Monday, June 13, 2011

Pippa And Harry...sittin' in a tree...

Have you heard?
Pippa Middleton, Kate's little sis is single.  
Dudes rejoice!   

This is how I envision an earlier conversation between her and Kate Middleton: 

Kate:  "I still can't believe you wore white to my wedding. I mean seriously?"

Pippa:  "I think you're just mad because now they call me "Her Royal Hotness".

Kate:  "Whatever girlfriend...I married a Prince.  Awww yeah!"

Pippa storms off.  

Later...she decides that going for Prince Harry migghhttt be a good idea after way is she letting Kate win this one!

12 hours later, a facebook group with 125,000 fans called "Pippa Middleton is Single, Prince Harry Likes this" is born.

Hehe.  Thanks for indulging me on this one.  I can't help it.  =).  Back to running soon.


  1. Is Pippa her real name or a nickname? It's funny to me that Kate/Catherine is such a traditional name and then the parents were like okay we'll name the second one after Pippi Longstocking?

    Maybe Pippa is a common British name ha!

  2. I always thought Harry was the cutest...

  3. I LOVE your Pippa/Kate dialogue! I am 100% sure that actually went down at some point. Pippa is short for Philippa, which is such a long name that nobody would ever actually use it. I kind of like, though :). Awww, sad she broke up with her bf bc they were supposed to move in together soon (according to my very accredited source, US Weekly).

  4. Her real name is Philippa Charlotte "Pippa" Middleton, which is pretty traditional sounding.

    Oh and she is totally checking Harry out in that photo, look at her eyes!

  5. hahaha! I'd totally rather be the royal hotness than marry a prince. priorities people :)

  6. haha! Pippa's body is rocking btw! Dang.

  7. I think Price Henry is dating Chelsey Davy - I kind of think she's prettier than Pippa. But that would be very interesting if she & Henry started dating.

    It's crazy, though, how we hear nothing about Kate and everything about Pippa now.