Sunday, October 2, 2011

Foiled again by Target. Soooo much cooler online!

Have ya heard?  Our Ragnar team has a name!!!


and at least in my is SO TRUE :).

I found out our winning name when I went down to Carlsbad to meet up with my teammates!  I got to meet PrettyFittie and HauteRunningMama, and got to see SR, OUAL, ChaCha, and Heather. I'm pumped about this dang thing.

I considered not coming to the meetup bc I was exhausted from a ridiculously busy Saturday morning.  I ran 14 miles (4 at race pace...which by the way, was MUCH harder than I hoped it would bueno...), and spent 3 hours on a boat for a Newport Harbor birthday party (where we saw these seals...OMG is this the life or what?) and had a bit of a hike of a drive down to Carlsbad.

I was literally slapping myself in my car as I was driving as I feared I was going to fall asleep at the wheel (remember that part about me randomly falling asleep at places.  it's no bueno...).

Anyways, a couple Aleve and blogger friend company later, I felt all better.  I don't know if it's finally knowing people who will talk about races / running with as much passion as I want to, or just having cool girlfriends to hang with, but I LOVE hanging out with bloggers!  I can't believe I'm meeting friends on the internet, but hey man, it's the 21st century and it's awesome.

After all the pizza and fun girl running talk, I headed back to the OC and went to sleep ridiculously early.

Should I be worried that these "fast finish" workouts are feeling decently hard?  If 10 moderate + 4 @ 7:15 is a challenge, how do I expect to do 13.1 at 7:15....any words of encouragement (or straight talk like "yes you have a problem"?).  

Today was a much less busy day.  It consisted of cleaning, going on a run /bike on dead legs, and buying these cuties for $20 at Target.  Yeah...totally need them....right?  =).

I am unable to walk into Target without buying twice what I intended to.   It's cheap enough for me to impulse buy, and expensive enough for me to get to the checkout and realize they got me again!!!

Any stores like that for you?

Hope ya had a good weekend, and if you're one of the billions of bloggers that PR'd or raced this weekend (ahem, Lisa, Susan, Kerrie) congrats!


  1. holy shit, that end the run fast business is ridiculous. I thought I was going to DIE.

    I totally tried on those shoes today at Target. The cure to overloading your cart: bring fighting children. You'll want to vacate the store ASAP. Problem solved.

  2. What a fun name for a team full of bloggers!! I can't believe how much you packed into one day.. it's no wonder you were feeling like your run was so hard!

  3. I don't go into Target that often anymore (I have succumbed to evil Walmart since they are closer to my house), but when I do, it's a battle. Last week I was there for generic claritin and walked out with a $24 clearance Converse dress (it's super-cute though, I don't regret it).

  4. @chacha
    That's right! No regrets on my impulse buys either :)

  5. Oh I totally suffer from addiction to target. Dam it that store gets me everytime.

    I am pretty pumped for your ultra ragnar team. You girls are going to rock it!!

  6. I tried on those shoes this weekend! I didn't buy them because I needed a bigger size, but I love them. I still managed to impulse buy many other items. Pesky Target!

  7. Target... yeah... Target is a problem :P

  8. Target takes a lot of my money. I guess I willingly give it to them, but still.
    Dang girl, you're fast!!!