Friday, September 30, 2011

That girl's a pacin' fool!

This morning I went on a bike ride.  I live pretty close to some awesome bike trails so all I have to do is tick off rush hour commuters by riding on the road (we have a bike lane so it's not SO bad) for about a mile, and then I'm on the glorious trail!

And there were a billion people out riding this morning.  Most were riding with friends which made me totally jealous because I need more bike friends!  I was going embarrassingly slow and kept getting passed by dudes in the craziest outfits.  Biker gear is pretty loud. Which brings me to my next point -  I know why so many men like to bike:
It's their one chance to wear polka dots, crazy lightning bolts and arm socks and still look...manly... =)

And I'm no dude, but I'm embracing the crazy gear too!

  And yes...that is what the floor of my bedroom looks like.  Littered with running shoes and workout gear.  I'm a keeper, folks. 

Speaking of new gear I am PUMPED for something to come in the mail...Jenny, over at TheLittleJBird read that I wanted to dress like a pumpkin for a halloween race (probably my half marathon?)...SO SHE IS MAILING ME A PUMPKIN SHIRT SHE RACED IN!  

It's the sisterhood of the traveling pumpkin!!!  To say I am excited to see this bad boy is an understatement.  

Along with costumes and racing, I have another goal....

I have always wanted to be a pacer for a race.  I am actually danged good at keeping a pace when I'm not actually racing and the idea of leading a bunch of people to a PR sounds amazing.  I even emailed the LA marathon about this last year, and they told me they had way cooler pacers than me already. do I get to be a pacer in a race?  

I tweeted this this morning to see if anyone had any ideas on how I get into this club...
Of course, because it's me, my inspirational intentions quickly spiraled into ridiculous aspirations...

and then....

more support...

of course...I wondered if this would be a bit of a jackass move.  And XLMIC assured me it is.  And to do it.  

So here we are....I really want to do this.  Big sign that says "25:00 5k", the whole sha-bang... Hey man, maybe I'd really help someone PR....

So...what do you think?  Funny or d-baggy?  I'll take pics ;-).  

Anyways, here is my weekly recap.  I struggled a lot early in the week due to a lot of pain in my side from my bike crash because another dude's bike (with him on it) landed literally on my side.  Luckily I did not die, and am feeling much better.    Tomorrow I'm going 10+4 at half marathon pace.  Yikes. 

Saturday - 9 + 3 at half marathon pace
Sunday - 30 mile bike ride.  Another crash! 
Monday - 6 miles easy. 
Tuesday  - Warmup / Cooldown + 2 sets of 400/800/2400 @ 3000 pace, 5k pace, half marathon pace...800 meter rest between sets.  I actually did 2.5 sets because I was hurting too much to finish on the track...had to treadmill it and start again.  Tear. 
Wednesday - 4 miles easy. 
Thurday - 7x1600 @ 6:56-ish.  Soooo long!
Friday - 15 mile bike ride. 

Total:  45 biking miles, 40 running miles.    

I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND!!!!!  Have a great one :). 


  1. Beyotch... come pace me next weekend in LB. I could use the help after my exploded tempo run today :P why pace for strangers when you can pace for friends? LOL

  2. @XLMIC

    I WISH I COULD!!! I'm going to be in seattle .... I will practice pacing strangers and then pace you ;).

  3. dude, that would be so awesome! haha, I could so see people going up to the race directors after it was over and being like, "Oh man, that one chick who was the pacer for the 25:00 group... She was great! Where'd you find her?"
    And the directors would be like, "umm... who?"

    But then, of course, they'd have to hire you permanently (And for real, lol)

  4. Ok, I'm slightly in a panic because USPS says they delivered the pumpkin on Thursday! Tell me you haven't checked your mail. Or tell me you did get it! Otherwise, Imma go all stabby on the USPS!

  5. As long as you to the bit with the scribbled "Pacer" on a blank t-shirt. You could even make one of those signs that you hold up with the time.

  6. Oh, I want you to pace me to a sub-23 5K or a sub-50 10K. Could you come to Colorado? Heck, it's almost worth a plane ticket to come to you for this!

    Love the pumpkin!

  7. I want you to pace me to a sub 25!!! I'm up in L.A. but if you can get me from 25:21 to 24:59 I will travel. For reals, yo.

  8. LOVE the biking outfit!!! You crack me up.

  9. I like your biking outfit... but major LOVE your bedroom floor. Thanks for keeping it real!!

  10. DO IT!!! i don't think it's an a-hole move, and i'm sure as soon as people who want to run that time find out u're legit they will stick to u and be thankful. having a pacer is always nice! try to stay on the bike from now on, that's why i don't bike, i know i'd wind up horizontal the majority of the time. and great job on rocking that training! :)