travelers guide to running (and food!)

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If there's one thing I spend my money and time on these days, it's travel (not running unfortunately!).    With a BF in Seattle, one brother and mom on the east coast, and friends all over the freaking place (who are all getting married), it's just gotta happen.

Plus I might just be a little bit restless by nature.

The Traveling Runners Guide To:
Keepin' yo bags:  If you're switching airlines and traveling internationally, I give your bags about a 50% chance of getting lost.  At least those have been my odds. So try to stay on the same airline, if possible.

Packing:  Sadly, not everyone in the world is as addicted to running as I am (#3rdworldproblems), so if your stuff gets lost, it can be hard to replace things, depending on where you're going.  Pack shoes and sports bras (or any woman specific stuff) in your carry on.   I know it's kind of gross, but if you're running out of space, stuff the sports bra / socks / shirt in your shoes.

Random Countries / Cities:  This is one of my favorite parts of running.  You can experience the world so much differently while running and I think it's a cool way to see a new area. Just remember, if the area looks sketchy, it is probably not worth risking it.  Or at least ditch the headphones.  That way no one will steal your ipod.

Chillaxing:  I'm pretty anal about working out.  If you're reading this blog and don't know me in real life, you probably are too.   Chances are, you're not going to have the worlds best workout week while traveling due to weird food / bad sleep / different weather.  Have a kick-butt week of working out before you travel and use the travel time as a "step back" week.

Scheduling Working Out While On Vacation: I know everyone says "get up early and workout", but honestly, that's the last thing I want to do while on vacation.  I wanna sleep in, yo.   So if you're like me, just be open to running at weird times of day.  If everyone decides to watch tv mid-afternoon, that's your chance to go do your thing.

Caring What Other People Think:  I've run in Buenos Aires (where no one runs for fun that I could find), in my socks in a park (because I had no shoes), and done stair stepping on an offshore Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico.   I'm sure everyone thought I was insane.  And I'm cool with that.   I think you gotta be.

The Traveling Eaters Guide to....
Water:  The TSA doesn't want you to bring more than 3 oz of fluid through security.  Bring an empty water bottle through security.  Refill when you're through.  If you're constantly thirsty like me, it saves $$ in bottled water.

Drinks on the Flight:  I hate to advocate being a pain in the butt for any service person, but I'm going to.  Ask for the whole can if you want.  Ask for two drinks when they come by.  Whatever, it's your party.  Just be polite.

Schedule layovers in the south:  If you love Mexican food and fried stuff like me.  I know it sounds ridiculous to do this, but since it doesn't snow as much there will be fewer chances of delays too.  Favorite airports for food:  Austin and Memphis.  Relatively small airports with breakfast tacos, cobbler, and BBQ galore.

Snacks:  Just bring a few.  Nuts, apples, dried fruit, Clif Bars, whatever that doesn't melt.  Your super hungry self will thank you.

Airlines:  Jet Blue still gives free snacks.  Virgin America has a pretty good selection but you gotta pay.  IMO the newer the airline, the better the food!

Any travel tips you wanna share? 


  1. Great tips! My favorite tip: when I check in for international flights, I ask if I can pay for upgrades. Sometimes I can pay $40 and get upgraded to business class for a 12+ hour flight--so worth it!

  2. The only really uncomfortable vacation run I had was in Istanbul. I didn't go sleeveless or anything, but I was wearing longish shorts and short sleeves, and I felt horribly uncomfortable. Men were staring and talking, and several yelled things that did not sound friendly. I would definitely advise against running as a woman solo in any country with a large Muslim population unless it's very cold out. After about 4 miles, I decided to u-turn to find my husband so I could run with him, which made me less uncomfortable, but still very uncomfortable.

  3. I live in Austin so I am pretty partial to their airport - Salt Lick bbq is easily the best airport food I've ever had.

    Love the water bottle idea. I think you've pretty much already hit all of my go-to tips for flying. Although I go to great lengths to avoid booking a connecting flight w/ different airlines. The last thing I want while heading out on vacation is anxiety over whether or not my bag will make it to the final destination.

  4. This makes me want to travel! I am driving 12 hours in a van on Thursday does that count as travel. I love traveling and I am pretty sure I am the only person that ever uses the 'gym' at the hotel. I swear there is never anyone using those.

  5. EXCELLENT info!! You clearly are an experienced traveler--are you going to run on every continent one day????

    When do you head back to Sea town?! I visited Mel over the weekend and saw Casey (nuun) and his fam at a race!

  6. These are all great tips! (BTW, i always stuff things in my shoes & never once thought it was gross... until you pointed it out. Gross.)

  7. Yeah, I'm so cheap that just to avoid that Crap Baggage Check Fee I'd probably go so far as to pack 2 pairs of underwear and wash one while I wore the other. If I had limited space. Man I had that bag check fee. Basically any mention if "Airline" + "Bags" sends me into spewing angry verbal diarrhea.

  8. These are fabulous tips! Thanks for sharing. I bring my empty water bottle to the airport, too. Southwest has free snacks – and, no check bag fee.

  9. Great info! I so needed this since I take off for vacay on Friday. I am a light packer and would never have thought to put my running shoes in my carry on. Duh! Ttthhhaaannkkk yoouuuu!

  10. Very helpful tips! I never thought about bringing an empty water bottle through security. I'm the sucker who pays $3.50 for water on the other side, ugh.

    My one tip: wear slip-on or easy-to-tie shoes through security. Nothing's worse than juggling bags and such and having to deal with getting your shoes back on after passing the ominous checkpoint. Oh, and don't wear flip-flops! Walking through security barefoot is icky!

  11. Great tips!! I use the water bottle trick too. I also wear my bulkiest shoes (usually running shoes) so I don't have to waste space trying to shove them in my suitcases.