Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oooh Mexico. (It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low.)

Greetings, amigos!  I am back from the land of the palm trees, green-blue water, and humidity.   

This was our view from the deck at Tulum.  Beaut-i-ful.

Tulum's claim to fame is having Mayan ruins on the ocean.  The history geek in me loves this.  

The iguanas love it as well (they were everywhere!).

The first night Anthony and I were in Mexico, we cabbed into Tulum and got some Mexican food.  The food was delicious, but downtown was pretty sketchy with lots of police patrolling with lights on and automatic weapons.  Do not fear, we were able to consume tortillas safely.   Delicious delicious tortillas.  Totally worth it.

This smoothie on the right is possibly the most delicious combination of mango, cranberry, and yogurt possible.  En Serio.

After Tulum, we were excited to get into an air conditioned hotel (So Cal has left me with no heat tolerance) and rode the 2 hours back to Cancun.

We went Jet Skiing and Snorkeling.  This was the coolest part of the vacation, but I have no pictures.  Yeah, I am an awesome blogger, I know.   I've never been snorkeling before though and seeing all the gorgeous fish swimming in the ocean was amazing!  I kept trying to dive to the bottom to catch them, but sadly the fish were faster than me and did not want to play :).

And then...the wedding....
Hard to see in this picture, but her dress was perrrrfect!

As was the view from the reception:

And another modelesque couple....

Due to a surprise wind gust, I ended up catching the garter during the reception.   Yeah..not the bouquet, the garter. 
Apparently, I am a single man ready for marriage!  

I did manage to run a bit while in Mexico.  My most notable run was when I ran down the Cancun strip about an hour before the wedding.  I was cutting it close already, got lost, and ended up sprinting the last two miles down the strip.  It was sweat-tastic for sure.  Humidity, you schooled me.  

And here I am, back in So Cal, mosquito bitten, (semi-)tanned, and relaxed.   Vacation, you were wonderful, but I'd like to spend more time with you.  Don't be a stranger, ya hear? 

Way down need a reason to move...


  1. wow Tulum must have changed a lot since I was there 2 yrs ago because I never saw any cops patrolling and I didn't think the town was sketch at all. Yay wedding! Alex looks beautiful! I'm glad you had a fun vacation!!!

  2. PS yay jets! but booo my life- our espn channel went out (geez just in time for football season) and probably it will get fixed in 10 months in true african style :( :( :(

  3. Ok photo #1 of the deck at Tulum = favorite.
    Close 2nd place is the photo of the view from the reception.....
    What a rejuvenating trip!

  4. Amazing photos! Alright, it's official--I am going to Tulum. Top of my list!

  5. I'm so glad you're back (even if you're not!)!

    It looks beautiful. Bonus points for humid running....

  6. Wow, the garter! I am beyond impressed! Much better than any of my bouquet catches. The bride and groom look lovely! Looks like a great wedding/trip!

  7. I also second yay jets, only bc i have a few ppl on my fantasy team. They are prob going to be seeing a lot of bench time, though, unless they step it up and I see some leadership out there. Holmes has the most potential, why isnt your bf throwing to him???

  8. SO PRETTY! I love that you caught the garter and your "single man" comment. Too funny!!

  9. Awww what a fun trip. It sounds like a blast.

  10. Sounds like a great trip. That must have been bad aim on the garter? Haha!

  11. SO SO FUN!!! Girl, that smoothie is calling my name:) Gorgeous pictures!

  12. Pretty cool that you caught the garter. You can lend it to me to hold up my thigh-high maternity... I mean, compression stockings. What a beautiful place to get married! What a beautiful place to go and watch someone get married! Dang... it's just a beautiful place for whatever! Glad you didn't get hopelessly lost and glad the sketchy biz didn't deter you from eating delicioso tortillas.

  13. @Anisa
    better to catch the garter than to swat away the bouquet :p :p :p

  14. @Anisa
    I don't know what's going on with Marky Mark :(. I'm probably never going to get to watch a game here- but when we are in NYC and Houston maybe we can catch some games?? I have to read all the recaps or contact him subliminally to figure out why he didnt throw more to Holmes :D

  15. Welcome home!!! The pics are beautiful. What a great vacay :)

    I can't stop laughing that you caught the garter. Did someone get a pic of that?!?! LOVE!