Monday, June 6, 2011

Straight talk to the Bachelorette (100% not running related) =)

Dear Ashley H.,

Even though sometimes you are annoyingly perky, I hate seeing you all sad.  

We really need to have some girl time together, you and I.  I need to give you some straight talk and get to the root of why you like all the dudes who are mean, sleezy, and talk really slow.  

Brad Womack?  This Bentley dude? 
Your friend told you he sucks via text message!  Listen to your girlfriends...girlfriend....

And then when you were saying that your relationship with Bentley was left unresolved after he left?
Omg no girl.   He left you.

I think the J.P. dude really has something going for him.  He wore jammies with you!  I'm thinkin' he makes it to the end.  He'll make you happy.  Just give him a chance.

And don't worry about not being like Emily.  I'm intimidated by her too.  If only she were a b**ch it would be ok to hate her, but she seems so darned nice.

I know I'm just watching you on a tv show but IT FEELS SO REAL!!!

Can't wait for next Monday.
Faster Bunny

PS:  I'll write about stuff that's not the bachelorette soon.  Cross my heart promise.  


  1. I heart JP too, he is such a cutie and reminds me off me husband. Well said!

  2. I love JP, too. He's a cutie.

    Bentley is seriously mind-boggling. I can't believe there are dudes that act like this! Dot dot dot?! No. I wonder what percentage of men in the world are this douchey and self-centered.

    Anyway, Emily supposedly had some indiscretions while engaged with/dating Brad so she is no angel.

  3. hahaha! I'm not even watching the show and this cracks me up! So much drama!

  4. All these bloggers talking about Bachelorette! I may have to start dedicating my Monday nights to see what this hype is all about!

  5. I would prefer you ALWAYS talk about the bachelorette.

    You think Emily's so nice, even after what ensued after her season?! she turned out to be a stone cold psycho man-whipper. She gave Brad SO MUCH grief for doing what he was contractually obligated to do - pretend that he was into the other girls, kiss them, etc!! I don't think many guys out there want to so controlled. She's high maintanence. I'm no longer jealous of her...

  6. Thank you for talking about the Bachelorette, it makes me feel a little less crazy for watching the show!

    And J.P. is the cat's meow. I think he looks a little like Lance Armstrong, and I dig that!

    I like RoseRunner's take on Emily! I don't envy her at all!