Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Running Safety, Girlfriend?

I'm comin' clean!  Like the rest of the blog-o-sphere, I put my hat in the ring for the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team.  I'll spare you all the details, but  I'll introduce you to my main character "Nuucy Drew" in my children's "book":

Nuuncy Drew and the Case of the Relay Member!  

Engaging, no?  hah it's ok I can take it if you think it's lame :).  

Bottom line, I figure if Nuun is looking for a blogger who loves wine tasting, bunny ears at major races, and workouts like "Run faster until you're about to fall off the treadmill", I'm their girl!  

If not, that's cool too, although I think Hood To Coast with the team would be amazing. I would like to put my vote in for Jess at Blonde Ponytail because it was pretty cool of her to blog about the contest a couple weeks back and try to get others to enter.  Team spirit.  

On to the main topic, Running Safetyyyyy:

I was at Road Runner sports a few weeks back and I saw they had little cans of pepper spray to carry with you when you run.  

It kind of reminded me of my general fears of going out on a run and never returning....morbid...I know I know...but haven't you watched the Dateline NBC specials where this actually happens?  

There's all the regular safety recommendations that you've probably seen:
1) Don't run in deserted areas
2) Don't run with headphones on, esp at night (ok be honest...who NEVER runs with music?  What is this, 1990?)
3) Run with someone else.
4) Make sure someone knows exactly where you're going and when you're coming back.  

I sort of follow these rules.  I generally don't run alone in the dark or in dangerous places.  But I run alone a lot outside and often find myself on a trail or track where the Seinfeld quote from one episode "I coulda killed you here and no one would know"  (remember...when Elaine has some repair man over???), goes through my head.
And as a relatively small woman who probably couldn't defeat a small dog in a fight, being alone on these trails isn't wise.    

Actually the one ridiculous "safety" thing that I do, that I am convinced is protecting me, is that I greet any suspicious looking dude with a 'hello good morning' or the like.  I'm hoping that if they were planning to kill me, my politeness might just stop them.  Likely...I know...=).   

Do you carry pepper spray or have amazing karate skills?  

How do you say safe when you run? 

Do you think I should write a sequel to "Nuun-cy Drew"?    Perhaps "The Adventures of Go-Tein"   ?  


  1. I get nervous running sometimes. We are in South Korea, so if someone came up to me and said something like "Don't scream or I'll slit your throat!" (or whatever it is attackers say), I wouldn't even understand them because of the language difference!

    I've thought about seeing if they sell pepper spray on the army installation here (I think I've seen it before..?), but it'd have to have like a little clip-on holster or something, because it isn't going to do me much good if I have to unzip my spibelt and try to fish it out in less than 2 seconds.

    I don't run with music, so I guess I'm a freak. LOL It's mostly because the drivers here are insane and I don't want to die. Plain and simple.

    I'm also a pretty small chick (for some odd reason, 5'2" doesn't conjure up words like "intimidating"... more like "child-size"), so I think that is where my caution really comes from. I'm like the baby wildebeest in the pack: An easy target.

    Okay, didn't realize I was writing a book of a comment here, lol. Sorry!

    But speaking of books... LOVE Nuuncy Drew! :D

  2. I run on a treadmill so that sort of keeps me safe. I am often the only person in our small gym and when it's dark outside and late sometimes I get a bit uncomfortable because my back is to the door the way the treadmill is positioned. Also it sucks when I want to go the bathroom real quick and I'm alone I have to bring my bag and everything with me because it could get stolen if someone came in while I was in the bathroom. I don't even have a cell phone I'm not sure what I would do if someone creepy came in, and the gym is isolated so people aren't walking by often. I guess I assume I could probably run away, or like jump out a window haha? West Africa = booo :(

    LOVE Nuuncy Drew! Oli laughed and he didn't even know who she is.

  3. I run with my dog and a phone, but other than that I run on empty ranch roads.
    Good luck with Nuuncy Drew, I hope you get in, it would be so fun to get to meet you.

  4. I don't carry pepper spray, but have seriously seriously considered it. I need to figure out where to buy it first!

    Nuun-cy Drew = amazing. I choose that one!

  5. Stay safe! I dont even check my mail after dark, but that is prob due to my neighborhood and the high volume of gunshots, sketchy "neighbors," and the fact that the mailbox is down the block. Please write a sequel to Nuuncy Drew, or a whole series :)

  6. I am the epitome of what not to do when you run. I run at 5 in the morning, I have no mace (but I am getting some), I run with headphones, I run alone... :-/ And I watch Criminal Minds like my life depended on it. Coincidentally I've also been doing more treadmill runs.

  7. I hope you win the contest!! It is going to be an amazing race.

    Love the safety tips. I could probably win a medal for being the most unsafe runner ever. I run without a cellphone, without pepper spray, and early in the morning. You have inspired me to change this. Thanks!

  8. Good reminders about safety! One of the biggest things I do is never run without telling someone. Even if it means texting hubs "gone round the loop. Be back by 5" If he hast heard from me by the arranged time, he'll keep calling, and then come check the area I said I would be running. Maybe overkill, but I like to know that if I go missing someone would notice right away!

  9. awesome to hear u're tossing ur hat into the ring...i want u to be on the team cuz H2C is near where i live and we best be running together at some point if u make it! :)

    that said, running safety is super important so thanks for the reminders! i've never run with pepperspray and lately have mostly been doing treadmill runs. a sort of leftover car phobia on that one. BUT, i totally do the same, "greet a stranger" tho it probably wouldn't spare my life, but if nothing else hopefully any perv would feel extra guilty for taking out a nice runner vs. one without a smile. ;)

    that said, gotta give u props for the seinfeld remark and YES i wanna see a sequel. how about nuun takes on the perv who slapped pippa's butt?

  10. great topic! we all need to evaluate how safe we are running every so often. letting people know when and where you are going is so smart. i always think... if no knows where or when i went somewhere, if something happens no one will no to look for me for days! ah!

  11. My coworker has done Hood-to-Coast twice, they didn't get in with lottery this year. I love those crazy 2-day relays. I am still on a high from Ragnar.

    Safety. I never run on trails alone anymore - especially after the Chelsea King thing. I always tell the husband where I'm running and when I should be back. I don't carry spray but have thought about it. I never run at night. I always run on major streets. And unless I'm running long, I usually run without music (unless I'm on a treadmill).

  12. Relays are so fun! I ran one in Colorado in 2005 and it was a great experience. Good luck to you and Nuuncy. Does she have a boyfriend named Nuund Nickerson?

    I am pretty lax about safety. I run at 6 a.m., when I figure most crazies are NOT around. I know I could be wrong about that but I can't stay locked in the house and I'm not going to carry pepper spray because the only people who'd likely be on the wrong end of it would be me and my kids. Driving a car is probably more dangerous than running, right?

  13. I almost always run with other people. I am lucky to have some great women to run with who live close by. My husband made me buy some pepper spray a while back. I take it (when I think about it) especially when it is dark.

    Good luck on getting on the HTC team! I hope we are teammates!!

  14. Congrats on making the team! See you in August! :)

  15. can't wait to race with you! looking forward to August!

  16. You are super creative Margs!!!! Omigosh!! You and Tricia have the nuun mascots going on!! I'm so glad you applied AND we are teammates!!! So pumped to meet you!!!