Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get on the floo'!

I have decided that all my posts from now will be solely expressed in rap song lyrics.  I have nothing to say that Pitbull hasn't already said.  Except for this....

I'm not exactly sure how this graphic relates
Yesterday morning, I kicked off my work week with getting blood drawn at Quest Labs in Huntington Beach.  I told my doctor to test everything that could possibly go wrong, and some of those tests mean you can't eat.  I purposely scheduled the appointment at like 7:30AM to avoid being ridiculously hungry.  I also woke up in the middle of the night to chug some orange juice.   Yes, I have the feeding schedule of a newborn.  

When I got to the lab, the ladies sat me down and started taking the samples.  A minute later, the lady says "you don't look so good".    I put my head in my hands and the next thing I knew...I was on the flo', and all sweaty.  And not in the 'we in the club getting down' kind of way.  I had passed out.  

The dude next to me getting his blood drawn must have thought I deserved the "biggest wuss in the world" award.  Either that, or my reaction scared the crap outa him.  

"Uhhh...on second thought...I don't really need these tests".  

Apparently this is not all that uncommon.  But as someone who gives blood on a semi-regular basis, it was kinda weird.  And frightening in the way of "holy crap I'm fragile" kind of way.  Maybe my billions of hours in the sun and excessive racing over the weekend did it.  Anyways, I'm gonna chill on the fast workouts this week.  Kinda because of this incident and kind of because slow runs = fun.  

On another note, I have been getting some constructive blog criticism via email:  

FasterBunnyOldestBrother:  "I think you should ask for some sort of improved photography equipment for your blog. Your writing is great - your iPhone photos of yourself in mirrors - a little sketchy... Maybe a tripod or something?"

Haha.  My bro's right.  My pictures suck.  I do have a better camera but am too lazy to use it.  On the taking pics of myself in mirrors...the thing is....I always feel crazy asking people to take pictures of me.  And have actually gotten a couple somewhat rude comments when I've asked people in public.  (All when I've been up in LA bc people are mean there IMO).

So what do you do to get good pics?  
           Set self timers?  
                           Ask people?  
                                   Get your Sig-O to do it?  
                                            Clone yourself and have one take a pic of you?  
Help a sista out here :). 

I will leave you with one more picture though:  from my Monday 5k race.  Upon review of the Brightroom pictures, I realized the points on my Lady Liberty hat were bent and I looked nothing like the Statue of Liberty.  Rather, I resembled a deranged Medusa.   Couple that with my "race day grimace"....

I don't know who that girl in front of me was, but I'm pretty sure she was running for her life.  


  1. I kind of like my lame pictures. I take them myself with my phone. All of my videos are shot using my phone, too. And I only do ONE take ... lol. Something sort of refreshing about the lameness and lack of professionalism... but I guess that might wear off after awhile :P

    I think she IS running for her life... if there had been another 25 feet, you would have eaten her alive!

  2. "I'm not an asshole...I'm 'bout my cash flow!"

    Okay, I'm kind of an asshole. But my cash flow is...negative! I don't think there are Pitbull lyrics to express that one.

    Being unable to provide decent photographic representations of my life to pretty up my blog posts what what originally drove me to MSPAINT. Just sayin. :)

  3. I get like that when I get my blood taken. I've always been really sensitive to thinks like that and I can pretty much faint on demand. It's really scary!

    Lame pictures are ok! I sometimes take self timer photos but I will often just get the BF to take pics of me. I would feel awkward asking random people to take them...

    Love your running shot by the way :)

  4. Hubs is my "professional" photographer. By that I mean, I bug him to death to snap pictures of everything I do. I guess it's more like my personal paparazzi. But I am all about phone pics on my runs. Atleast the blur indicates I'm actually running!

  5. I use a self timer but I still don't have great pic's.

    You were definitely pushin in that race-- very intense.

  6. OMG that picture is HILARIOUS!

  7. Ahhh this has totally happened to me before, except I like fell forward and hit the floor. Most embarassing experience of my life. I am glad I'm not the only one. :)

    I think your brother is crazy and that your pictures are great. He has no idea what he's talking about!

  8. I am not a fan of that other girl's outfit. You are prob trying to catch up to her to tell her to wear real shorts in public.

  9. I can't believe you passed out during a blood draw, when you usually do just fine with donating blood! It was prob because you'd not eaten anything.

    I once donated blood and I had a panic attack afterward, it was a terrrible experience and unfortunately I haven't gone back. I'm embarrassed to admit that, but hopefully one day I'll get over it.

    I have felt nauseated a couple times when doing arterial blood sticks on patients at work sometimes, but I've never passed out.

    I've become a fan of the self-timer to get my ridiculous running action shots. Gah sometimes I feel so vain taking pictures of myself, but I get over it quickly. Yeah it's hard sometimes to ask people to take the photo and my sig-O def is prob tired of it...oops!

  10. My mom passed out giving blood once and has never done it again. Sorry that happened to you! She said it was a really weird feeling. You probably just had low blood sugar from the fast.

    On the photo issue....I pretty much suck at pictures. I like the ones you take. They're funny. The race day one is particularly funny. I wonder if you passed that girl...

  11. "I was on the flo'" cracks me up. I'm glad you're okay though.

    I took my students to see a play of Bunnicula in May. It was strange.

  12. So, I've passed out from the MMR shot in high school. Then I nearly passed out at the doctors office performing the simple task of peeling of butterfly strips from my healed appendix surgery site. It happens, you're not fragile.

    I love that race pic - shows that you bust your ass in a race. If you looked all smiley running a 21:10 5K, I'd be annoyed.

  13. i'm the same way! i have the worst pix of myself and i'm just refusing to post them, hence doing the art turns out u have to also be a photo pro in bloggy world...jk. but seriously, i LUV seeing all the stellar pix/action shots from everyone else and wish i could get me some of that action! joke my all time fav book series growing up was Bunnicula!! followed closely by Goosebumps.