Monday, June 27, 2011

Boats, Beers, (B)repeat (B)miles

First Things First: 
1) If you haven't entered the Bachelorette giveaway with your picks yet, do it before 8 PM EST.
2) I did a guest post at Happy Healthy Runner:  Check it out!  Rachael (writer of Happy Healthy Runner) is an awesome runner, a great writer, and even better, is a Texan. =)

This is a guilt post.  Because I looked at my blog today and saw the last post was from Thursday!


I've got a good excuse though.  Anthony was down here for the weekend.  I hate writing rushed posts, but here's a quick report :

I did some repeat miles.  4 miles.  1% incline. 3.5 minutes rest.  6:50, 6:40, 6:31, 6:28.  I'm getting better and now run on the treadmill at 1% incline rather than .5% incline. .
I felt like a total poser when I realized that .5% incline is a total joke according to this chart:
Here's what incline you should run. Apparently.

Besides that, I did a lot of this - this weekend:

And this....

That right beer is the North Coast Scrimshaw.  Anthony's favorite.  I got some sort of more girlie wheat beer which was good too.  The top one is some random Greek Beer, Hillas.  As sad as it makes me to say it, I've never had a Greek beer I was crazy about.   To me, it's all about the Corona lights and the Wheats.

We also walked around Long Beach and saw this:

The Queen Mary.  I don't know the story exactly, but I think it's just a boat you can tour that never leaves the harbor.  Kind of sad for a boat.

I also just bought a duvet online.  Why?  Because I have a low quality comforter that has been getting feathers everywhere.  It's not uncommon for me to go to work and look down and see a giant chicken feather on my pants.  While I'm ok with being this cheap, Anthony is not, so I took the plunge., you are a relationship saver.

Has anyone else ever had this duvet-feather problem?   ;-)

And what treadmill incline do you run on?  What simulates outside best?  

Happy Mondayz!


  1. I run tempo runs or speed workouts at 1. Long runs are usually ran on a program that throws in random "hills"

  2. I always run it at a 1% incline for the same reason you do. Great repeats, you are speedy-speedy!

    Also - your guest post is up!

  3. It looks like you had a fun weekend! Awesome miles on those repeats, those are great times.

    I try to stick with 1% on the treadmill for all training. Sometimes the last mile I'll kick it down to 0 and sprint though. I am a cheater! ha

  4. Wow! You are speedy! The other day I was doing speed work on the treadmill and I didn't realize until almost the end of the workout when "Aint No Mountain High Enough" came on my ipod that I didn't adjust the incline at all. Dang it! That thing should start on 1% for sure. Why there is even a zero setting is baffling.

  5. I never run on a treadmill but nice mile repeats. I think I would pass out if I had to keep running them that fast. I did 400s repeats today but outside on the track. Downside of that is it is too dang hot!!

  6. FUN weekend!!! super jealous! I try to stick to 1% incline but actually have not run on the TM much lately...I have successfully avoided it somehow...haha! I like to use it for speed though!

  7. LOVE me a good down blanket. I have a fluffy down blanket and a lovely white duvet cover, it's heaven on earth.

    And don't tell anyone, but I travel with it.

  8. I do 2 minutes of alternating walk then jog at 6.5 incline. Sometimes I'll put it at 4.5 and jog faster for the 2 minutes.
    I always heard 1-1.5 would simulate outside best.

    Great job on those fast repeats! And yay for beer. :)

  9. I love duvets, too! Mine doesn't spew feathers, but our old one did.

    When I'm on the 'mill, I always do 1%. I've been good about running outside lately--it's been 3 weeks since I was on a treadmill at all.

  10. Why don't you run outside!?!?!? You live in SoCal :D!!!!! That way you don't have to simulated outside, you would just be outside and not wonder about how it would feel to run outside :p. I could see if you were back in H-town in summer then you'd want to be inside :p.