Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Starbucks Latte For Voldemort

For many years, I've had a beef with my lover, Starbucks.  As good as Starbucks is at making the Latte, their selection of anything 'refreshing' is sad.  Especially with summer here and LA temperatures are a good 10 degrees hotter than they were in January (the horror!), I really need something to keep me going that isn't the normal coffee on steroids with milk stuff .

I know.  Tough life.  

Yesterday I walked in and a miracle happened:

I saw the Starbucks Refresher.  A green coffee based drink in Lime or Hibiscus.  Who knew green coffee could even be eaten?  Not this girl.

After bantering with the barista, she gave me samples of both to try.  I love both but ordered the Lime flavored one.
They are both pretty low cal (I think my 16 oz. Grande was like 60 or 70 calories) and tasted exactly like a Mojito.  Good stuff.

They've got a little caffeine but not enough to give me da twitchy eye.   I think the caff content is a little closer to Diet Coke or Iced Tea.
Of course, like any Starbucks drink, they are a bit of a ripoff ($2.50-$3.50), but I'm worth it...right?  ;).

Here's the pic of my heaven.  Like always, my name is spelled wrong, but I guess that's my fault for having a silent "T".  Someone's pretentious!    (moi).

That brings me to the next awesome thing I wanted to share.

Ever had someone misspell your name ridiculously? far from it's normal spelling, it's laughable?  

So did these Starbucks Baristas.

The website concept is simple:  Post your name along with your misspelled Starbucks cups.
The results?  Amazing. 

Here are a few of my favorites.  

Orderer's Name:  Winnie 

Nate wasn't expecting this compliment:
Latte for Molly:

And in the spirit of the last Harry Potter movie coming out...

Orderer's Name:  Voldemort


He-who-shall-not-be-named indeed....  =)

Have ya tried these Refresher drinks?  
Do people always get your name wrong?  Do tell....


  1. People have always and forever gotten my name wrong... first and last... before and after marriage. I am name-doomed... but I actually like having a 'different' name. I like it so much that I did it to my daughters ;-)

    I haven't been to Starbucks in forever... but now I really want to try one of those!

  2. Christina has never caused me problems it's pretty simple, until I moved to Nigeria. EVERYONE here calls me ChristiAna wtf?? Seriously at the airport e.g. the immigration guy will be like hello ChristiAna- and he's literally looking at my passport which clearly says Christina. It's so perplexing that I have never commented but maybe next time I will!?!?!?!?

    The drink sounds yummy, but I rarely go to Starbucks unless it's winter and I'm at the airport I get a hot chocolate.

  3. that actually looks really good. My dilemma when I go to SB is the same thing. in the winter, I want all kinds of stuff, but summertime... bleh... Since SC is about a decade behind everyone else, I wonder if our SB offers these. I'll have to check!

    And since my name is Wendi Matt - people get my first and last name messed up ALL THE TIME. First name is usually Lindy, Cindy, Mindy, and last name they can't even comprehend. I'm always like, i married into it... not the original :)

  4. Believe it or not, my name (Faith) gets said wrong ALL THE TIME. People think I say Fay, someone the other day read my name at Au Bon Pain and said how do you pronounce your name after already trying Fah-eeth, if I'm on the phone people think I'm Stacey or Chase. Who would have thought hahah

  5. Yum, green coffee?!?!?! Looks and sounds delicious and refreshing!

    I don't get my first name messed up...Christina isn't too original. But those examples you gave are SO funny!


  6. My name is always misspelled. It doesn't help that I don't spell it the normal way. I'm used to "Jenny" (instead of Jeni) but one time I got Deni. Really?

  7. For a while, I kept receiving junk mail in the name of "Latjerome". My name is Katherine.

    The person typing would have had their right hand one spot too far to the right on their keyboard when typing my, but I'm surprised they didn't noticed. My last name was incorrect too.

  8. Funny that I have a number of spelling mistakes in my comment, I'll admit I didn't proof read it.

  9. Ooh that drink looks good. I have been getting iced coffee with non fat milk I. It lately from sbux. I'll have to see f they have the green coffee here.

    As for wrong spellings yes. My name is "charlyn" which for me sounds exactly as it is spelled, but I've gotten some creative spellings on my cups. I usually take photos of them :)

  10. It must be fun to work at Starbucks and screw up people's names on purpose :)

  11. when i was little i'd get catlin a lot, but now my name seems to be more common and people say it right. now, my last name for some reason is where people can't get it right: chock said just as it looks, sounds like chalk. i've gotten chunk, jock, jaque...and then in hs i'd get plenty of crap when people would drop the 'h'...oh, so original. :P

  12. Starbucks drink that tastes like a mojito? I'll take 7 please! There's a local shop called 'Kean' off 17th street, have you been there yet? We should go, THE BEST coffee shop around! So fun to meet you yesterday :)

  13. hahaha. someone seriously thought Pollen was a name? come on.

  14. LOL I actually laughed out loud at those photos!!!

    Weenie. Priceless.

  15. I have been eyeballing that lime beauty for awhile, so I'm REALLY psyched to hear that it's good :D.

    I used to use a "Starbucks" name when I went, and it was Fiona. Now, 2 years later, the freaking barista that I first used that on STILL works there, and STILL calls me Fiona, and STILL spells it "Feona".

  16. Maybe some of the baristas do it on purpose for laughs ;)

  17. People get my name incorrect on a daily basis, and I normally dont mind, as long as it starts with an A. Until this weekend. We were at a wedding, and one dude kept calling me Aisha. I was like, really? Perfectly fine name, just not mine. I also get lots of comments on my last name. Most common: How did you get your last name? Well, you see, I got it the same way many ppl got theirs, I was born with it. Passed down from my parents. I do find it funny how random ppl are interested in other ppl's names bc I am not that interested. Except baby names, those are always cute :)

  18. That looks so Yummy! So funny about the spelling. Everyone spells my name horridly wrong. Rashel, Rachel, but whats worse than the spelling is the way people pronounce it. I have gotten so used to being called Rachel I instantly respond to it without hesitation.

  19. This cracked me up!! My name (Kerry) is spelled like 4000 different way, so it's always spelled wrong. I accept and move on.

  20. Pollen = Molly, OH OK crazy barrista!

    Green coffee, very interesting, I don't think we have that here in Virginia. It looks refreshing and delicious though!