Thursday, July 14, 2011

From T.O.'d to Thankful. (Bday Post)

I try to avoid blogging all worked up and grinch-like.

There's no need to post how mad I am that I'm not ruling the world at age 29. (..think Pinky and the Brain).  

There's no real need for me to blog about little stuff that bugs me!  Unless it's funny...:)

Buuutttt....this week I've been TO'd to da max.  
Exhaustion from my weekend trip along with uncomfortable growing pains at work left me crying, bummed, and at the 7-11 at 11 PM buying Haagen Daaz Coffee Ice cream last night.   
(ok...the late night IC buying is not all that unusual for me, but ya get the idea).  

And then I turned 29.  

This morning when I went into work, I didn't care about my birthday.  I just wanted to get the day over with and get to the weekend.  

When I got in, there were balloons at my desk from my brother and later, a cake from my coworkers.  Throughout the day, I got happy birthday wishes on my facebook wall from the most rand-o lost touch with people.  (I know that they just get the notification via facebook that one of their 1000 friends has a birthday and they probably write on five people's walls each day, but just feelz good ).  

A billion other things happened today as well that made me feel appreciated and loved.  

So I felt better.  

Cakes, wall writes, and bad weeks aside, it's been a great year. 
This time last year, I had just graduated biz school.  I was unemployed with few prospects, in a (soon-to-end) romantic relationship that made me feel awful about myself, confused and still reeling from my dad's passing, and in the process of alienating my friends because of my complaining.  In July 2010, I was planning to move back in with my mom and had no idea what I would do about the crap-load of student loans I'd accumulated in the past 2 years.  
Running was the last of my worries.  

It was the most difficult time in my life I've experienced thus far.  

But then stuff got better....little by little...

A lot better.....

And here I am...a generally happy (and employed, thank god) girl with one more year left in her 20s.  Sure, there are issues, but things are pretty decent.  

"Margot, why are you writing this hell-a serious blog entry?  No one cares that you couldn't find a job last year. "  

I think I just wanted to express how thankful I am for this year.  And also I wanted to provide encouragement to anyone going through a bad time right now.  Nothing lasts forever.  
Sure, things might get worse first,  but life is uncertain, and there's almost always an unexpected bright spot around the corner.  

I'd like to close with this Winnie-the-Pooh graphic my bf sent to me today that pretty much illustrates what I'd like my new life philosophy to be (it has profanity in it, so be warned before ya click!).   


Or if ya didn't like that, here's something you're sure to like.

"Leaaan on meee....when you're not strongggg...I'll be your frieenndndddd"


  1. AAAANNNNDDDDD you met me - that's my bday gift to you! JK. You in town this weekend? Yland on me.

  2. happy bdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

    is complaining too much a qualification for being de-friended by your close friends, cause then i'm at risk for having no friends by like tomorrow :p.

    dare i say that the difficulties you faced a year ago made you a stronger person hehehe :D and a faster runner :D!!

  3. Let me just tell you...I have had some way bad times that I have been through and that you are not alone.

    And I also choose to do the positive side of life on my blog...but this was a very good glimpse into the full-picture Margot.

    People probably think I am very superficial and uber bubbly based on my blog, but that's just the side that is broadcast because I don't like getting personal or deep to the stranger-world. Maybe one day I'll learn to loosen up.

  4. And happy birthday yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! It's great to express things like this sometimes! I'm happy that things have turned around for you! They will just keep getting better :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I turn 29 in 3 months and I'm a tad (ok a lot) freaked out about it too. Eek! Where the heck did my 20s go? And why am I not madly successful and living the high-life like I thought I would be at this age? Eh...oh happens to all of us I guess!

    Oh yea, I love those random FB posts too! It makes my day every year.

  7. happy happy birthday!!! should you ever decide you need to make a reappearance in h-town *ahem* we'll go out, my treat!

  8. Booooo to crappy days, so glad it perked up!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! I had a tough day yesterday, which has resulted in being trapped at work with a migraine and lots of work to do, which I am not sure how to manage. Thanks for your inspirational post! Things arent that bad :) They will be better tomorrow. You are awesome! Wow, balloons and a cake, you are loved at work ;)

  10. Happy Happy birthday! There is so much to be thankful for, but it IS hard to see it a lot of times. I hope your day (and year) is wonderful!

  11. This post is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing because I can definitely relate. Life is not always perfect but in the end it is always worth it.


  12. Happy Day-After-Birthday, fellow Cancerian :) Mine was 3 weeks ago (except I'm 33, not 29. 30 and 31 were ok, 32 and 33, solidly in my thirties. blah).

    Anyway, I hope you had a good and the cake was tasty!

  13. I love "real" posts. My birthday resolution is to make more real posts instead of just posting my fluffy rainbow unicorn life. I also thought I would rule the world by now too. But at age 29, 1 week in, I finally got a real corporate job. Yeah. No more temp jobs. Whoo hoo.

    I'm happy your day ended up better.

    Hope you had a kick ass birthday!

  14. Happy birthday and here's to a new year with awesomeness on its way! Yogurtland cures all.

  15. so happy for all the good things that have happened to you this year!