Monday, July 25, 2011

Bar fights. Diet Coke + FB 4Eva

I've never been in a bar fight (surprise!), but how I feel right now is what I'd imagine a bar fight feels like the day after...

My entire left side of my body is tore up, but I can't even say "You think I look bad?  You should see the other guy".  

 Because the other guy is a rock.

And some asphalt.  

Margs, stop being cagey, what happened?

I crashed my bike this morning.  Sad face.  It was totally my fault too, I ran into a giant rock because I wasn't paying attention.  Of course this crash happened shortly after thoughts like "I feel so comfortable on the bike, maybe I will win the tour next year", were going through my head.  

A super nice couple helped me out post crash, put the chain back on, and made sure I was ok to get home.  An unlucky morning saved by the luck of having people who both are nice and know about bikes.  I'm now mostly peeved that my bike is a little banged up and I'm not sure how bad.   I'll be ok, but my poor bike can't heal itself ;).

.....From random bad stuff to random AWESOME stuff.....

When I started this blog, I hoped for this glorious moment.
Yes, the moment when a company thought I had enough pull to send me stuff.  Fa Freez!  
(Cue "We are the champions" music)

Well friends.  It happened.  Diet Coke sent me a refrigerator.  

What?  Why?  

Honestly I don't know.  I love the stuff, but I was a little shocked.  What I DO know, is that I've been beggin' for a fridge in my office for the past few months.  And apparently Diet Coke listens when no one else does:

Glorious cold drinks at all hours of the day!!!!

The funny part about this whole thing is that Diet Coke didn't just send a fridge, they sent a camera crew.  And I answered questions like "When was the last time you had a Diet Coke?".    And got super flustered because I am the worst public speaker ever.  

And then I signed a release form.  I'm kinda hoping they put me in a superbowl commercial.  

So....SUPER flattering and sweet of them.  Plus I think I gained a little street cred in the office.  

But, like everything, free awesome gifts are in the eye of the beholder. My brother was on the phone with my mom and told her that Diet Coke sent me a fridge and interviewed me.

Her reaction?

"I can't believe she is drinking so much soda!  Tell her to stop!"  

Nothin' like family to bring your ever expanding ego back to earth =).  


  1. SAHWEEEET!! are u kidding me, i get way too excited over anything free (cut to me swiping up 10 pens when i pass by one of those give-away booths) so for a fridge i'd be flipping out! not only that, but ya, knowing diet coke is giving u props works for the ego. when can we expect to see ur commercials? ;)

    ouch for the bike thou, i hope u're feeling better and that right there is the reason i don't bike. i can barely stay erect while running.

  2. No effin way! You did NOT get a free diet Coke fridge! With film crew... no way! That is sooooo cool :)

    But your mom's right ;-)

    Hope your bike is okay... and hope that banged up leg heals fast :)

  3. i <3 ur mom! she's funny:D

    that's a sweet fridge. i was expecting something weird and impractical like a fridge in the shape of a coke bottle but this one is nice!!

    I think my sis sent u a FB msg about ur bike crash.

  4. Feel better soon!

    I need a Cherry Coke fridge. Especially since I can't buy it in Canada. Are you reading, nice people at Coke?

  5. Oh no! That's a mean looking rock too.

    Also - whaaaa that fridge! Haha, very cool!

  6. I'm glad you're okay!

    That fridge is crazy and too funny!

  7. I'm a huge diet coke fan and incredibly jealous of that fridge!! Hope you're knee and your bike get better soon :(

    I need to catch up on the Bachelorette and get my JP fix before I see this week's blog results!

  8. I hope there is at least a youtube video of this giveaway! Congrats! Does it get restocked, or are you just going to get really sad when all the DC runs out?

    Hope any bike injuries arent too bad! You better be wearing a helmet!

  9. That is so awesome about the fridge!!! It's so cute!!! I love your mom's reaction. Priceless.

    I hope you feel better soon. Bike crashes are the worst, or so I hear. :(

  10. Whoa. I'm super jealous of your Diet Coke fridge. That is seriously awesome!!

    Sorry to hear you crashed your bike! Hope you're ok. Perhaps you could have an ice cold Diet Coke to sooth away any pain!

  11. Your mom....that was my laugh for the morning. Congrats on more celebrity perks! I bet you'd make a great commercial. Actually, when WAS the last time you had had a diet coke when they asked you?

  12. hahaha your mom's response is awesome!!! dang...that fridge is sweeeet!!! jealous!

  13. That fridge is freakings saweet! I am so jealous.

  14. Fridge, AND film crew!? Chick, you're the most famous person I know!

  15. Yes, you've officially made it. Free stuff? Check. Camera crew? Check. So awesome!
    What a bummer about the bike crash, but seriously how lucky that the couple was there to help, and knew about bikes at all?

  16. Hope your injuries heal soon! How awesome is it that Diet coke sent you a fridge!
    Super cool!

  17. Free refrigerators heal all injuries, I'm sure Diet Coke heard you fell and decided to help out with the process. How did you score that!? Sweeet luck!

  18. hahahahaha my mom would say the exact same thing about the soda. hope you are healing!

  19. LOVE your mom's reaction.

    How did Coke find you? Did they google "bloggers who love diet coke" and you were the number one person :)

  20. The video of the delivery is up!

  21. You're hilarious & I want a diet coke fridge too! lol I have the perfect spot for one in my office, c'mon on Diet Coke!

  22. I HATE crashing my always seems to be I do it when someone hot is watching me