Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Annnddd...I am officially injured.

Dear Running Friends,

I'm hoping this is short lived.

My apologies for not blogging about something more fun, but I can't think about much else in this moment.

Remember how I said I crashed my bike and some guy landed on top of me?
Well my side has been hurting on and off since.  I figured I could run through it, but the time trial I tried to do on Friday completely spazzed (is that even a word) out the muscle that felt almost healed previously.

I figured..."no problem, I'll just run easy over the weekend and get back to it Tuesday".

Nice try, Margot.  

I tried to run 4x2400m at 6:58, 1.5% incline today.  .85 miles into my fourth repeat, it happened again, only way worse.   A crazy muscle spasm.  And I had trouble walking back to my apartment.

And here I am, typing with a bag of frozen peas on my side.  Yup, I'm using them as an ice pack, and yes, I AM going to eat them later :).

Ridiculous.  A non-running related, running injury that isn't even in my legs.

I know I should have just taken a few days off earlier, but I figured that I was in my peak "training" for this half and could run through it, and recover during the taper.

Crazy thinking?  Sure.  But as someone who almost never gets injured, I'm still using the injury thinking of someone who hasn't yet learned the hard way.
So...even now, I'm hoping 3-4 days off will be enough.

So...a couple questions.
1) How do you maintain intense workouts if you can't run.  Is it even possible?
2)  How do you heal a weird freaking injury that isn't even if your leg?
3)  I am pretty bummed/sad about this now.  Any words of encouragement??


Your spastastic but sad friend,


  1. awww Margot! You will recover speedily I'm sure of it! In the mean time, I've heard that you can still keep up your cardio fitness by using the elliptical (don't know that for fact though might wanna Google it). xoxo get better soon friend!!!

  2. The absolute best way to maintain running fitness I think is to do water-running. Cycling, swimming, etc. isn't the same in terms of cardio intensity, but both those are options too, but I've heard water running is your best bet.

    And I have something much less severe right now but odd. I'm starting to worry about getting carpal tunnel or something. My right wrist hurts like crazy, and I use a mouse at work a lot more now than I did 8 months ago (and the pain is fairly steady). It hurts doing obvious things like opening a drawer or doing push-ups, but I can also feel pain on the outside of my wrist when I run. WTF? Not enough to sideline me (whereas obviously the muscles in your side are critical to running), but enough to irritate me!

    You'll absolutely get through this. Give it just a little bit of time and you'll be golden. I feel like I've been injured multiple times over the years, and several of those have been serious enough to be "career-ending" in my mind at first -- yet sure enough, I'm always back for more in a matter of time.

    Try the water running.

  3. 1) pool running is boring as hell, but if you push it can be a very good workout and no impact - it will maintain your fitness.
    2) no idea
    3) I feel your pain! Injuries suck. So sorry you are going through it. I'm sure if you rest it will be short-lived and you will be back at it in no time.

  4. You will be okay....I think! This sounds incredibly similar to my injury about a month ago. I seriously thought I was done running forever. You need to give yourself some major tlc. Ice, rest, and foam roll? Not sure how you foam roll your side but youtube it. It's gotta be possible right?

    In the mean time I would stick with the elliptical. You can mimic speed intervals on that son of a bitch machine. Good luck!

  5. I'm sorry, girlie!!
    Can you swim? Or does that movement hurt?
    Stair climber, elliptical...good choices.
    Maybe some type of plyometrics? Hmm, but that might hurt too. I guess you could just try a few different things to see what you can tolerate. I say, if it hurts, don't do it. ;)
    Have you taken any ibuprofen to see if that will help?
    Rest rest rest! I hope you heal up quickly!!

  6. oh! so sorry to hear this friend! i am so thinking of you and sending you lots of healing vibes! you WILL get through this! i agree with rachelle...i have been trying to incorporate more cross training to give my legs a break and today i tried speed intervals on the elliptical and actually felt like I got in a really good cardio session. also, when i was hurt back in march...it was frustrating but i did a lot of strength training and circuit training. good luck friend!

  7. You NEVER get injured. So I don't believe this post. I'm in denial. And you will be fine tomorrow.

    Just kidding, I have no idea what to tell you, no good advice from me about injuries. I really am so sorry about this, I hope that you feel better ASAPPP!

  8. Nooooo!

    Okay, I echo the water running comment. I've been injured A LOT and I truly believe water running is an amazing replacement for high impact training and it keeps you in fast shape. I do tempos, intervals, long runs, EVERYTHING in the pool. Right now I'm using it to supplement my real running training so I can feel like I'm running more.

    This will go away. Promise!

  9. I agree with Carina, water exercise is the best!!! Seriously, get yourself to a pool! After a few car accidents and other injuries, I find I often just get a better workout in the water--no impact and resistance both ways! I am super lucky that my work has a pool and classes. I looooove the water so much that I even wake up on Saturdays to drive to work to swim. crazy. Also, take some epsom salt baths! Have you been to a dr? Take care of yourself! Muscle spasms are the worst. You feel so out of control... plus, they hurt :( Get well soon!

  10. Pool running sucks but works. Although with your side issue, I don't know if just the movement will aggravate it or not. A few days of complete rest will probably be the best thing for you. You won't lose any fitness in that amount of time although you might go stir crazy while you're doing it! But that would be my best advice. Just a few days of total rest. So sorry and I hope it heals really fast!

  11. Nooooo!!! Boooo! Sending you lots of speedy recovery vibes.

    What about the moving stairs? Those seriously work me out on my non-run days. That and spin :)

  12. As I post this I have a bag of frozen okra wrapped around my neck, so I feel your pain. When I went pee the night before last I pulled something in my neck and it's been non-stop neck spasms since then. I too am ticked to have been laid up by something completely unrelated to running. And in an especially cruel move mother nature made it blue sky and sunshine to run in tonight. I'm trying to debate whether to rest or try to run. I hope your injury heals fast too!!

  13. I'm so sorry you're injured. I'd try the pool, but if it hurts there, too, maybe some real days off, with just easy walks, are in order. Hopefully this will resolve itself quickly.

  14. Concur with hauterunningmama. Spin class. If you have a gym membership. That usually kicks my butt pretty good (unless I am purposefully taking it easy).

    I think you can maintain that you've never gotten running injured since that happened on a bike (bikes are scary! I'm a wuss!).

  15. Oh no Margot! I'm sorry! That's terrible! Hope it gets better sooner than later!

  16. Oh man. Take it easy for a few days and I'm sure you can get right back into training. You will crush it.

  17. So sorry Margot!! :(

    I'd say take 2-3 days off from running and try the elliptical or stationary bike. If it hurts AT ALL just rest!

    "speedy recovery" for your "speedy self!!" :)

  18. so sorry to hear that, but rest will definitely help! (or should :) ) ....don't fret too too much about "intense" workouts missed, I will be running my first marathon on Sunday and I have been injured...havent done more than easy runs since Aug :)