Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running while sick? 6x1600 fa sho.

First of all, here is our Nuun team video from Hood To Coast!  
It's a great video!
I'm not in it, but it's probably because I got into a dirty dirty brawl with the videographer when he was in our van.   What can I say, he said ice cream sucks, and I'll defend the honor of McDonald's Cones and Haagen Daaz to the death!

In other news...let's talk more!

I've been kind of sick all week with a minor cold.  But on my half-ass marathon training plan (that I started around weeks 5-7ish), I was supposed to do some repeat miles.  Not the normal repeats I do where I kill myself with three really fast ones with minimal rest and then workout called for 6x1600 at 10k pace with an 800 meter jog in-between.

I don't really know what my 10k pace is anymore (calculating from my 5k makes it too fast and calculating from a mediocre PR is too slow), but I'm gonna say somewhere around 7 min miles as an estimate.

I gave some thought into postponing the workout because of the sickness...I didn't want to make myself more sick or just have a terrible workout.   Of course, I decided to throw caution to the wind  and give it a try anyways.  I can usually perform ok while I'm sick.
After a 1.5 mile warmup to the track, I got my booty in gear and started running:


Mile 2:  6:59.  Meh...not too bad.  Do I really have 4 more of these?

Mile 3:  6:59.  Holy crap this is boring.  Maybe I'll estimate mile 4 on the way back and just finish up on my gym treadmill.
I ate a Gu because I hadn't eaten much before running.

Huge big dude who walks on the track every morning and random sprinter dude join me on the track.  The huge big dude says good morning to random sprinter dude and this makes me jealous.  I've always tried to strike up a conversion with the huge big dude but he never wants to talk to me.   What the heck, yo.  

Mile 4:  6:52.  I was getting tired.  I also got really confused by my splits and thought I was running way slow.  Turns out, I can't add and ran way under.

I just thought this was funny.
No relevance to blog post really...

Mile 6:  6:55 Woo hoo!  Finally done.  That was tiring, but not too awful beyond being boring.  I'm pretty sure I deserve a medal for running 34 laps!

Of course...later on today, I started feeling more sick....oh regrets!

Here's my weekly recap!  

Thursday - 18 mile bike
Friday - 9 miles
Saturday - 3 miles
Sunday - 9 miles
Monday - 7 miles (4x1200 at 6:27 pace, 1.5% incline)
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - 20 mile bike
Thursday - 12 miles (6x1600, 800 m jog in between, 6:57, 6:59, 6:59, 6:52, 6:59, 6:55)
45 Running Miles, 38 Biking Miles - really happy with my increasing mileage!

Surely after this 45 mile week, breaking Paula Radcliffe's changed marathon world record can't be far off.   After it's ONLY a 2:17.

Do you run or workout when you're sick?  
Does it make you worse / better?  
Have you ever raced while you were sick? 


  1. Why does it seem like most running blogs are written by women? Is the stereotype true that men don't like/want/feel the need to share their thoughts? I know there are some running-man bloggers out there but there don't seem to be hardly as many!?!?!

  2. Yeah I raced 10 for Texas once while I was sick and super congested- couldn't breath and had to DNF. Which is weird cause I hardly ever get sick! Badddd timing :( :( :(
    That was the same weekend that you BQ'd in Chicago!!!

  3. I've always heard if the symptoms are above your collarbones, you should run anyway, if it's below (lungs, stomach, fever), don't. So I usually follow that. I attempted a 5k PR once while sick -- I'd trained for so long and was so excited I had to go for it anyway. With the congestion and coughing, it was a train wreck. My pacer found out right before we started when I hacked up half a lung and we only stayed on pace for about a mle, then it was a long slow road to the finish, which was promptly followed by vomit. It was awful.

    So yes, I train while sick depending on what kind of sick. And if it's a race I care about, I race no matter what kind of sick.

  4. 6 x 1600 is hardcore. You are definitely running a sh!t-ton of miles.

    Maybe the big dude is afraid of you. Little thing that speeds around the track for 6 freaking miles.

  5. Awesome mile repeats! I cannot believe you did them on a track, I could never do that. The track totally plays mind games with me.

    Get well soon! Freaking awesome week of training btw! I wish we lived closer because we could totally train together.

  6. Nice run! And sick to boot.

    Running while sick...sometimes. While =(

  7. Great job! I just did a workout last night (3 mile run/30 min elliptical) as I'm recovering from a cold and woke up this morning feeling more sick. I also did a sprint tri last weekend while somewhat sick and felt worse after. So yes, I workout while I'm sick and yes, it makes me feel worse. I'm going to take it easy for a few more days. Feel better!

  8. Awesome run!!! I always run when I am sick unless I have a fever or if it is in my chest/lungs. Otherwise, it usually makes me feel better to run.

    You rock. :)

  9. Oh my gosh, I am sick with some sinus crap now and I am forced to reevaluate my training too! I was supposed to do a 10 miler but I am cutting it short, I'm glad to hear that you made it through your run, it gives me confidence I can too!

  10. Well done, chica! Running while sick is tough. I usually wuss out. :)
    After my run today, I noticed a sore throat and later a headache. Seems maybe the cold monster has found me too. Bah.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. YOU ARE SO FUCKING FAST. Feel better. Also, if the reason you/half of the team was left out of the video is because of you fighting about ice cream, I'll totally except that as a legit excuse. However, I think you are wrong. :)

  12. You're awesome! Puts my workout this week to shame. I think you could totally go and talk to that big dude. Girl + Big dude/Little dude/Any dude = convo for sure.

  13. I ran a half marathon with a terrible cold/cough last spring (March). I ended up bonking and having to stay home from work two days later...but I still set a PR, so it was worth it (right?). If it had just been a hard workout I would scaled it back, but I had trained for that race all freakin' winter and I wasn't going to miss it.

    I love that about the big dude who won't talk to you. No one I see regularly at the track will talk to me, either!