Friday, June 3, 2011

NKOT-BSB and Fontana Days 13.1 ...kinda goals..

If you don't know the acronym that I wrote in the subject header, get outa town!  

It's ok if you were born in 1995 or later...are you kids that young allowed to even BE on the internet? 

So I was on the dreaded elliptical this morning and had the Today show on...their performer segment came on and lo and behold, it's Jordan and the gang singing "The Right Stuff".  Then Brian, Nick and the gang came on and sang "Larger Than Life".  As they performed, I was audibly laughing at amazement that these two groups are FREAKING BACK.   
I was sorta dancing too. 

I then had a bit of a flash-forward in my life that I will probably be the crazy mom that embarrasses her kids as she gets down to the tunes that were cool when she was a teenager.  

Here's the performance!  Oh oh oh ohhhh...the right stuff...

Did you like any of the boy bands back in the day?  If so, who were you crushin' on?  (Brian Littrell of BSB fo' me).  
Or were you too cool for school....

If you haven't decided to unfollow me yet due to my boy band outburst, I'll talk about the race I've got tomorrow.

Fontana Days Half Marathon.  2000 ft elevation drop.  

I'd be lying if I didn't want or hope for a PR tomorrow, but hey...isn't that every race :).  

I've had one marker in my mind for a while now, and it's the 1:37 mark.  It's the NYC half qualifying time.  And because of that, I have assigned that time as something I want.  

Why I'll Do Well
It's a freaking easy as all heckfire course
I should have some strength carry over from Boston
I've done a lot of tempos
It might just be my day

Why I Won't
I didn't allow enough time to recover mentally or physically post marathon.
It might be hot...not too many water stops.
I might really have to pee on the course or something.
It might just not be my day

Alright...well...I'll let you guys know how it goes.  Hopefully I'll make ya proud.


  1. Girl, a 2000 foot elevation drop?!
    Have fun kicking it!!
    Yes, make me proud.
    (Hopefully it won't kill your quads?)

  2. That course looks perfect! woohoo downhill!! also- LOVE the BSB references. YES.

  3. Would you stop to pee haha? Seems like there's other ways to take care of that :D. Plus how long would stopping to pee take? A good kick at the end would make up that time.

    You'rr going to do amazing, I bet you go under 1:35- be careful of that little hill at mile 5.5 it looks daunting :p :p :p :p

  4. Love that elevation chart (maybe the first time I've ever said that?)
    I loved 98 degrees!

  5. That is a serious elevation drop! You will do great. when I saw the title I though "no she couldn't seriously be referencing those boy bands could she" haha then you had me laughing when you described you laughing at the gym to it!

  6. WOW, thats a big drop! You could always roll down the hill if you are having a bad day.:) You're going to do awesome and I can't wait for your race report.

    I am totally one of those moms that starts singing or dancing when an old song comes on that I know.

  7. Dang. Larger than life? I need to find all my old cd's. Oh and I loved Lance Bass from NSync. I think we all know how well THAT one turned out.

    Kick @$$ today! Can't wait to hear how it went!!!

    Oh and P.S. I've been trying to post this lame comment for about 20 minutes now but blogger won't let me do it under my account, which is why I'm commenting like I am. YOU'RE WELCOME. ;)

  8. Good luck, good luck!!!

    This post with BSB and NKOTB made me smile so big. I didn't like BSB or nsync (or 98°, LFO, etc...remember them?!) but I LOVED Hanson and still do! :)

  9. Oh I loved both Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, I actually just heard the song they did together the other day. Honestly it wasn't very good, but I give them props anyways lol

  10. you can't leave us hanging here for too did you do?!?! hehe...but seriously no matter the end time, if you gave it your all you made us all proud!! but i hope you got the time...hehe! :) after all you've got the right stuff! so lame, i kno but how could i resist? oh man, the only thing that would be even funnier was if hey brought back OTown for a reunion! not gonna lie, ashley angel is a hottie :)

  11. I love that elevation profile. And you are fast! Hope it went well--looking forward to your post!

  12. Haha....oh boy did I ever know what the NKOTBSB stood for - they are coming to Ottawa this summer!

    Hope you kicked butt in your half! Looking forward to the race recap!