Thursday, May 19, 2011

A bicycle built for two (you and your dog)

First of all, I'd like to apologize if you haven't gotten any love from me on your blog lately...I haven't gotten a chance to read as many of your posts as I usually do!   Work has just been tiring me out this week - perhaps this emotional turmoil of the Ahnold saga has gotten to me as well...(kidding kidding..).

This morning, I went on another bike ride (something like 13 mi)...this time instead of heading towards the beach, I went North-east on the Santa Ana Trail....not quite the same beautiful beach scenery as before...

Actually though, this trail had it's own particular beauty.  Lots of cool wildflowers, and random old dudes on really slow bikes.  A good break from the Real (Retired) Housewives of Orange County I encounter closer on mornings in Newport!

I think I ride around 17 mph, but I got this figure from timing myself on mile markers on a straightaway, so it could easily be 13 mph too.    I'll let you know when I get a bike measurer thingy =).

I also consistently fall at least once every ride because I get all scared when a car is coming and forget to clip out and then tip like a teapot.  Embarrassing stuff. =).

I was reading up on the bike mile to running mile equivalence.  Apparently the ratio can be anywhere from 2 mi biking = 1 mi running to 5 mi biking = 1 mile running
depending on how fast a biker you are and what kind of bike you're using !  The faster you are, the more energy you expend.  Even more incentive to get faster!  

Any bikers out there that want to weigh in on this?

Later today...I saw a man who takes biking efficiency to a whole new level!

Your eyes are not deceiving you!  ------------------------------->

This man is biking with his dog on a wheeled platform being pulled behind him.  He was on pretty busy streets even.  If there's any proof in the world that dogs are ruling the world and we're just serving them, I'm pretty sure this picture is it :).

I only wish I had a photo of him biking down the street with his dog-mobile.

So now I'm sitting here, blogging, and about to go to bed.  As a good night present, I'd really like to share with you the outfit I was wearing up until about 5 minutes ago.

When I got home from work today, I didn't feel like changing out of my dress, but I wanted to put on my PJs.  So I got the best of both worlds and put on the PJs under the dress!  Ahhhh comfort!!!


Does anyone else out there do this?  Yes?  Yes?  
I'm hoping I'm not the only one =).

G'night!  Happy Friday!


  1. OMG I LOVE DOGS that is amazing! Since I exercise after work I'm already changed out of work clothes before putting on pj's so I don't have the chance to do that.

    Is bike measurer thingy the technical term :p?

  2. I totally need one of those things for mt dog!! He rules my world and would love it!! LOL. I dont know how people can be clipped into a bike? I would have a massive panick attack and run straight into the car!

  3. that dog bike platform is AWESOME! I want one, then again, I don't ride a bike, but maybe if I had one, I'd be tempted to ride!

    p.s. ricig is an abbreviation of my last name :)

  4. I always put Pj bottoms on and keep the top the same. Comfort!

  5. Great bike ride! I love the dog cart. It's way better than the dog strollers. ;)

  6. The dog on the bike is so cute! My dog HATES bikes so he'd have a heart attack, I'm sure.

    Great blog. :)

  7. That bike makes me want to get a dog just for the sole purpose of riding around with it. Amazing!