Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall TV Lineup and the California Insomniac.


My name is Margot and I'm an insomniac.  Actually, I have no idea what the medical definition of insomnia is, but let's just say that for me, every night is more like 8 separate cat naps.
And I ain't no cat. 

At first it was kinda was like every night felt longer!   I got the fun of waking up and falling asleep several times.  But, friends...the time has come to try to figure out how the freak to sleep better.

Here's why:  I went to San Francisco this weekend.  Anthony and I went to go check out the Exploratorium, because...we're dorks who like that kind of stuff.

A brief moment of being awake. 
About a half hour into it I started feeling weird and told him I needed to sit down.  Before I knew it, I was sleeping on his shoulder while he played Angry Birds and hundreds of families were hanging out right next to us.   Later that day, I fell asleep in a Chinese Restaurant, waking up to the waiter saying "oooh she's very sleepy?". 

Uh yeah...I got a problem folks.  Any ideas on what's wrong?  Essentially I can't sleep longer than a couple hours at a time.  Yeah, I drink a lot of caffeine, but I always have so I don't think that's causing the problem.   I also don't feel like becoming dependent on Tylenol PM, does help.  So a sista out, por favor.

Any suggestions how I can start sleeping more and avoid going insane?  

Luckily, the less I sleep, the more time I have for things like...


I've seen a ton of ads for the Playboy Club, The New Girl, and Pan AM.  I ain't too sure about any of these cats....

The New Girl, is the new comedy starring Zoey Deschanel, who I love, but more in a way that I want to be friends with her because she seems fun.  Other than being in of Almost Famous (best movie ever), I'm not sure what she's done besides be the object of every dude's desire (including Anthony's).
I saw the pilot of The New was cute, but just cute...we'll see....

The Playboy Club just looks gross (and I found The Girls Next Door pretty entertaining!).  

...and Pan AM....sigh....I have such high hopes for this show!  I secretly want to be a 60s stewardess.  But mostly just for the cute outfits.  I don't actually want to wait on anyone.
Anyways...if it's half as good as Mad Men that would be awesome, but the reviews haven't been so great.   Hopefully they are wrong and it's awesome!

What are you looking forward to watching this Fall?  Are you excited about any of the new shows?  


  1. I am such a dork and looking forward to fall TV too. I need something to replace Lost :)

  2. I can't sleep either! I am going insane! Maybe it is sympathy insomnia ;). I am getting acupuncture this week. I am hoping that will do that trick. It has worked in the past :).

  3. I love sons of anarchy! I am weird, I understand...most girls don't get excited for a motorcycle gang soap opera, but I just get so into it!!

  4. I'm not excited about any new shows really, but I am excited for regularly scheduled TV to come on again! If I have to watch Wipeout (which my kids find hilarious) one more time I'm gonna go insane.

  5. So sorry about the sleep issue that is the absolute worst. Have you tried benedryl?

    I am excited for Biggest Looser!!

  6. Well, you could *try* to drink a little less caffeine for a week or two, just to see if it'll knock you out of the wake-up pattern. Seems like our sleep habits are really habit-based and if you get into a pattern like that, it's just going to keep happening because your body thinks it's time to wake up.

    Are you eating late? I used to find that if I ate a crap-load of protein (like meat) I would have that same kind of jarred sleeping, waking up every few hours.

  7. Man there are so many new shows that look good, but I only had room on the schedule for a few new ones lol. I have taken on Ringer on CW with Sarah Michelle Gellar, the pilot was really good and I plan to watch Revenge on premieres tomorrow night. Other shows I watch are Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, 90210, Vampire Diaries, Biggest Loser, The many good shows!

  8. I love Zooey Deschanel. Did you see 500 Days of Summer or Elf? She also did a mini series called The Tin Man which was a "modern day" Wizard of Oz. I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix.
    Maybe (as Rachelle said) try Benadryl. It usually helps you sleep without dependency problems. Just the plain stuff, not like the sinus kind. Store brand is usually pretty cheap.
    Do you eat enough? Maybe your glucose gets low and you zonk out. Try eating more candy. ;)

  9. I used to be able to sleep for hours on end, uninterrupted, but that all came to a screeching halt as I got into my late 20s/early 30s (yes, even before my little twin All-Infants-Are-Insomniacs came along, though they certainly made it worse). Now I find if I confine my caffeine to the a.m. (as in, literally none of it after noon) I do OK. Also, alcohol is a big problem for me, even just one glass of wine. If I have any at all, I will wake up feeling WIDE AWAKE at 2 a.m.

    Not sure if any of this will help, but it's some stuff you will try. I hope it stops! Being that sleepy all the time stinks, I know!

  10. Try melatonin. It's natural and non habit forming :)

  11. Hmmm. I get really tired too (and can plop down for cat naps at basically any time of the day). I am pretty sure it's iron related... but you eat meat, right?

  12. Are you narcoleptic?! Bad joke, but kinda funny at the same time. You should pull an all nighter once this weekend, force yourself to stay up the next day, and I'll be that night you'll be sleeping like a baby! And I don't have cable so no sweet fall line up for me :( I'm kind of a sucker for Glee and Greys Anatomy, and The Office should be interesting with Ashton now... But Pan Am sounds cute from what I've heard of it!

  13. Do u snore or stop breathing? Sleep apnea is extremely common and under diagnosed...u should ask your cool doctor friends about it

  14. Also an insomniac. Also love the exploratorium (LOVE it). But coffee -- hell no!! I can't sleep if I drink one sip. My brain is a jerk at sleeping.