Friday, September 16, 2011

F Yeah Friday, Boston Edition!

Holla and happy Friday!  I haven't done an F yeah Friday in a while, but I'm bringing it back!  It's a collection of all things awesome in the week.   Here are mine.

1) Feeling like your feet move ok. 
After a couple weeks of a very odd workout schedule and little effort, I have decided I'd ease back into working out.  My running confidence has been super low lately, and I've been the lack of more elegant words: "chubs and slow", so I figured I'd go to the track and see what a 1:35 half marathon pace even feels like.

Turn out, half marathon goal pace doesn't feel bad, if you run it for 5 miles.  It's probably a lot harder if longer...
3.5 miles in warmup and cooldown.  5 miles on track at 7:12, 7:13, 7:13, 7:12, 7:06 (oopsy...little quick on that last one...I think my brain decided to want to run under 36) = 35:56.  This was a little bit of a confidence booster simply because I know this would have felt hard in the past but it doesn't anymore.

2)  Poorly Written Popular Literature
I'm off to San Francisco this weekend!  I can no longer call it "San Fran" as Roserunner informed me that it's "way not cool" to call it that.   I'm pretty excited.  And I'm actually excited to get on a plane too.  Mostly because I want to continue reading the Hunger Games on my Kindle.  
I know someone's not going to appreciate this, but The Hunger Games remind me of Twilight only with less "omg Edward":  Poorly written but I can't stop turning the page.

Team Jacob, yo.  Taylor Lautner's got it goin' on. 

3)  Boston Registration
It looks like the registration is going smoothly and lots of my blogger friends are gettin' in.  Honestly, I was expecting much more of a drama show of the registration.  I'm really excited for everyone who is going to run it.
I gotta admit, as someone who thought I would only run Boston once, making Boston harder to get into...makes me want to do it...mostly because I probably won't be allowed!

You cannn't always gettt whatcha wannnttt. 

My "BQ" is the 3:35:16 I ran in Boston this last year.  So I'm in the general pool.  And it'll probably be full before I could register.  But that's cool.

Groucho Marx said it best (and I'm paraphrasing):  "I would never want to be a member of a club that would accept me as a member".  


But anyways, congrats to all that were accepted into Boston, and I hope that some in the "BQ but not by more than 5 minutes" are able to register.  It was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone crazy enough to want to run a marathon and qualify.

What was awesome about your week?  

Did you register for Boston (or are you planning to)??


  1. I am going to do that workout... but with slower times... because...well... i am slower.

    Have fun in SF! If you get bored, give me a holler :)

  2. i wish they would just give out the Boston marathon medals to residents for being awesome. then i'd definitely BQ.

  3. My dream is to run Boston!! I am definitely not fast enough...yet. Have fun in SF!!

  4. So are you registering if it's still open? Of course no one knows, but I don't think it will fill with the people sending there BQ-5 apps today and tomorrow, so I would guess they'd take some from the final wave, and you'd be among the strongest people in that wave, so I think you have a good shot.

  5. I just recently read The Hunger Games and the story is just amazing and you definitely can't put it down!
    Team Edward!

  6. I can't believe it's already registration time for Boston! My college track team goes out to mile 20 every year to cheer on the runners. I hope I can make it back there, especially if I know people running! Good luck with getting in :)

  7. I love your "F Yeah Friday" theme. Friday makes me WAY happier than Monday. Haha! I wish I was fast enough and motivated enough for Boston. My knees are in such bad shape. Good luck with getting in!!

    Get Up & Go

  8. I am new to your blog. I registered for Boston this week and am in! It is my first Boston adn I can't wait. I qualified earlier this month with a 3:32 and then beat my PR yesterday with a 3:28. :)

  9. Awesome this week for me was my marathon PR, even though, alas, I'm outta the Boston party again next year. That's OK--I'm closer! And I have another year and four months until the big 4-0.

    I *love* the Hunger Games. Twilight I just sorta skimmed because of the bad writing issue (though I really did get the romance part of it--I'm Team Edward too), but I read every word of all three HG books and may even give up sleep if they do a midnight movie debut (that's a big deal for me--I'm not committing to that yet).

  10. Bay Area what what! Hope your trip is lovely....and thank you for obliging to my (and other locals) anal pet peeve.

    p.s. you have a 1:35 IN THE BAG. go git it!

  11. @Carina

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'm not going to sign up this year though. Kind of a combination of wanting someone who really wants to get the slot, not wanting to spend the money, and not wanting to get hateful glares from my family / boyfriend for signing up for yet another far away race. :)

  12. Um awesome workout girl!! I am glad it gave you a boost of confidence because you are a freaking awesome runner! I was in SF over the weekend too. We should have hung out!

    I received confirmation that Boston excepted me this morning. I feel incredibly honored to run such a historic race.

  13. Awesome run! I'm so impressed by your speed because I am nowhere near speedy. But, I'm working on it.

    Have fun in San Francisco! Such a fun city!