Monday, October 31, 2011

Rock and Roll LA 13.1 freakin' recap

I ran the Rock and Roll half marathon LA on Sunday!  Here, my friends, is the long (not) awaited recap.

I woke up at 5:00 AM and wanted to pretend that I'd slept through my alarm.  But I was the bigger person and got my butt outa bed.  Unlike just about every race I've ever done, I actually had stuff laid out that I'd need.  Including mah bee costume!  I ate a random sample of a Lara Bar (I'd never had one before...breaking race rule #1 right there!) and some grapes.  I got some black coffee and water, and started the hike up to LA.

This morning - probably due to the fact that I had a pretty much non-existent training last few weeks - I didn't feel as nervous as I usually do.   Usually I want to throw myself off a balcony on race morning from nerves.  This time, I just wanted to listen to NPR and chill.
Twin bees!  Kristee ran like a 5:12 mile in high school..  Ridic. 

I  parked in a sketch part of town (BUT FREE!) and walked to the start.  I felt a wave of relief, when I saw my twin bee (and high school XC buddy!), Kristee.  THERE IS ANOTHER ONE LIKE ME OUT THERE!!!

This race was ridiculously well organized!  I didn't have to push anyone over to use the bathrooms (there was no line!) and we slipped into corral 1.  At some point, some dude came up to us and asked us if we were going to be running sub 1:30.  We said no, and he looked confused.  I'm pretty sure he was trying to politely tell our ridiculous bee butts outa corral 1.  Can't say I blame him.

The race started on time (more ridiculously good organization) and off we went!

I was really nervous about even being able to finish this race.  The past couple times I've tried to run close to my limits, I've ended up doubled over in pain from some weirdly damaged side muscle.   I was determined to go out conservatively in the interest of seeing the 13th mile marker.

Miles 1-5 were relaxed and normal.  All around 7:30 pace.  Kristee is a smart racer, so I knew that with her pacing, and the Garmin going, I might avoid going out at a 6:00 pace or something stupid.   The race clock was completely off for the first couple miles, and because I still have no idea how to use my Garmin in an intelligent way, I had no freaking clue what our real time was.
At some point, I realized I was pushing the pace beyond what Kristee wanted and started feeling a little douchey for making her go out too fast.  So at mile 5 we agreed to split off. I yelled back "I HOPE THIS IS NOT A STUPID MOOOVVEEE".

Miles 5-8.  I just hoped I would continue feeling normal.  And I did.  I knew I wasn't going to break any records, but I felt light on my feet and steady.  At some point, I saw another girl in a bee costume who I think was running the mini marathon.  I ran over to her and shouted hi, but she had her dang headphones on.  This is why you should never race with headphones.  You might miss another bug just like you.

I took a Jet Blackberry Gu (that I got from Mallory a while back!) at mile 8.  mmmmmmm.

Miles 9-11:  A sort of hilly portion of the mostly flat course.  I don't really mind hills that much.  They spice it up a little.  It was a beautiful day out!   I tried to keep the pace steady and two things went through my head:
"Omg you are spending like 10 seconds on the ground with each step.  LIGHT ON YOUR FEET!  Spend your time moving forward not stomping like a freaking fat giant".

"OMG WHAT IF MY SIDE CRAMPS UP?!?!?!  It won't!  Remember that thing you heard on NPR about your brain being able to control your muscle impulses?  Just think reelllaaxxxeeeeddd....relaaaxxeedddd...ahhhhhhh"

No one really cheered for me in my costume the whole way.  I figure they either thought 1) I was an ugly troll who does not deserve cheers or 2) Sort of a dbag target for wearing wings and a half tutu and being somewhat far up in the field.

By the last couple miles, I figured I was home free!  I tried to pick it up a little bit, but I wasn't about push my luck and sprint and end up walking the last bit!  My beautiful running form and grace impressed all of the people around me:

As did my relaxed face

And then I finished!  (So so thankful to have finished!).  I had no freaking clue what my time was because I figured the clocks were still off by a minute or two.  Turns out the finish clock was on the money.

Final time:  1:38:02.  6th in Age Group, 40th Woman Overall.  

Here are the Garmin Stats.  Clearly I am the worst at running tangents ever as I recorded a 13.39 miles.

Generally pretty happy with the race!  But what I am really happy with is Brightroom for taking this gem post race:

In the words of Sarah:

It's true.  What can I say.  

Final Thoughts:
1) Costumes are so fun and so is running with friends !
2)  I am pretty much all healed after running that race!  Advice for all injured people - go race 13 miles!
3)  I feel encouraged about running and racing.  I've been pretty down on all of this lately, and this was a great time!  Being unable to run much has made me remember how much I love it.  


  1. Yay, Bee Girl!
    That pic is priceless!

  2. You had grapes and coffee before your race? You have a stomach of steel!!

  3. awesome race... and epic post-race photo!!

  4. Woohoo bee girl! Great race! Awesome to see how well you did even after taking it easy for a few weeks.

  5. That's awesome! I also have that thought sometimes that each step is taking like 10 seconds. I'll try using the "light on my feet" mantra and see if it helps.

  6. Awesome job! Love the costume. No cheering for the bee costume? BOO!

  7. GREAT job in the half!! Love the costumes!

  8. Congrats my fast little friend!!!!!!
    No reason to be down on the running, you are such a freakin strong runner. Love the creative costume, bet those other dudes who were running near you didn't have fun costumes on.

  9. Ah...those photos! Great race- what injury? You look fine to me!

  10. Oh race photos. They are always so lovely! Congrats on having a great race AND looking cute while doing so, I've always wanted to run in a costume!!

  11. costumes really are the best! love racing in them! you totally rocked it! so happy for you! congrats girl!

  12. And that's why I hate LA - no love for the speedy bee?! Losers.

    Great race girl :)

  13. I so love your posts you always crack me up. Awesome race! Holy crud you killed it for coming off an injury. Nice work.

  14. Bees are a bear's favorite insect! Did you guys have cute little stingers on your booties? -OG

  15. Good job Margot! Great time! Wow you are super fast! You are booking it there at the end!

  16. Something to be said (or is that bee said?) for going into a race relaxed! Good job!!

  17. I love your end of race photos - you are always busting your ass so hard that your form is all over the place and your facial expressions are classic.

    What was up with mile 8! 6:31? Faaaast.

    You kicked butt - not too far off where you wanted to be considering you were sidelined for quite a while.

  18. Congrats on an awesome race! Did I spy a sub-7 mile in there? Bad. Ass.

  19. I feel like the 6:xx mile must be a garmin error. It says my max speed is like 90 mph in that mile. And I'm not superman (unfort) so.... :)

    But thanks y'all!

  20. hahaha I would have to agree with Sarah's tweet!

  21. OMGosh I can't stop laughing. A high bee throwing up a duece. Freaking awesome.

    Girl you are so dang speedy!! Way to go!

    P/S Still laughing

  22. hahahaha...okay, i think u are the most hilarious person!! okay, luv that picture too! :)

    great job out there, soooo happy u're over that blasted injury! :)