Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Next Race Steps! (Blogger Ragnar, half marathons, and duathlons)

I'm watching an ABC special on models and the dangers they deal with in their life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll at Fashion Week.  Luckily, during my stint as a 5'3" very successful model, I have managed to avoid such pressures.  Possibly because my modeling has been mostly confined to  What a shame...what a shame...

Besides modeling, I've been trying to figure out what the heck is next for me on the race side...
Honestly, I don't feel like ever racing again at the moment, but I know the bug will bite soon enough, so I gotta be ready!

So here's what's on the docket.  Some other random stuff might show up too (like Houston 10 for Texas, Big Sur Marathon, and random winter 5ks).

1)  LA Rock and Roll 13.1.  October 30th.  
Goals:  Get a kickbutt pumpkin costume and run a 1:35.
I feel like a 1:35 sounds SO fast right now, just thinkin' about it!

Hey Margot...didn't you run a 1:33 at Fontana?  Why wouldn't a 1:35 be achievable?
Uhhh that 1:33 was running down a mountain.  Unfortunately I can't roll down the mountain for this one!

Anyways, I gotta get "training" for this bad boy!  Long runs?  Please suggest training plans that worked for you!

2)  San Diego Duathlon.  November 13th.  
Goals:  Finish.  Don't get a flat!  Try mah best!  I think that means running not much higher than 7 minute miles and biking around 20 mph.  Possibly overly ambitious goals?
Why:  I'm to scared to do a tri so I duathlon is a good place to start!

In April!
Can you tell which race I'm most excited about?
Here's why.  My team rocks!
We've got Skinny Runner, Pam, Nicole The Haute Running Mama, Once Upon A Lime, ChaCha.

I really just blog to get friends who run :).
Plus, Hood To Coast was such a blast, this has gotta be too.

Each leg averages something like 35 miles a piece.   I am definitely claiming one of the shorter ones!  The race goes from LA to San Diego...hopefully we'll meet movie stars on the way!

But...running is not the biggest challenge.  Naming our team is!
So help a sista out and help us think of a name for our Ultra Ragnar!  

Any suggestions?  Ahem, I think there's a Skinny Runner shirt for the winning idea AND I'll send ya some Gu!  

Soooo...that's what I've got on the schedule so far...What's on your schedule?  
What races are you most excited (or nervous) about doing?  

Here's a Weekly Recap:
Thursday 2 mile beach run
Friday 6 mile "tempo" at 7:30 pace
Saturday 5 miles moderate
Sunday  9 miles easy
Monday  5 miles easy
Tuesday 4 miles easy, 2 at 6:40 pace
Wednesday 20 bike miles

32 running miles, 20 biking miles.  Ok...I know I haven't upped mileage as I said I would, but I was on vacation!  This week is for real ;-).


  1. I have an awesome orange jack o-lantern tee shirt you could use for your costume. Let me know if you want to see pics or want me to send it sight unseen :)

    SoCal Ragnar?!!! I wanna! Hmmmm... is it too late to enter a team?

    I'll be thinking of names for you guys...

  2. Run a 1:35 half in a pumpkin costume? Really had to up the ante for the rest of us now didn't you? And I'm sure you'll make it look easy too.

    Awesome team you've got for the Ragnar!

  3. Love the pumpkin costume idea!

  4. 4mins off ur non-downhill HM PR?? I guess you'll have to stop being friends with me cause ur running ambitions are leavin me in the dust :p

  5. You have some amazing things on the schedule--that ultra Ragnar is INSANE!

  6. I want to do a Duathalon with YOU!!! You are going to rock it and what a great idea to get you ready for a TRI!! So excited to read about your sub 135 at the Oct Half and pics of your costume!

  7. I like these goals...7min miles running/20mph bike is super fast and you can totally rock that. Annnnd you'll kick that half's ass, no doubt. Love the costume idea!

    PS loved your post on running while traveling. I LOVE running when I travel, always make sure to fit it in.

  8. That's a pretty awesome line up!! I want to see this pumpkin costume, sounds way too excellent to be true. Your goals are impressive!

  9. Heyyyyyy are you here yet!? You better not accidentally come to SF and 'forgot' to tell me!

    Pumpkin idea would be amazing. And 1:35 is totally fast! :)

  10. I almost signed up for LA RnR. But my cheapness (and the fact that it's a 90+ minute drive) won out.

    Where's the San Diego duathlon? If it's close I can come stalk you. Unless I am stuck teaching yoga at the Y since I think that's a Saturday.

  11. @chacha

    Hey! Not sure where it is but it's a Sunday November 13th! It would be so awesome if you came (but completely no obligation!)

    Yeah not sure what to expect in the LA RNR...

  12. SOOO jealous that you are doing the bloggy ragnar! A group of my running friends were hoping to sign up for the Miami ragnar but unfortunately our plans fell apart :(

    To ease my sadness, I signed up for an upcoming half marathon in St. Louis today! Similar....but also different ;)

  13. @Margs @ Faster Bunny

    Oh, crappity. 11/13/ I have my days all screwed up - for whatever reason I thought 11/14 was Sunday. I think that is the same day as Mission Inn 1/2 which I'm running along with Heather (giraffy) - and we're trying to pressure Sarah into it. HA!