Saturday, June 18, 2011

J-Biebs Hair. Mile Repeats.

Ahhhh Saturday!  Beautiful day outside....and I'm sitting here inside....blogging and watching the Disney Channel.

My passion for entertainment targeted towards 12 year olds is pretty high.  Today it's The Wizards of Waverly Place.  It stars Selena Gomez, JBiebs girlfriend.  Anyone else think this is just a publicity relationship?  

I know.  I ask the difficult, hard hitting questions on this blog.  

I sort of wonder if JBiebs is going to turn into the Jonathan Taylor Thomas of our generation:  Adorable while young, kinda strange looking as an adult.  

On the subject of celebrities (that I seem to be writing more and more about), I figured out how J-Lo got her famous booty:  Padded booty biking shorts.  

I finally got mine in the mail and went on a quick trial ride yesterday.  IT WAS LIKE BIKING IN THE CLOUDS!!!  Ahhhh comfort.   The effect of looking like Kim Kardashian was an added benefit.

Here's your visual.  And to answer your questions:
Yes this is a picture of me, and I took it.  


Hey Margs, what about the repeat miles you have in the subject line?  

Oh yeah.  I did a workout for the first time in two weeks.  Actually it was really nice taking that "time off"by doing my usual easy low mileage runs.  I felt enthusiastic about running this morning, which hasn't happened since before Boston!

I did the workout on the treadmill again, since I am pretty sure off the mill, my brain is getting in the way of my body getting a decent workout.  So until I either figure out the treadmills are wrong, or I stop being crazy, I'm gonna do workouts here.

Here are the splits with 3:30 walking rest between:  6:57, 6:45, 6:40, 6:31.  .5% incline, 1.5 mile warmup and cooldown.

Decent.  I'd like to do 4 @ 6:30 or 2x2 @ 13:00 to feel ready for a 5k PR.  Hopefully soon!!

I always feel a little silly in the gym working out really hard.  Possibly because of the galloping buffalo sound I make with each stride when I run hard.

Anyone else get self conscious at the gym when working out hard? 

Should I wear those shorts under skirts and see if I look like Kim K. ?  



  1. Haha I love the shorts! I think you should definitely rock them under your clothes.

    On another note, I wish I could run as fast as you.

  2. Super fast workout! Great job!

    As someone who will never be able to photograph my b-u-t-t in any kind of shorts (or pants or skirt for that matter), I'll leave that one up to you. :^)

    And I wish I could run as fast as you, too.

  3. Damn girl you're fast!

    The shorts look good. I'd wear them to have a little more junk in the trunk lol.

    I do repeats on the treadmill. I'm sure I start huffing and puffing and making all sorts of noises during them. I don't care. I'm sweating and working hard. :)

  4. Haha, do it! I'm pretty sure I should stay away from shorts like that. I already have WAY too much junk in my trunk!
    Awesome mile repeats!!

  5. 1. You're super fast!

    2. Those shorts are no good for me! My butt would instantly go from a Kim K. butt too a double Kim K. butt. Imagine that! NO GOOD!

    3. You should totally where them under your clothes.

  6. Great job on your run! Those are some speedy miles girlie!! :)

    Yes, I do get a lil' self-conscious working out hard @ the when I do I try to do it early in the a.m. when there's like 10 peeps in the gym!

    One girl recently had me dizzy @ the gym...I was 45 mins. into my workout and this girl jumped on the treadmil for 2 mins. she'd jump off, went to the ellptical for 2 mins, jump back on the tred. for another 2...she repeated this pattern 6x! (I know 'cuz I counted!!) I agree w/circuit training but...I think she was a lil' ADD!! was a lil' manic!! :)

    Girl, if you wear those shorts in public under whatever, pls take a picture...I dare you!! If you do I'll treat you to Fro-yo!! BUT, you have to be in a mall or McDonald's! kay??...kay!!

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :)

  7. I need those shorts! Amazing!

    I love sounding like a galloping buffalo! Goes to show you are working harder than everyone else and THEY should be the ones who are self conscious for wasting their time ;)

  8. Oh Jonathan Taylor Thomas...he was such a babe when we were younger!

  9. look at that hot @$$! ;) hehe.

    that said, gotta say way to rock those milers!! i'm not gonna lie i channeled thoughts of u cranking them out on my tempo this morning. i'm like u and have been doing harder stuff on the treadmill and i get sort of self-conscious at times because, not gonna lie, by the end i'm busting my butt and i know i must look like a freak. power to our stampeding feet! funny story, i have a friend who actually shorted out the treadmill during some of his 800 that is hilarious. alas i'm way too slow to do that but still, i kno i be looking a freak.

  10. It's great to "blog meet" you! I'm finally getting back to my Google Reader and getting caught up on my own blog. Those are some fast mile repeats, lady!