Monday, July 4, 2011

5k! Surf City, baby!

Remember when Skinny Runner ran two marathons in a weekend? 

Remember when Emily Sweat Once A Day did an Olympic Triathlon the day after her 100 mile bike ride and her 10 mile run?  

Remember when EMZ did her 24 hour treadmill run? weekend was equally impressive.  Raced two 5ks.  ;).   THAT'S 6.2 MILES for you English System users out there!!!!

5k #2 was a freaking ton of fun.   Well organized, had a 4th of July parade right afterwards so super festive atmosphere.  Parking was a B, but hey, it's Southern California.

The race was a pretty much a non-story.  I warmed up and did some striders.  I knew Pam was doing the race but didn't see her.  The race started and as always, I shot out a little too fast at 6:30 for mile 1.  Not unreasonable but too fast for what I could do today.

I noticed a woman in front of me with a cute stride (Pam really runs cute.  Sorry Pam, it's true.) and with a giant red white and blue poof on her head.  IT'S PAM!!!

I passed her, and then that speedy B passed me right back around mile 2.5.  I should know better than to underestimate her speed!

Anyways, she finished at 20:56 and I finished at 21:10.  Both 3rd in our age groups, 17th and 19th women respectively!
Here's a pic.  Cute or Crazy?  We report, you decide.  
Lady Liberty and Ms. America Poms 

I did PR this 8 seconds.  Even this super lame PR makes me a bit happy.  It drives me nutso that I haven't broken 21 yet.   Honestly breaking 20 is a dream but I don't know if it'll ever happen. was a fun race.   And I think with a little more work and a little more rested legs, I can hope to continue improving.

On another note, I'm pleasantly surprised with Orange County's rockin' 4th celebrations.  I feel that So Cal has so much going on that people tend to be pretty apathetic towards stuff like holidays.   But that is definitely not the case for the 4th.  As I drove home from Long Beach after watching fireworks, I went over a bridge where I could see about 6 separate fireworks celebrations from above.  Really really freaking magical.  The millions of decked out bikes, parades, and firework stands  makes me want to belt out "God Bless The USA" by Lee Greenwood.   

Should I?
       Should I?  

Ok if you insist....

Cuz there ain't no doubt I love this landddd.....

            God bless the USAAAAAAAA


  1. Congrats girl! That is a great time and I love yours and Pam's headgear. :)

  2. haha! love it! and your all's outfits = AWESOME. Plus 2 5ks in a weekend (with 1 PR)... you have totally conquered and our ranked with the best of them!

    congrats on an awesome time, placing and basically just being an amazing rock star!

  3. AHHHH 2 5K's!!! GIRL YOU ARE MY HERO:) YOU ARE SPEEDY and congrats on the PR!! You will break 20....I KNOW IT!!

  4. That is a SUPER speedy 5k!! Holy hell!! Way to go!! I love the outfits too!! And remember 8 seconds in a 5k is a HUGE improvement... seriously!!!

  5. I love your outfits! So much better than naughty catholic school girl in knee socks and argyle skirt. :^) I love your speed, too. And if I had had any doubt that you went to college in Texas, I wouldn't after hearing that Lee Greenwood classic.

  6. congrats on your double and your PR!

  7. Wow way to go on your 5ks! Great time!

  8. congrats on ur PR!!! ummm, and u did it lookin far better than our very own lady liberty. ;) be happy with ur PR and know that u ran it with a race already in ur legs and u weren't even fresh. u will def be able to break 20 one day...keep it up! :)

  9. 2 races in one weekend? Congrats!

  10. Love "god bless the USA!!" I get a lump in my throat everytime I hear that song! :)

    Congrats again 2 you on your PR!! 2 5k's in one weekend..."YOU GO GIRL!!" :)

  11. A PR is a PR, no matter how much faster it is.

    Great job at the races!

  12. @Cory Reese

    your comment totally reminds me of the Dr Suess quote "as person's a person no matter how small". :). hahaha.

  13. 2 races in one weekend is awesome and the headgear is great! congrats on the pr!

  14. You

    Way to go!
    And thamks for the song. best song ever!

    you rock woman!

  15. Way to rock the torch and crown! That is a great 5K time! Congrats on a great DOUBLE :)

  16. Ok I'm working backwards in time here...I've been working the past few nights and I'm trying to catch up.

    YAY PR!!!!!!!!

    Fabulous time, I can't wait to race a 5k, I need to find one that is in the arctic because I like racing when it's on the chilly side. That being said, even more impressive being that you PR'd in July...and after doing another 5k earlier in the weekend.

    It's so funny, but when I read your intro thing about Skinny Runner/EMZ, etc. I felt all silly because I knew exactly what you were talking about. For a second, I felt like a dork because I realized that I know about all this alternate universe blog stuff.

    Ok, enough rambling for me for now!