Sunday, October 16, 2011

The slowing of the Faster Bunny

I might need some time off, y'all.  

Not off running because...well I already am doing that.  But from blogging.  

I've been running, (mostly as a casual runner) since 1997.  Until recently, I always avoided training very hard or giving it my all for the following reasons:
1) In the whole grand scheme of things, I'm not elite, and I never will be.  Maybe I could win a tiny 5k on a really good day, but I'll never be one of the best, and because of that, I'm not sure it makes sense for me to devote so much time and energy to one hobby when there is so much else in life to enjoy.  
2) (More importantly) I get wrapped up in stuff very easily.  I suspected that training harder and reading / writing a blog would bring out the ultra competitive and compulsive person in me.  And guess has.  Not a good thing.  

A couple examples of this compulsiveness were running while injured until a workout made it so that I essentially I couldn't walk or... when I'm on vacation or visiting the BF, I'm constantly reading blogs or checking my traffic.  

It's not really the person I want to be.  

At the same time, I love love love the blogging community.  Good girlfriends are hard to come by, and there are so many awesome people I've met and talk to through my blog.  I also have had experiences such as the Nuun HTC relay that were a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

What are you trying to say exactly?

Right now, I need a break.  Something's gotta give.  I'm not saying I will never post again, but I want to get away from the feeling that I HAVE to post.  I'm gonna try to spend some time in the real world for a bit.   I gotta find the person I want to be again.  

Imagine  :)


  1. Word!

    Ive also had to limit my blogging/reading etc.. it gets consuming. I just want to stay true to why I started the blog in the first place- to share photos and stories with my far away family, and to document my training and races.

    You will be missed lady!

  2. Follow your faster bunny! We'll be here waiting!

  3. When did you become such a...a.... grown-up?

  4. Girl, first of all you are incredibly talented and SPEEDY:) If you need a break...TAKE A BREAK!!! Do what is best for you and I will still be checking your blog all the time:)

  5. Friend, I get it. I usually disappear for a few days here and there. Sometimes the narcissistic nature of blogs really gets to me and I need time away from it.
    So please take a break and if you pop back in here and there, I'll still be here looking for your updates. You're one of my favorite blaags to read, but I totally understand.

  6. I completely understand what you mean, awhile ago I was posting every day no matter what and now I only post when I have something to talk about and try not to feel forced to post if I have nothing to say lol
    I love the blogging community too but you shouldn't feel obligated to blog, it should be something you look forward to.

  7. You are still my fav blogger, even if you dont post :)

  8. I completely understand where you are coming from. The pressure of blogging can easily become overwhelming. Take a break and remember it will always be here if you want to come back. :)

    I am going to miss reading about your speedy races!

  9. I can definitely appreciate this. I used to blog just about every day until I realized that I was wasting so much time & energy -- and people weren't actually that interested in the crappy mundane details of my running life. I now really just post when I think I have something worthwhile to write about. (And even that is questionable.)

    I'm not always the best commenter, but I am a good reader! And I'll still be a good reader if/when you come back.

  10. Yup! I gotcha. Which is why I post maybe once a week and, frankly, I don't give two $hits how many people read it.

    Seconding SR's question - as long as you don't completely disappear :o)

  11. As long as we still get to chat friend!!! (((hugs))) to you!!

  12. Yes! We will still be real life friends! :). And I def want to blog again. Just not in a way that makes me innnsaannneeee and a terrible person to hang out with.

  13. yea me too. I think a version of this post will have to happen one day in the life of roserunner. real life awaits...

  14. I'll be here waiting! Enjoy your break!! :)