Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bachelorette Contest Leaderboard. Want Nuun?

I had a pretty good workout this morning and finished one I failed at last week (2x2 miles at 6:40, 1% incline, 5 minutes rest in between, woo hoo!).  Phil Collins on my ipod got me through it.  I love power ballads. 
"You're the only one who really knew me at allll...."

We've got two weeks left in one of the most heart wrenching and emotional experiences I've ever been through:  The Bachelorette.  
haircut, boys?

I've come to the following conclusions:  
1)  Ben F. must be taking sedatives.  

2)  JP and Ash wanna make out all day lonnggg.  

3)  Ben F and Constantine's next dates should be to go get haircuts! (Are they twins?)

the most dressed down pic I could find of Em

4)  I really want Ames to find a girl.  I liked his line about making everyday things romantic.  

5)  I wanna see Emily (Maynard from last show) run a marathon so we can see her sweaty and yelling for shot blocks at mile 20.   

I did a breakdown of the contest leader board and I gotta say, you guys were MUCH better at choosing the top guys than I was!  
4 people are tied for first and and 10 are in second!  

Got All Top Three

Have 1-2 of Top 3 (Possible Max 14 points!)
I loved how several of you mentioned your love for JP, but KP made me laugh the most with her comment:
"I hope she doesn't pick JP because then he can move back to New York and be available to date me!"

I am somewhat appalled that my boyfriend, who would rather shoot himself than watch the Bachelorette got 2 out of the top 3. He chose one dude who was already off the show and the others because he likes movies and hippies.  His comment: 
"I'm afraid you're all wrong ladies! This is how its going to shake out:
1. Constantine (I love that movie they made about him)
2. Ben F. (Hippies FTW)
3. Bentley (babes love the brawny man)"

Who do you think is going to win now?  
Do you think Constantine and Ben are long lost brothers?  
Do ya ever workout to power ballads (or any completely  non running appropriate music)?  :)

Also, I have a ton Nuun tabs here at my house in almost every flavor imaginable.  If you want some flavors, email me and I'll tell ya what I've got and can send it to you  (but it would be nice if you'd pay shipping if I mail it...)   


  1. OMGosh KP's comment made me laugh out loud. Hey, Bachelor auditions are in San Diego this weekend...ladies?!?!? HA!!

    Ok, I still think JP is going to be her man. I questioned it a little last night because it almost seemed to obvious. However, he was my initial pick so I'm sticking with it.

    I think it will come down to Ben and JP as the final 2. Although I super liked Constantine's fam, I can't see Ash living the restaurant life in Georgia. She just couldn't make it in the south!

    P/S I saw that Ames will be on the Bachelor Pad! Can't wait to see who tries to sink their nails into the wealthy, intelligent guy!

  2. oh man oh man. bachelorette is making me nervous. there seems to be so much drama still left to happen but i am still liking JP. kinda sad to seem Ames go...he was too sweet. Constantine's family is amazing and glad Ben F opened up more! can't wait to see what happens!!

  3. I have the very same thoughts on the Bachelorette. Yes, I would love to see Emilly with a hair out of place! I do really like her though!

  4. haha...i agree with ya on all accounts. and i thought that constantine looked like a less attractive ben from the start. :P

    power ballads, not gonna lie, a runner bud and i got to talking and we brought up that 'rock power ballads cd' that was on some dumb infomercial, we both admitted to being slightly compelled to actually order. lol.

    PS- check out da blog cuz part 2 of yogurtopia is up :P

  5. I think if anyone deserves free Nuun it's me!

  6. Very interesting subject , appreciate it for putting up.

  7. nice run! I haven't been watching...but I hear people are getting fired up about it this season!

  8. I love Ben... he's adorable, funny, sweet, kind! The hair fits his personality. I love the whole package. He and Ashley are very sweet together. JP and Ashley seem to have a lot more sexual chemistry. I think Ashley and Ben are a great match, but I have a feeling she'll choose JP because of that overwhelming chemistry they have. And in the end, like most of the couples, they will split... because it was all lust and not love.

  9. I'm totally confused now about who she's going to pick. Can't believe I got some of the top 3 right! I'm kinda liking all 3 of the guys left for different reasons. If I was her, I'd probably pick JP, but that's just because he's more my type. Who knows what her type is...if it's Bentley, she's screwed!

  10. I knew that JP and Ben F would be in the top, but I couldn't visualize any of the others. I feel like she can't have both Ben F *and* Constantine (seriously, they look too similar), so it'll be JP and one of those two in the finale.