Saturday, October 29, 2011

The buzz about the RNR Half marathon (har.har)

I'm planning to run the Rock and Roll LA half marathon this Sunday.

My goals?
Aw jeez...can I not have any?  I wanted to run a 1:35.  Ambitious goal even at my best.
And now...I've probably logged about 50 miles in October total.  
I'm still kind of injured.  But...I'd be lying to say that I just "want to have fun" on Sunday.

I want to run well.  And it probably won't happen.   But uhhh...hope springs eternal ;).
I am going to try my damnedest to have a good time and here is how!


It's bumble bee costume time!  My friend Kristee and I will have twin wings, antennae, and possibly tutus.  I'm not sure.  It's was a 15 dollar child's costume!    That's why the wings are so small.  Due to my requested time I put down months ago(1:37), I am also in corral 1 out of 20.  Pretty sure everyone else will be like "who is this jackass in the bee costume?".  And then proceed to kick my butt.

I'm sorry this is a pretty lame entry for not posting for a week.  But yeah...I'm enjoying slowed blogging!  It's allowed me to drink more wine and be a better girlfriend.   I've also started watching Battlestar Galatica.  It's not as bad as it sounds, promise.

Happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. Good luck! I love the costume, and I have a feeling you're going to be surprised with a better time than you have in mind!

  2. Cute! :) Can't wait to hear how it goes! Good luck!

  3. Good luck! Love the costume ad can't wait to hear how it goes :)

  4. GOOD LUCK!!!!! i am loving your costume!

  5. i'm sure you are going to do awesome! you have always have a great competitive spirit and you always perform well when you put ur mind to something! plus adrenaline can work wonders :p.

  6. I love the costume. And BSG is great--we spent a winter watching the whole run.

    How did the race go (it was today, right?)?

  7. Love your costume! Super cute!

  8. I love that costume - smart to go with kids! That totally never occurred to me as an option (which is stupid since I'm 5 foot nothing - if anyone can wear kids' costumes it's me).

    And it looks like you got pretty close to your seeded time!

  9. Good luck! Sometimes the best races happen when you are expecting nothing but a fun time