Sunday, May 15, 2011

Repeat Miles, Ghana Yogurt, and Vitamin Water

I wanted to post last night, but I was kind of exhausted.  I made a half attempt to go see Bridesmaids, because it is supposed to be awesome, but it was sold out, so instead I stayed home watching The Voice and shoe window shopping online.

My Saturday started with a track workout.  My expectations were lower this time, but clearly they needed to be even lower!  I did three repeat miles with about 3 and a half minutes rest.  7:00, 7:01, 7:08.  

Oh Hai Bad Haircut!
Indulge me in a pity party for a minute here.  I know these times could look either fast or slow, depending on the beholder, and I am thankful just to be able to run (and that my super sore hamstring from those two races that I never talked about bc I didn't want to jinx it is finally getting better), but this is not where I want to be. 

 I read some stuff about marathon recovery online that made me feel a little better: active recovery - marathons

Here is a post workout picture that displays my apprehension of my fitness level, as well as my un-brushed, super need a haircut hair (sorry!)

I have a haircut appointment next week, but after taking this picture, I just resorted to cutting my hair in the bathroom!  I'm not sure is an improvement or not but it made me feel better =).

After the workout, I drowned my sorrows in some yogurtland!  I may not be the fan that Janae is, but their new Key Lime Pie flavor sure is pretty amazing!!!   

Ghanaian Flag Anyone?  PS:  I am not an Africa Expert...I did some project from hell on Ghana a year back so thanks for indulging me in that nerd-scape.

$1.00 of Yogurtland
When I got to the checkout, I got this:

I can't get it to flip but YES that is a $1.00 off your next purchase.  I think it's just a California promotion (or possibly just my location), but bargain hunters, check it out!

Speaking of deals, Ralphs was running a $1.00 each promotion of Vitamin water. I've long been kind of skeptical of this stuff, but a couple weeks back, I finally tried it.  Conclusion...not bad...and not surprisingly...full of vitamins!  I've only have the Lemonade Zero thus far.  Apparently it's sweet because of Stevia Extract.

What is this stuff?  Anyone know?  Here's what wikipedia says:  Stevia

Bottom line, as long as it won't give me cancer, stomach problems, or some other unknown illness, I'm cool with it!

And on that note...I'm off for a bike ride and to watch my sister in law in a horse show!  She got four blue ribbons about kicking some butt!

Have a great Sunday!

For the Q and A section:

What do you think of Vitamin Water?  
(jury is still out for me...I'm warming up to it!)

Do you ever make your Yogurtland look like other nation's flags?
(Think I'm alone in this one...)


  1. I used to drink vitamin water all the time, but haven't recently. I like it, but definitely prefer normal water for hydrating. I think it is a good option over sodas, though.

  2. Yes, I am a big fan of Vitamin Water. Good stuff, although I'd prob drink water if it really came down to it just for the sake of convenience and volume!

  3. I used to drink a lot of Vitamin Water when I was a single party girl, it was my hangover cure! Now not so much but you're drinking my favorite flavor!
    That's a big no to the flag questions, haha!!

  4. I dont like vitamin water. It tastes like aspartame or saccharin even though it is sweetened with stevia. Hate the taste of that stuff too. :(

    I like the idea about the flag fro yo- Mine is always white on white (plain with mochi)- that could make it more exciting :)

  5. An old man drove his car through the yogurtland in H-town! He is ok, but yogurtland is not :(. It will be a while before I can excitedly try a Mexican flag yogurt. Also, I used to have a stevia plant (before I killed it due to lack of green thumb), and it worked well to sweeten iced tea and stuff. It is pretty sweet, so I think it goes well with strong flavors, like tea. Also, I am glad your home haircut did not include bangs! It looks fine in the the pic :)

  6. In college when i got desperate, I'd cut my own hair. Then when I'd go to my stylist she'd make fun of me. lol.

    I WISH we had yogurtland around here! Totally jealous.

    I'm not a fan of vitamin water, there really aren't that many vitamins involved...

  7. It seems like every running blog I follow there's something about Yogurtland. I think I missed the memo that this place is really good and that all runners apparently eat frozen yogurt. I'll have to look into that when I move because there definitely isn't one within at least a 60 mile radius of me.

  8. Thank you for looking like a REAL person after you workout! No shame girlie! Sweating is good! I love the flag fro-yo ha!

  9. Why do you torture me with all this Yogurtland stuff?!?!?! Apparently Vitamin Water is pushing the advertising hard in France right now! I had never seen it before this last trip. It probably cost like 4euros a bottle which is like $20 :p, either way I think it's a huge gimic and I wouldn't drink it imo.